California Workers' Compensation Law and Practice

Contains advice from the bench, step-by-step procedures, practice-proven strategies, and 6,000 case citations, this title is considered by many to be the number one authority on the subject.
Publisher: James Publishing

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July 2018 Edition
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California Workers' Compensation Law and Practice

by Daniel A. Dobrin, David L. Pollak, Roger A. Tolman, Jr., Richard L. Newman, Alexander Wong, and Sheldon St. Clair

As workers' compensation practice grows more challenging, helpful tools are more important than ever. Since 1980, California Workers' Compensation Law & Practice has been the "go to" resource when tough questions arise.

California Workers' Compensation Law & Practice provides start-to-finish guidance on readying and trying your case. The text in this two-volume work is supported by advice from the bench, 63 forms, and more than 6,000 case discussions.

You receive detailed explanations of procedures, practice-proven strategies for circumventing traps and maximizing opportunities, solutions to common problems, and governing law for:

Determination of medical issues

•   Required notices
•   Formal medical evaluation procedures
•   Reports of medical evaluations
•   Recovery of medical-legal costs
•   Filing or serving reports
•   Medical records
•   Pre-trial discovery


•   Setting for trial
•   Expedited hearings
•   Mandatory settlement conference
•   Notices
•   Disqualification of WCJs
•   Arbitration process
•   NIT procedures


•   Finding and award or order
•   Interest and cost
•   Lien claim procedures
•   Credit, restitution, commutation
•   Enforcement of awards

Table of Contents

The Employment Relationship
Course of Employment (Time and Place)
Arising Out of Employment (Causal Relationship)
Temporary Disability
Permanent Disability
Medical Benefits
Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
Death Benefits
Penalties: Increased and Reduced Compensation on Account of Fault
Insurance: Securing Liability for Compensation
The Delivery System: Administrative Supervision; Notice Requirements; Audit Procedures; Anti-Fraud Legislation; Injury Prevention Programs; the Information and Assistance Program; New SB 863 Organizations
Settlements: Compromise and Release, and Stipulated Findings and Award
Claim Filing Procedure, Pleadings, Venue and Dismissal
Attorneys and Representatives
Statute of Limitations: Original Filings and Reopenings
Preparation for Trial and Other Pre-Trial Matters
Pre-Trial Discovery: Depositions and Other Techniques
Trial Setting and Trial
Judgments: Post Trial Dispositions, Decisions, and Other Matters (Interest, Costs, Lien Claims, Credit, Clerical Error, Enforcement, Commutation and Restitution)
Reconsideration and Review
Third Party Suits