California Points and Authorities

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All the information you need to quickly produce legally precise, customized memoranda of points and authorities at all stages of litigation, as well as trial and appellate briefs. This is the only California publication to provide forms that combine concise arguments of the law with accurate summaries of supporting statutes, cases and rules.

Identifies The Strongest Points And Authorities For The Points Of Law.

Easily adaptable for use in trial and appellate briefs and researching jury instructions, the forms contained in California Points and Authorities are designed to assist the attorney in arguing points of law at all stages of litigation. California Points and Authorities gives you the resources you need to effectively represent your clients in law and motion practice as well as at all other stages of litigation.

With extensive-cross referencing to California Forms of Pleading and Practice from Matthew Bender, the set is a useful timesaving tool. Topics cover the broad range of California law, both substantive and procedural. Pretrial and post trial motions and specific points in a broad range of practice areas including: Business and Commercial Law, Civil Rights, Employment Law, Insurance Law, Public Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, Torts and Will Contests.

This publication with its unique features provides you with:

•  Points and Authorities supporting and opposing specific contentions
•  Points of law to help you research and evaluate your case and draft jury instructions
•  Easy-to-use forms for memoranda of California points and authorities, trial and appellate briefs and motions
•  Discussion of primary authorities for each point of law in a general or specific factual situation
•  Discussion of the various types of forms and how to quickly select and compile relevant forms to build a draft

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Table of contents

Volume 1 

Chapter 1 Writing Legal
Memoranda and Briefs

Chapter 10 Abatement And
Survival of Actions

Chapter 11 Accord and Satisfaction

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 Adverse Possession

Chapter 14 Advertising

Chapter 15 Alcoholic Beverages Licensing

Chapter 15A Alcoholic Beverages: Civil Liability for Furnishing

Chapter 16 Amended and Supplemental

Volume 2

Chapter 20 Arbitration: Compelling

Chapter 20A Arbitration: Resisting

Chapter 20B Arbitration: Selecting Arbitrators; Arbitral Immunity

Chapter 20C Arbitration: Confirming, Correcting, or Vacating the Award

Chapter 20D Arbitration: Dismissing

Chapter 20E Arbitration: Effect of Award

Chapter 21
Assault and Battery

Chapter 22 Associations and Clubs

Chapter 23

Volume 2A

Chapter 24 Attorneys at Law: Substitution, Withdrawal, Disqualification, and

Authority to Appear

Chapter 24 Attorneys at Law: Malpractice

Chapter 25 Attorney's Fees

Chapter 30 Bankruptcy

Chapter 31
Brokers and Salespersons

Chapter 33 Carriers

Volume 3

Chapter 34 Checks and Banks

Chapter 35 Civil Rights: Unruh Civil Rights Act

Chapter 35A Civil Rights: Equal Protection

Chapter 36 Civil

Volume 4

Chapter 40 Claim and Delivery

Chapter 41 Class and Representative Actions  

Chapter 43 Common Counts and Bills of Particulars

Chapter 45 Consolidation, Severance, and Coordination of Actions

46 Conspiracy

Chapter 47 Contempt

Chapter 48 Continuance of Proceedings

Volume 5

Chapter 50 Contracts

Chapter 51

Chapter 52 Corporations

Volume 6

Chapter 60 Costs

Chapter 61 Cross Complaints

Chapter 65 Damages: Tort

Chapter 65 Damages: Contract

Chapter 66 Death and Survival Actions

Chapter 67 Declaratory Relief

Volume 7

Chapter 70
Defaults and Relief From Judgments and Orders: Statutory Remedies

Chapter 70A
Defaults and Relief From Judgments and Orders: Equitable Remedies

Volume 7A

Chapter 71
Demurrers and Motions For Judgment on the Pleadings

Volume 8

Chapter 80
Discovery: Scope, Regulation, and Timing

Chapter 81 Discovery: Privileges and Other Discovery Limitations

Chapter 82 Discovery: Sanctions for
Discovery Misuse

Chapter 83 Discovery: Depositions

Chapter 84 Discovery:

