California Paralegal's Guide

The one-stop Resource for California paralegals and legal assistants.
Publisher: Michie
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781422490242
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9780327169024
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9780327169024
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If your firm counts on the expertise of paralegals, or you are a paralegal yourself, this is one book you cannot do without. This publication is designed not just for paralegals and firm staff, but for law students, summer associates, new lawyers, and anyone seeking a straight-forward explanation of basic legal principles, with the road maps of where to go if more information and/or research are needed.

The new sixth edition builds on the fifth edition's reputation as both a research tool and paralegal textbook, and extends its utility by acting as a portal to the Matthew Bender suite of California analytical publications. Practitioners and students can turn to this publication for the basics of California substantive law and procedure, then use the extensive cross referencing to more in-depth treatises for detailed research. Volume 1 covers the paralegal profession, professional responsibility, structure of California law, legal research and writing, and civil procedure in both state and federal courts. Volume 2 covers substantive law for the major practice areas: contracts, torts, criminal, business entities, family, real property, bankruptcy, etc.

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Table of contents

Volume 1 

Ch. 1 The Paralegal Profession

Ch. 2 Utilization of Paralegals and Professional Responsibility

Ch. 3 Scope and Source of Law

Ch. 4 The Courts

Ch. 5 Legal Calendaring

Ch. 6 Legal Research

Ch. 7 Legal Writing

Ch. 8 Client Relations

Ch. 9 Civil Pretrial Procedure

Ch. 10 Civil Trials

Ch. 11 Civil Post-Trial

Ch. 12 Civil Appeals

Ch. 13 Extraordinary Writs

Ch. 14 Federal Civil Procedure

Volume 2

Ch. 15 Torts

Ch. 16 Contracts

Ch. 17 Probate

Ch. 18 Corporations and Business Entities

Ch. 19 Family Law

Ch. 20 Real Estate

Ch. 21 Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

Ch. 22 Criminal Law

Ch. 23 Bankruptcy

Ch. 24 Vocabulary, Latin Phrases, and Legal Concepts

Appendix A Judicial Council Legal Forms List

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes