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Commercial Arbitration: Cases and Problems, Document Supplement

Christopher R. Drahozal, John M. Rounds Professor of Law, University of Kansas School of Law
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3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9780327194620
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This document supplement to the third edition addresses important topics concerning the complex and intellectually challenging law and practice of commercial arbitration. Given that one of the most often stated benefits of arbitration is its simplicity, the law of commercial arbitration is in reality quite complex. The author integrates coverage of domestic and international commercial arbitration, reconciling two competing realities: that most students are far more likely to represent clients involved in domestic arbitrations than international ones; and that the globalization of the economy makes exposure to international commercial arbitration indispensable. Commercial Arbitration promotes extensive discussion of both sides of the underlying policy issues:

•   Problems in each chapter highlight key aspects of the leading cases and governing statutes;
•   Balanced treatment of consumer and employer arbitration;
•   Emphasis on the legal aspects of arbitration within the commercial context; and
•   Updated Documentary Supplement contains relevant and useful additional materials.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents





International Bar Association, Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International

American Arbitration Association & American Bar Association, Code of Ethics for
Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes

International Bar Association, Ethics for International Arbitrators

International Bar Association, Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International

American Arbitration Association, Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses—
A Practical Guide

International Bar Association, Guidelines for Drafting International Arbitration