Chapter 85 Discovery: Production or Inspection of Tangible

Chapter 85A Discovery: E-Discovery

Chapter 86 Discovery: Requests for Admissions

Chapter 87
Discovery: Physical and Mental Examinations

Chapter 88 Discovery: Exchange of Expert Witness Information

Chapter 89 Discovery: Preservation of Evidence

Chapter 89A Discovery: Review of Discovery Orders

Volume 9

Chapter 90 Dismissal

Chapter 92 Duress, Menace, Fraud, Undue Influence, and Mistake

Chapter 95 Eminent Domain

Volume 10

Chapter 100 Employer and Employee: Wrongful Termination and Discipline

Chapter 100A Employer and Employee: Respondeat Superior

Chapter 101 Escrows

Chapter 103 False

Chapter 104 Fictitiously Named Defendants (Does)

105 Fraud and Deceit

Chapter 106 Guardianship and Conservatorship

Volume 11

Chapter 110 Habeas Corpus

Chapter 112 Homesteads

Chapter 114
Husband and Wife

Chapter 115 Indemnity and Contribution

Chapter 116

Chapter 117 Insane and Incompetent Persons: Actions Involving Mental Patients

Chapter 118 Insane and Incompetent Persons: Capacity to Contract

Volume 12

Chapter 120 Insurance

Chapter 121

Chapter 122 Interference

Chapter 123 Interpleader

124 Intervention

Volume 13

Chapter 130 Judges

Chapter 131

Chapter 131A Judicial Arbitration

Chapter 132 Jurisdiction:
Personal Jurisdiction and Inconvenient Forum

Chapter 133 Jurisdiction:
Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Volume 14

Chapter 141 Landlord and Tenant

Chapter 142
Libel and Slander (Defamation)

Chapter 143 Limitation of Actions

Chapter 145 Lis Pendens

Chapter 146 Literary Property,
Copyright, and The Protection of Ideas

Chapter 147 Malicious Prosecution and
Abuse of Process

Volume 15

150 Mandate and Prohibition

Chapter 152
Mechanics' Liens

Chapter 153 Mental Suffering and Emotional Distress

Chapter 155 Motions After Trial

Chapter 158 Motions To Reconsider and Renewed Motions

Volume 16

Chapter 160 Motions to Strike: Pleadings

Chapter 161 Motions to Strike: Anti-SLAPP

Chapter 165 Negligence

Chapter 166 Negotiable

Chapter 167 Nuisance

Chapter 168 Parties

Chapter 169

Volume 17

Chapter 170 Partnerships

Chapter 171 Paternity

Chapter 175 Physicians and Surgeons: Medical Malpractice

Chapter 176 Physicians and Surgeons: Licensing and Professional Discipline

Chapter 178 Premises Liability

Volume 18

Chapter 180 Pretrial Proceedings

Chapter 182 Principal and Agent

183 Privacy: State Constitutional Rights

184 Privacy: Invasion of Privacy

185 Privacy: Collection, Dissemination, and Inspection of Information

Chapter 186 Probate of Wills

Volume 19

Chapter 190 Products Liability

195 Public Administrative Law

Chapter 196 Public Entities

Chapter 198 Quieting Title

Chapter 199 Quo Warranto

Volume 20

200 Receivers

Chapter 201 Reference and Referees

Chapter 205 Review (Certiorari), Writ of

Chapter 206 Sales

Chapter 207 Sanctions

Volume 21

Chapter 210 Schools: Actions By Students

Chapter 211 Schools: Certification, Dismissal, and Related Employment Issues

Chapter 212 Shortening and Extension of Time

Chapter 214 Specific Performance

Chapter 215 Statement of 

Chapter 216 Statute of Frauds

Chapter 217 Statutory

Chapter 218 Subpoena

Volume 22 

Chapter 220 Subrogation

Chapter 221 Summary Judgments

222 Suretyship

Chapter 225 Trespass

Volume 23

Chapter 230 Trust Deeds and Real Property Mortgages

Chapter 234 Ultrahazardous Activities

Chapter 235 Unfair Competition

Chapter 236 Unlawful Detainer

Chapter 238 Venue

Chapter 239 Workers' Compensation Exclusive Remedy Doctrine

Volume 24

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes