Collier Handbook for Trustees and Debtors in Possession

Two valuable handbooks guide trustees, corporate debtors and practitioners through the intricacies of the Bankruptcy Code.

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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663364890
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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663364906
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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663364906
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Two valuable handbooks in one affordable resource guide for trustees, corporate debtors and practitioners through the intricacies of the Bankruptcy Code. The Handbook for Trustees covers cases governed by chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13. The Handbook for Debtors in Possession deals exclusively with chapter 11 cases.

Part of the renowned Collier family of products, the Handbook provides the expert legal and procedural advice needed to negotiate the maze of revised bankruptcy law and procedure, avoid costly pitfalls and emerge from bankruptcy successfully.

Part 1. Handbook for Trustees
The Handbook for Trustees is a complete working manual for the bankruptcy trustee whether selected, appointed or interim. In lucid language, this handbook:

  • Clearly defines the role, powers, rights and duties of each type of trustee under chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 of the Code;
  • Spells out the trustee's terms of employment, including appointment, election, removal, termination, discharge and compensation;
  • Expertly analyzes problems trustees may encounter in each type of bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Explains the unique problems facing standing trustees in chapter 12 and 13 cases; and
  • Contains extensive practice aids, including worksheets, sample letters, checklists and forms.

Part 2. Handbook for Debtors in Possession
The Handbook for Debtors in Possession is designed to guide you through the chapter 11 process from start to finish. The handbook:

  • Explains how a debtor in possession functions;
  • Spells out the debtor's rights, powers, duties and responsibilities;
  • Steers you through the proper day-by-day procedures for operating a business in chapter 11;
  • Reviews litigation considerations, including involuntary petitions;
  • Discusses the debtor's relationship with government agencies; and
  • Sets forth matters to be considered postconfirmation.

The 2022 Edition ISBN was 9781663344076.

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Table of contents

Handbook for Trustees
Chapter 1 Scope and Use of the Handbook
Chapter 2 The Bankruptcy Code and Its Amendments
Chapter 3 The United States Trustee System
Chapter 4 The Private Trustee System
Chapter 5 The Interim Trustee
Chapter 6 The Chapter 7 Trustee
Chapter 7 The Chapter 11 Trustee
Chapter 8 The Chapter 12 or 13 Trustee
Chapter 8A The Chapter 9 Trustee
Chapter 9 Compensation of Trustees
Chapter 10 Duties of the Trustee
Chapter 11 Duties of the Chapter 7 Trustee--Liquidation
Chapter 12 Duties of a Chapter 11 Trustee--Reorganization
Chapter 13 Duties of the Chapter 13 Trustee in Individual Debt Adjustment Cases
Chapter 13A Duties of the Chapter 12 Trustee in Family Farmer or Fisherman Cases
Chapter 14 Powers of the Trustee
Chapter 15 Additional Powers of the Chapter 7 Trustee
Chapter 16 The Role of the Chapter 11 Trustee in Reorganization Cases
Chapter 17 Powers and the Role of the Chapter 13 Trustee in Individual's Debt Adjustment Case
Chapter 18 Conclusion
Chapter 19 Practice Aids (including Worksheets, Sample Letters, Checklists and Forms)

Handbook for Debtors in Possession
Chapter 20 An Overview of Chapter 11 Reorganization
Chapter 21 Prepetition Issues
Chapter 22 The Workout Alternative to Chapter 11
Chapter 23 Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, and Lists of Creditors and Equity Security Holders
Chapter 24 Operations
Chapter 24A Sales Outside the Ordinary Course of Business
Chapter 25 Litigation
Chapter 25A Financing the Debtor in Possession
Chapter 26 Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement
Chapter 27 Real Estate Reorganization
Chapter 28 Postconfirmation Matters
Chapter 29 Debtor's Relations with Governmental Agencies