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California Objections

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421280
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California Objections

The key to winning evidentiary debates is objecting and responding with arguments and supporting authority at your fingertips. Most evidentiary rulings are within the judge's discretion, and are made in seconds. Bad rulings are almost never reversible. As a result, victory usually goes to the lawyer who can prevail on the big objections in the heat of battle.

Whether you are in the courtroom or preparing for trial, California Objections will help you use the rules of evidence to your client's advantage. Judges Gregory Ward and Michael Byrne (Ret.) masterfully detail:

•   125 objections with pattern objection language
•   scope of governing rules
•   practice tips and cautions with detailed advice from the bench
•   arguments for making and responding to objections
•   over 1,800 recent cases

Table of Contents

Objections, Motions and Related Procedures
Jury Selection
Jury Conduct and Management
Order of Proceedings
Opening Statement
Witness Competence
Witness Examination
Relevance and Prejudice
Privileges and Public Policy Exclusions
Character and Habit
All Physical Evidence
Photographs, Recordings and X-Rays
Parol Evidence
Demonstrative Evidence
Expert Witnesses
Alternative Methods of Proof
Disqualification of Judges and Judicial Conduct
Attorney Conduct
Closing Argument
Submission to Jury and Deliberations