Commercial Law and Practice Guide

Now you can work under the continually evolving Uniform Commercial Code with ...
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Now you can work under the continually evolving Uniform Commercial Code with a practice guide you can really count on for probing Article-by-Article analysis of today's U.C.C., as well as strategies for applying the Code in specific transactions. A unique combination of in-depth substantive analysis and practical guidance for handling commercial transactions.

Provides easy-to-use, step-by-step guidance through:

  • sales transactions, including letters of credits and bulk sales
  • leasing transactions
  • negotiable instrument transactions
  • letters of credit
  • secured transactions

    All three volumes of Commercial Law and Practice Guide are divided by sections corresponding to the numeration of the UCC.

    First published in 1991.

    3 Volumes; Looseleaf; Updated Annually.

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    Table of contents

    I Introduction and Article 1

    CHAPTER 1 Article 1: The Analytic Framework of the Uniform Commercial

    Code--A Step-by-Step Approach

    II Sales

    CHAPTER 2 A Step-by-Step Analysis of Article 2

    CHAPTER 3 The Scope of Article 2

    CHAPTER 4 Contract Formation and Enforcement

    CHAPTER 5 Warranties

    CHAPTER 6 Risk of Loss

    CHAPTER 7 Repudiation, Adequate Assurance of Due Performance and Excuse

    CHAPTER 8 Contract Performance

    CHAPTER 9 Breach by Buyer of Goods

    CHAPTER 10 Breach by Seller of Goods

    CHAPTER 11 Passage of Title

    IIA Leases

    CHAPTER 12 Leases

    III Negotiable Instruments

    CHAPTER 13 The Negotiable Instrument

    CHAPTER 14 Rights and Liabilities of Parties to Negotiable Instruments

    CHAPTER 15 Negotiation and Holders in Due Course

    CHAPTER 16 Allocation of Loss for Forgery and Alteration

    IV Bank Deposits and Collections

    CHAPTER 17 The Bank Collection Process

    CHAPTER 18 The Bank-Customer Relationship

    IVA Funds Transfers

    CHAPTER 19 Electronic Funds Transfers

    V Letters of Credit

    CHAPTER 20 A Step-by-Step Analysis of Article 5

    CHAPTER 21 Letters of Credit: Structure and Forms

    CHAPTER 21A Credits, Guarantees, and Bonds: Introduction, Analysis, and

    CHAPTER 22 The Standard of Documentary Compliance

    CHAPTER 23 The Independence Principle of Letter of Credit Law

    CHAPTER 23A Bank Liability in Letter of Credit Transactions

    VI Bulk Sales

    CHAPTER 24 Bulk Sales

    VII Documents of Title

    CHAPTER 25 Documents of Title

    VIII Investment Securities

    CHAPTER 26 Security Interests in Investment Securities

    IX Secured Transactions

    CHAPTER 27 A Step-by-Step Analysis of Article 9

    CHAPTER 28 The Scope of Article 9

    CHAPTER 29 Creation of Security Interests

    CHAPTER 30 Perfection of Security Interests

    CHAPTER 31 Priority Disputes

    CHAPTER 32 Default

    CHAPTER 32A Secured Creditors' Exposure to Environmental Liability

    X Bankruptcy

    CHAPTER 33 Bankruptcy and Commercial Law

    XI Transactions

    CHAPTER 34 Inventory and Accounts Financing

    CHAPTER 35 Preparation of Contracts Governed by the Convention on
    Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

    CHAPTER 36 Purchase Money Security Interests

    CHAPTER 37 Standby Letter of Credit

    CHAPTER 38 Equipment Lease

    CHAPTER 39 Documents of Title and Secured Financing

    CHAPTER 40 Contractual Subordination

    CHAPTER 41 Non-U.C.C. Recorded, Unrecorded and Hidden Security Interests

    Under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

    CHAPTER 42 An Overview of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions