Chicago Municipal Code Handbook

Features selected sections of the recodified Municipal Code of the City of Chicago.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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2020 Edition
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The Chicago Municipal Code Handbook features selected sections of the recodified Municipal Code of the City of Chicago, covering police operations, traffic, licensing, fire prevention, working conditions, nuisances, building permits, and plans. Features include a comprehensive index and a table of sections affected since the last edition.

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Table of contents

Table of Recent Legislative Changes


1-4 Code Adoption—Organization
1-12 Official City Time
1-16 Nuclear Weapon Free Zone
1-21 False Statements
1-22 False Claims

2-4 Mayor
2-14 Department of Administrative Hearings
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Vehicle Hearings Division
Art. III. Buildings Hearings Division
Art. IV. Environmental Safety and Consumer Affairs Hearings Division
Art. VI. Municipal Hearings Division
2-20 Department of Aviation
2-25 Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
Art. I. General
Art. II. Office of Labor Standards
2-36 Fire Department
Art. I. Organization
Art. II. Fire Commissioner: Powers and Duties
Art. V. Generally Applicable Legal Duties and Unlawful Acts
2-40 Citywide Language Access to Ensure the Effective Delivery of City Services
2-56 Office of Inspector General
2-57 Reserved
2-74 Department of Human Resources
2-78 Civilian Office of Police Accountability
2-84 Department of Police
Art. I. Organization and Functions
Art. II. Powers and Duties of Police Force
Art. III. Temporary Questioning
Art. IV. Sworn Member Bill of Rights
Art. V. Regulation of Police Force
2-112 Board of Health
2-120 Commissioners and Commissions
Art. XIV. Commission on Human Relations
2-152 Officers and Employees
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. IV. Career Service Regulations
2-160 Human Rights
2-173 Welcoming City Ordinance


3-8 Policemen’s and Firemen’s Death Benefit Fund
Art. I. Administration of Death Awards
Art. II. Determination of Death Awards
Art. III. Medical and Hospital Care

3-56 Wheel Tax Licenses

4-4 General Licensing Provisions
Art. I. General License Requirements
4-5 License Fees for Title 4 Licenses
4-6 Regulated Business License
Art. VI. Tattooing, Body Piercing and Tanning Facility
Art. XII. Automatic Amusement Operator
Art. XV. Junk Peddler
Art. XXIII. Booting of Motor Vehicles
Art. XXXII. Massage Establishments and Massage Services
4-8 Food Establishments
Art. I. Definitions
Art. II. General Provisions
4-11 Maxwell Street Market
4-58 Restrictions on BYOB
4-60 Liquor Dealers
4-64 Tobacco Dealers
Art. I. Definitions
Art. II. General Licensing Requirements
Art. III. All Tobacco Licensees—Duties and Prohibitions
Art. IV. Wholesale Tobacco Dealers
Art. V. Retail Tobacco Dealers
Art. VI. Reserved
Art. VII. Generally Applicable Prohibitions and Safeguards to Protect Minors from Obtaining Tobacco Illegally
Art. VIII. Price Floors, Coupon Prohibition, and Minimum Package Sizes for Tobacco Products
Art. IX. Enforcement—Penalties
4-68 Ambulances
4-72 Reserved
4-75 Children’s Services Facility
4-76 Child Care Institution
4-80 Reserved
4-84 Reserved
4-92 Reserved
4-93 Reserved
4-96 Reserved
4-97 Reserved
4-100 Reserved
4-108 Filling Stations
Art. I. Filling Stations
4-115 Reserved
4-128 Reserved
4-144 Weapons
Art. I. Weapons Dealers
Art. II. Reserved
Art. III. Air Rifles and Toy Weapons Dealers
Art. IV. Reserved
Art. V. Professional Theatrical Armorers
Art. VI. Professional Firearm Curators
Art. VII. Firearms Dealers
4-151 Shooting Range Facility License
4-156 Amusements
Art. I. Amusements
Art. II. Automatic Amusement Devices
Art. III. Public Places of Amusement
Art. VI. Industrial Private Event Venue
4-168 Bicycle Messenger Services
4-207 Reserved
4-208 Reserved
4-209 Reserved
4-212 Pop-Up Retail Users
4-216 Reserved
4-220 Reserved
4-224 Manufacturing Establishments
4-228 Motor Vehicle Repair Shops
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Legal Duties and Unlawful Acts
Art. III. Tire Facilities
Art. IV. Enforcement
4-229 Reserved
4-232 Motor Vehicle Storage and Sales
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Valet Parking
Art. III. Motor Vehicle Sales Rooms and Rental Facilities
Art. IV. Commercial Garages
Art. V. Violation of Chapter Provisions
4-233 Reserved
4-240 Pawnbrokers
4-244 Street Peddlers and Street Performers
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Peddlers
Art. III. Street Performers
Art. IV. Enforcement
4-250 Commercial Passenger Vessels
4-253 Reserved
4-256 Roofers
4-260 Reserved
4-264 Secondhand Dealers
Art. I. Secondhand Dealers Generally
Art. II. Itinerant Dealers in Secondhand Clothes (Reserved)
Art. III. Secondhand Bottle Dealers or Exchanges (Reserved)
Art. IV. Violations of Chapter Provisions
4-268 Reserved
4-276 Regulation of Marketplace
4-328 News Media Credentials
4-340 Special Policemen and Security Guards
4-360 Vendor Licensing and Regulation at Navy Pier
4-380 Reserved
4-388 Rooftops in Wrigley Field Adjacent Area
4-400 Reserved

5-4 Reserved (Deleted. Coun. J. 3-31-04, P. 20916)
5-12 Residential Landlords and Tenants
5-13 Chicago Relocation Plan Ordinance
5-15 Single-Room Occupancy Preservation Ordinance

7-12 Animal Care and Control
7-16 Births and Deaths
Art. II. Care and Disposition of Dead Human Bodies
Art. III. Violation of Chapter Provisions
7-20 Contagious and Epidemic Diseases
7-24 Drugs and Narcotics
Art. I. Distribution of Drugs and Medicines
Art. II. Drug Paraphernalia
Art. II-A. Controlled Substances
Art. III. Carbolic Acid
Art. IV. Wood Alcohol
Art. V. Tobacco
Art. VA. Office of Local Drug Control Policy
Art. VI. Use of Motor Vehicles
Art. VII. Violation of Chapter Provisions
7-28 Health Nuisances
Art. I. Nuisances in General
Art. II. Refuse
Art. III. Privies, Catchbasins, and Similar Vaults
Art. IV. Offensive Chemicals and Substances
Art. V. Rat Control
Art. VI. Lot Maintenance
Art. VII. Violation of Chapter Provisions
Art. VIII. Bed Bugs
7-32 Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance of 2008
7-38 Food Establishments—Sanitary Operating Requirements
Art. I. All Food Establishments
Art. II. Mobile Food Vendors
Art. III. Automatic Food—Vending Machines
Art. IV. Coffee Cart Vendors
Art. V. Slaughtering, Rendering and Packing Establishments
Art. VI. Penalty for Violation of Chapter Provisions
7-40 Food Establishments—Care of Foods
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Meat
Art. III. Water
Art. IV. Poultry
Art. V. Frozen Desserts and Mixes
Art. VI. Milk and Milk Products
Art. VII. Violation of Chapter Provisions
7-42 Food Establishments—Inspections, Violations and Hearing Procedures
7-44 Extermination by Fumigation

8-4 Public Peace and Welfare
8-8 Public Morals
8-12 Gambling
8-16 Offenses by or Against Minors
8-20 Weapons
8-24 Firearms and Other Weapons
8-26 Gun Offender Registration Ordinance
8-28 Reserved
8-30 Evictions for Unlawful Use of Premises
8-32 Noise and Vibration Control
Part A. General Provisions
Part B. Limitations on Noise from Specific Sources
Part C. Other Limitations on Noise and Vibrations

9-4 Traffic Definitions and General Provisions
9-8 Traffic Control Devices and Signals
9-12 Traffic and Speed Restrictions
9-16 Turning Movements
9-20 Movement of Traffic
9-24 Right-of-way
9-28 Railroad and Bridge Crossings
9-32 Funeral Processions
9-36 Overtaking Vehicles
9-40 Driving Rules
9-44 Towing Disabled Vehicles
9-48 Types of Vehicles—Regulations
9-52 Bicycles—Operation
9-56 Reporting of Accidents
9-60 Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties
9-64 Parking Regulations
9-68 Restricted Parking—Permits and Regulations
9-72 Size and Weight Limits
9-76 Vehicle Equipment
9-80 Miscellaneous Rules
9-84 Towing Unauthorized Vehicles
9-88 Duties of Police Department
9-92 Impounding and Relocation of Vehicles
9-100 Administrative Adjudication of Parking, Compliance, Automated Traffic Law Enforcement System or Automated Speed Enforcement System Violations
9-101 Automated Speed Enforcement Program
9-102 Automated Red Light Camera Program
9-103 Free-Floating Vehicle Provider Pilot Program
9-104 Public Chauffeurs
9-105 Automated Street Sweeper Camera Program
9-108 Horse-Drawn Carriages
9-110 Pedicabs
9-112 Taxicabs
9-114 Public Passenger Vehicles Other Than Taxicabs
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Livery
Article III. Charter-Sightseeing Vehicles
Article IV. Medicar
Article V. Jitney car services
Article VI. Enforcement
9-115 Transportation Network Providers
9-116 School Vehicle Registration
9-120 Bicycles
9-124 Transportation Services and Rail Transportation
Art. I. General Requirements
Art. II. Street Railroads
Art. III. Elevated Railroads
Art. IV. Other Railroads

