California Public Employees' Retirement Law

A critical reference created in cooperation with CalPERS and containing rules and statutes you need.
Publisher: Michie

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Print Book:1 Volume, Softbound
2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663378170
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Product description

Created in cooperation with CalPERS, this latest edition of California Public Employees' Retirement Law features state statutes and regulations, along with selected federal statutes, governing public employees' retirement law in California. Its broad coverage is enhanced by cross reference tables, a table of sections affected by recent legislation, and a comprehensive index for each section.

Inside you'll find:
• Public Employees' Retirement Law
• Internal Revenue Code Compliance
• Federal Old Age and Survival Insurance
• Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act
• State Employees' Dental Care Act
• Vision Care Program for State Annuitants
• State Peace Officers' and Firefighters' Defined Contribution Plan
• Supplemental Contribution Program
• Public Pension and Retirement Plans
• Judges' Retirement System
• Legislators' Retirement System
• and much more!