Colorado School Laws

Colorado School Laws provides fingertip access to the wide range of statutes affecting education in the state.

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Colorado School Laws provides fingertip access to the wide range of statutes affecting education in the state. In one concise volume, you will have ready access to the laws that schools, education professionals, and education law attorneys need most often. Compiled by LexisNexis' experienced staff of lawyer-editors, Colorado School Laws is a critical resource for anyone who needs to keep abreast of developments in this dynamic area of the law.

Key features include:

• Completely annotated
• Table of Sections Affected
• Education Law Highlights of the Recent Legislative Session
• Updated annually

Visit our Education Law page for additional resources specifically designed for administrators, school board members, attorneys, principals and teachers.

Table of Contents

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Recent Select Legislative Summaries

The United States Supreme Court on Select School Law Issues

Enabling Act of Colorado

Constitution of the State of Colorado

Title 1. Elections

Article 12. Recall and Vacancies in Office

Title 19. Children's Code

Article1. General Provisions

Title 22. Education


Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2. Department: Commissioner

Article 3. Eye Protective Devices

Article 4. County Superintendent of Schools (Repealed)

Article 5. Boards of Cooperative Services Act of 1965

Article 5.5. Regional Service Areas Act

Article 6. Comprehensive Educational Planning (Repealed)

Article 7. Educational Accountability

Article 8. Career Education (Repealed)

Article 9. Licensed Personnel Evaluations

Article 9.5. Principal Development Scholarship Program

Article 9.7. Early Childhood Educator Development Scholarship Program

Article 10. Adult Literacy (Repealed)

Article 11. Education Accreditation

Article 12. Teacher and School Administrator Protection Act

Article 13. School Leadership Academy Program

Article 14. Dropout Prevention and Student Re-Engagement


Article 20. Education of Exceptional Children

Article 21. Public Education Incentive Program (Repealed)

Article 22. Educational Achievement Act (Repealed)

Article 23. Education of Migrant Children

Article 24. English Language Proficiency Act

Article 25. Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act

Article 26. Gifted and Talented Students (Repealed)

Article 27. Educational Clinics for Public School Dropouts (Repealed)

Article 27.5. Before-and After-School Dropout Prevention Programs

Article 28. Colorado Preschool Program Act

Article 29. Character Education


Article 30. School District Organization Act of 1992

Article 30.5. Charter Schools

Article 30.7. On-line Education Programs

Article 31. School District Directors: Election

Article 32. School District Boards: Powers and Duties

Article 32.5. Innovation Schools and Innovation School Zones within School Districts

Article 33. School Attendance Law of 1963

Article 34. High School Fast Track Program (Repealed)

Article 35. Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act

Article 35.5. Fast College Fast Jobs Act (Repealed)

Article 36. Public Schools of Choice

Article 37. Grant Program for In-School or In-Home Suspension

Article 38. Pilot Schools for Students Expelled from Sixth through Ninth Grades


Article 40. Tax Levies and Revenues

Article 41. Public School Fund

Article 41.5. Voter Approval for Weakening of Debt Limitations on School Districts

Article 42. Bonded Indebtedness

Article 43. Refunding Bonds

Article 43.5. School District Capital Improvement Zones

Article 43.7. Capital Construction Assistance

Article 44. Budget Policies and Procedures

Article 45. Accounting and Reporting


Article 50. Public School Finance Act of 1973 (Repealed)

Article 51. Public School Transportation Fund


Article 52. Second Chance Program for Problem Students


Article 53. Public School Finance Act of 1988 (Repealed)

Article 54. Public School Finance Act of 1994

Article 55. State Policies Relating to Section 17 of Article IX of the State Constitution

Article 56. Colorado Opportunity Contract Pilot Program (Repealed)

Article 57. Supplemental On-Line Education Courses: Financing (Repealed)

Article 58. School Funding Models Pilot Program


Article 60. Teacher Certification (Repealed)

Article 60.5. Colorado Educator Licensing Act

Article 61. Teacher Employment

Article 61.5. Colorado Teacher of the Year

Article 62. Cooperative Teacher Education Act

Article 62.5. Exceptional Learning Program (Repealed)

Article 63. Teacher Employment, Compensation, and Dismissal

Article 64. Retirement Systems (Repealed)

Article 65. Professional Practices Commission (Repealed)

Article 66. Alternative Salary Policies: Pilot Programs (Repealed)

Article 67. Teacher Salary Policy Planning Grants (Repealed)

Article 68. Quality Teachers Commission (Repealed)

Article 68.5. Educator Identifier System (Repealed)

Article 69. Alternative Teacher Compensation Plan Act


Article 70. Junior Colleges: Organization (Repealed)

Article 71. Junior Colleges: Revenue Securities Law (Repealed)

Article 72. Grand Junction and Trinidad Junior Colleges (Repealed)

Article 73. Morgan County Junior College District (Repealed)


Article 80. School for the Deaf and the Blind

Article 81. Pre-K-16 Mathematics, Science, and Technology Improvement

Article 81.5. Colorado Information Technology Education Grant Program

Article 82. Public School Medical Assistance Pilot Program (Repealed)

Article 82.3. Healthy Choices Dropout Prevention Pilot Program

Article 82.5. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Pilot Program (Repealed)

Article 82.6. Farm-to-School Healthy Kids Act

Article 82.7. Start Smart Nutrition Program

Article 82.9. Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Program

Article 83. Plan for Improving Achievement in Math, Science, and Technology

Article 84. Colorado Magnet School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (Repealed)

Article 86. Summer School Grant Program Facility Schools (Repealed)

Article 87. Children's Internet Protection

Article 88. Audio Textbooks (Repealed)

Article 88.1. Reading Assistance Grant Program Fund

Article 89. Wind for Schools Grant Program

Article 90. Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Article 91. School Counselor Corps Grant Program

Article 92. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools Loan Program

Article 93. School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Program

Title 24. Government: State


Article 6. Colorado Sunshine Law


Article 72. Public Records

Title 26. Human Services Code

Article 5.7. Homeless Youth

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