Clark on Surveying and Boundaries

The authoritative reference on surveying for lawyers and surveyors
Publisher: Michie

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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816078
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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816085
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Since 1922, generations of lawyers and surveyors have worked out the legal pitfalls of retracing original surveys and reestablishing lost and obliterated corners using the late Frank Emerson Clark's classic work A Treatise on the Law of Surveying and Boundaries. The Eighth Edition of Clark on Surveying and Boundaries maintains the proven, easy-to-use format of earlier editions while digesting the latest case law, regulations, and statutes. Cited in decision after decision, Clark on Surveying and Boundaries is recognized by surveyors and lawyers as the authoritative reference on surveying and subdividing public lands.

More than 90 Years as a Ready Reference

In 1922, Frank Emerson Clark penned a preface to his "SURVEYING AND BOUNDARIES: A TREATISE on the LAW OF SURVEYING AND BOUNDARIES, " writing that he was submitting "the result of his labors in the belief that he has wrought out a work that will aid the surveyor in executing difficult surveys and will furnish the attorney a ready reference to the laws and decisions of the court on a subject of large importance. " For more than 90 years, the treatise has achieved Mr. Clark's goal, and is an important part of the libraries of surveyors, attorneys, and judges. In the 21st century, it is still cited by courts across the country.

Now in its 8th Edition, Clark on Surveying and Boundaries is now in a new loose-leaf format. The new loose-leaf binder design allows the Eighth Edition to become a living document, both in terms of personal use as well as future supplements. The annual updates will now be provided in loose-leaf format for easy incorporation into the binder - - eliminating the need to maintain and refer to separate annual supplements. Clark on Surveying and Boundaries is still updated by an attorney who is also a surveyor, Walter G. Robillard, Esq., RLS, and this treatise is enhanced by his insight and practical experience.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 How the Law of Surveying and Boundaries Developed in the United States
Chapter 2 The Surveyor's Rights, Duties, Liabilities
Chapter 3 Rights and Interests in Land
Chapter 4 Land Surveying
Chapter 5 Public Land Surveys
Chapter 6 Land Surveys in the Original Colonies
Chapter 7 Land in States Other Than the Original Thirteen Colonies
Chapter 8 The Congressional Surveys
Chapter 9 Subdivision of Townships
Chapter 10 Subdivision of Sections
Chapter 11 Government Rules for Lots, Numbering and Areas
Chapter 12 Excess and Deficiency
Chapter 13 Meander Lines and Meander Corners
Chapter 14 Tracking a Survey
Chapter 15 Evidence to Identify and Locate Tracts, Corners and Lines
Chapter 16 The Meanings of Words and Phrases Used in Descriptions
Chapter 17 Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners
Chapter 18 Reading Instruments of Conveyance
Chapter 19 Monumentation of Surveys
Chapter 20 Agreements as to Boundaries and Surveys
Chapter 21 Maps, Plats and Platting
Chapter 22 Adverse Possession and Prescription
Chapter 23 Riparian Rights
Chapter 24 Accretion, Avulsion, Erosion and Reliction
Chapter 25 Surveying Water Boundaries
Chapter 26 Dedication
Chapter 27 Easements and Other Access
Chapter 28 Resurveys
Chapter 29 Highways and Streets
Chapter 30 Discussion of Selected Case Law
Chapter 31 Current Surveying Technology and Related Legal Perceptions