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Commercial Loan Documentation Guide

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The perfect companion to Commercial Finance Guide. This specialized guide covers the full spectrum of loan documentation and includes forms, checklists, and useful hints for both borrowers and lenders. Updated to reflect U.C.C. Revised Article 9.

Topics covered include:

  • The commercial lending system from the perspective of both the banker and the borrower
  • Loan pricing, with expert treatment on determining the interest to be charged on loans
  • Basic provisions of a loan agreement, and numerous forms
  • Alternative interest rate provisions, with an appendix on interest note definitions

    First published in 1988.

    2 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

  • Table of Contents

    VOLUME 1

    CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Commercial Loan Documentation

    CHAPTER 2 Lender's Approach to Commercial Lending

    CHAPTER 3 Borrower's Perspective in Commercial Loan Transactions

    CHAPTER 4 ESOP Loans and Loan Documentation

    CHAPTER 5 The Economics of Loan Pricing

    CHAPTER 6 Commitment Letters and Other Preliminary Agreements (Written and Unwritten);
    Liability for Failing to Close

    CHAPTER 7 Sample Commercial Loan Agreements

    CHAPTER 8 Basic Provisions: Commitment to Lend, Loan Repayment and Conditions Precedent

    CHAPTER 9 Basic Provisions: Alternate Interest Rate Terms

    CHAPTER 10 Basic Provisions: Representations and Warranties

    CHAPTER 11 Basic Provisions: Covenants

    VOLUME 2

    CHAPTER 12 Basic Provisions: Events of Default and Remedies

    CHAPTER 13 Collateral Security Provisions in Loan Agreements

    CHAPTER 14 Syndication and Participation Arrangements

    CHAPTER 15 Closing the Loan: Techniques and Documentation

    CHAPTER 16 Standby Letters of Credit, Guaranties and Other Forms of Credit Enhancement

    CHAPTER 17 Legal Opinions in Commercial Finance Transactions

    CHAPTER 18 Basic Accounting Concepts Impacting Lending Arrangements

    CHAPTER 19 Subordination Arrangements

    CHAPTER 20 Usury and Choice of Law: Impact on Loan Documentation and Legal Opinions

    CHAPTER 21 Bankruptcy: The Essentials