10-8 Use of Public Ways and Places
Art. I. Zones of Quiet
Art. II. Charitable Solicitation
Art. III. Requirements and Restrictions
Art. IV. Occasional Sales
Art. V. Prohibited Uses
Art. VI. Violation of Chapter Provisions
10-12 Street Improvements
10-16 Underground Work
10-20 Work On and Under Public Ways
Art. I. Openings, Construction and Repair in Public Ways
Art. II. Underground Transmitting Devices
Art. III. Private Paving
Art. IV. Driveways
Art. V. Streets, Curbs and Sidewalks
Art. VI. Barricades
Art. VII. Viaducts
Art. VIII. Miscellaneous
10-24 Signs Extending Over and Upon Certain Public Property
10-28 Structures On and Under Public Ways
Art. I. General Requirements
Art. II. Carts Belonging to Retail Stores
Art. III. Newspaper Stands
Art. IV. Canopies and Marquees
Art. IVA. Placement of Pay Telephones in Public Way
Art. V. Awnings
Art. V-A. Obstruction of Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places for Construction and Building Maintenance Purposes
Art. V-B. Protection of the Public Way and Public Places
Art. V-C. Construction Canopies
Art. VI. Lampposts and Lamps
Art. IX. Use of Subsidewalk Space
Art. XI-A. Newsracks
Art. XI-B. Refuse Compactors/Grease Containers
Art. XI-C. Dumpsters/Roll-Off Boxes on the Public Way
Art. XII. Sidewalk Cafes
Art. XIII. Violation of Chapter Provisions
Art. XIV. Pilot Program—Curbside Cafes
10-29 Wires, Pipes, Cables and Conduits On, Under or Over Public Property
10-30 Telecommunications
10-32 Trees, Plants and Shrubs
10-36 Parks, Playgrounds and Airports
Art. I. General Regulations
Art. II. Airports
Art. III. Helicopter Operations
Art. IV. Small Unmanned Aircraft
10-40 Chicago Harbor
Art. I. Harbor Jurisdiction
Art. II. Navigation of the Harbor
Art. III. Wharves and Docks
Art. IV. Bridges
Art. V. Violations of Chapter Provisions

11-4 Environmental Protection and Control
Art. I. General Provisions
Art. II. Air Pollution Control
Art. VII. Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Requirements
Art. VIII. Pollution of Waters
Art. IX. Solid and Liquid Waste Control
Art. XVI. Storage Tanks
Art. XVI-A. Asbestos, Sandblasting and Grinding Standards
Art. XVIII. Recycling Facility and Urban Farm Accessory Composting Permits
Art. XXI. Reserved
Art. XXII. Invasive Species Control
Art. XXIII. Retail Bag Use
11-6 Chicago Green Business Program
11-12 Water Supply and Service
Art. I. Service Regulations
Art. VII. Enforcement of Chapter Provisions
11-18 Stormwater Management

13-12 Enforcement of Building, Electrical and Fire Regulations
Art. I. General
Art. II. Reserved
13-20 Building Inspection
Art. I. General
Art. II. Buildings
Art. XIII. Signs, Billboards, Signboards and Related Structures
13-32 Building Permits
Art. I. Permit Requirements
13-40 Reserved
13-64 Residential Units
13-84 Assembly Units
13-88 Open Air Assembly Units
13-96 Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures
Art. XVII. Private Residential Swimming Pools
13-128 Use of Public Property

15-4 Bureau of Fire Prevention
Art. I. Fire Prevention
Art. II. General Provisions
Art. III. Licenses
Art. VI. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks
Art. VII. Fire Extinguisher Servicemen
Art. VIII. Other License Requirements
Art. IX. Permits
15-20 Explosives and Fireworks
Art. I. Explosives
Art. II. Fireworks
15-24 Flammable Liquids
Art. I. General Regulations
Art. II. Tank Storage
Art. X. Carriers for Transportation of Flammable Liquids
Art. XI. Underground Storage Tank Violations
15-26 Fume and Flammable Compressed Gases
Art. I. General
Art. II. Buildings and Rooms
Art. III. Transportation
Art. IV. Generation of Acetylene Gas
Art. VI. Miscellaneous


16-16 Adult Uses