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Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide with Forms

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Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide with Forms comprises three volumes, the Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide and Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms. The Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide is a transaction-based practice guide that assists the practitioner through all phases of a consumer bankruptcy case, from interviewing the client to filing an appeal.

The Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide:

  • provides detailed discussions and step-by-step analysis of chapter 7 and chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy cases.
  • is uniquely designed for solo practitioners and small consumer bankruptcy firms.
  • is user-friendly and organized in a thoughtful, efficient manner.
  • provides "Practice Notes," "Planning Notes," "Illustrations" and "warnings" to offer consumer bankruptcy attorneys guidance and confidence in their practice.

    The forms contained in the two-volume Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms are divided into 26 parts, or topics, reflecting the tasks performed in a typical consumer bankruptcy case. Each topic begins with editorial analysis providing guidance on the use of the forms. The Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms are also published as Volumes 18 and 19 of Collier on Bankruptcy, 16th Edition, and Volumes 4 and 5 of Collier Forms Manual, Fourth Edition.

    3 Volumes (Practice Guide and Forms); Looseleaf; updated with revisions
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    Table of Contents

    Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide

    CHAPTER 1 - Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    CHAPTER 2 - Overview of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    CHAPTER 3 - Interviewing the Debtor and Investigating the Facts

    CHAPTER 4 - Counseling the Debtor About Bankruptcy Options

    CHAPTER 5 - Consideration for Attorneys - Duties and Compensation

    CHAPTER 6 - Commencement of the Case

    CHAPTER 7 - Appointment of Trustee and Trustee's Duties

    CHAPTER 8 - Enforcing the Automatic Stay

    CHAPTER 9 - The Codebtor Stay in Chapter 13

    CHAPTER 10 - Motions for Relief From the Automatic Stay or Codebtor Stay

    CHAPTER 11 - Turnover of Property Held by Third Parties

    CHAPTER 12 - Utility Services in Bankruptcy Cases

    CHAPTER 13 - Exemptions: Claiming and Objecting to Them

    CHAPTER 14 - The Chapter 13 Plan

    CHAPTER 15 - Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases

    CHAPTER 16 - Meeting of Creditors

    CHAPTER 17 - Avoiding Powers of the Trustee

    CHAPTER 18 - Avoiding Powers of the Debtor

    CHAPTER 19 - Filing and Objecting to Proofs of Claims

    CHAPTER 20 - Confirmation of the Chapter 13 Plan

    CHAPTER 21 - Compensation of Professionals

    CHAPTER 22 - Modification of Plan After Confirmation

    CHAPTER 23 - Dismissal of Bankruptcy Cases

    CHAPTER 24 - Conversion of Cases from One Chapter to Another

    CHAPTER 25 - Redemption of Property in Chapter 7 Cases

    CHAPTER 26 - Dischargeability of Debts

    CHAPTER 27 - Reaffirmation of Debts

    CHAPTER 28 - Abandonment of Property

    CHAPTER 29 - Obtaining a Discharge

    CHAPTER 30 - Protections From Discrimination Against Bankruptcy Debtors

    CHAPTER 31 - Reopening Bankruptcy Cases

    CHAPTER 32 - Litigation Procedures in Bankruptcy Cases

    CHAPTER 33 - Appeals in Bankruptcy Cases

    Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms

    Volume 1

    Part CS1 - Abandoning Property of the Estate

    Part CS2 - Adversary Proceedings

    Part CS3 - Appeals

    Part CS4 - Establishing the Attorney-Client Relationship

    Part CS5 - Attorney's Fees

    Part CS6 - Modifying, Maintaining and Enforcing the Automatic Stay

    Part CS7 - Trustee's Avoiding Powers

    Part CS8 - Filing and Responding to Claims and Interests

    Part CS9 - Codebtor Stay

    Part CS10 - Commencement of the Case

    Part CS10A - Dismissal of the Case

    Part CS11 - Compensation

    Volume 2

    Part CS12 - Conversions

    Part CS13 - Dischargeability of Debt

    Part CS14 - Discharge

    Part CS15 - Discrimination

    Part CS16 - Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases

    Part CS17 - Exemptions and Lien Avoidance

    Part CS18 - Meeting of Creditors

    Part CS19 - Plans

    Part CS20 - Reaffirmation

    Part CS21 - Redemption

    Part CS22 - Reopening the Case

    Part CS23 - Trustees

    Part CS24 - Turnover

    Part CS25 - Utilities

    Part CS26 - Procedure