California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act

Thorough compilation of laws relating to the practice of veterinary medicine in California.
Publisher: Michie
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2024 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663381569
Publisher: Michie
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Product description

Produced in cooperation with the California Veterinary Medical Board and updated annually, this latest edition of California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act is a handy reference featuring the statutes and regulations essential for veterinarians, technicians, interns, and veterinary hospitals. Coverage includes selections from:

•   Business and Professions Code
•   Health and Safety Code
•   Penal Code
•   Non-statutory materials selected by the Veterinary Medical Board

Convenient and intuitive formatting combines a robust table of contents and index with a quick find index on the back cover and tabs printed at the edges of pages so you can find what you need quickly. This compact softbound volume is the perfect desktop reference for veterinarians, regulators, and attorneys who regularly practice in areas related to veterinary medicine.