California Family Law Practice and Procedure

This authoritative treatise gives family law practitioners comprehensive coverage of all contemporary family law areas.

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Loose-Leaf:6 Volumes; Loose-leaf; updated semi-annually
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780820511795
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781630444617
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781630444617
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This complete, up-to-date reference gives family law practitioners comprehensive coverage of all contemporary family law areas. Here is an authoritative treatise that guides practitioners through all of the procedural and substantive law arising in cases of dissolution, adoption, and many other areas. California Family Law Practice and Procedure (2nd) includes helpful practice tips by noted family law practitioners, as well as a panel of eminent family law judges.

Step-by-step guidance includes:

•  A complete volume (including forms) on how to draft marital settlement agreements, as well as contracts between intended spouses, cohabitants, and more
•  How to handle custody cases, including custody and visitation rights of grandparents, surrogacy birth arrangements, and the standards applicable to 'move away' cases
•  Complete coverage of child support, including a detailed discussion of how to compute child support under the statewide uniform child support guideline
•  Valuing and dividing vested and unvested pension rights and other public and private benefits on dissolution
•  How and when to bifurcate a trial
•  Community and separate property issues, including the latest law relating to tort liability
•  Paternity issues, including determination by DNA testing
•  How to enforce foreign judgments
•  Coverage of the property rights of unmarried cohabitants
•  Full discussion of the tax effects of dissolution

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Legal Effects of Cohabitation 
Chapter 2 Enforcement of Rights Under Cohabitation Agreements
Chapter 3 California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act
Chapters 4-9 [Reserved]
Chapter 10 Validity and Legal Effects of Marriage
Chapter 11 Putative Marriage
Chapter 12 Nullity of Marriage
Chapters 13-19 [Reserved]
Chapter 20 Community Property: General Characterization and Division Principles
Chapter 21 Special Property Characterization and Division Issues
Chapter 22 Valuation of Property Interests
Chapter 23 Debt Liability and Division and Related Reimbursement Issues
Chapter 24 Management and Control of Property
Chapter 25 Succession to Marital Property
Chapters 26-29 [Reserved]
Chapter 30 The Parent-Child Relationship
Chapter 31 Establishing Parentage
Chapter 32 Jurisdiction to Determine Custody and Visitation
Chapter 33 Custody and Visitation Orders
Chapter 34 Establishing Guardianship
Chapter 35 Modification of Custody Orders and Change of Child's Residence
Chapters 36-39 [Reserved]
Chapter 40 Duty to Support Children and Jurisdiction to Order Support
Chapter 41 Child Support Orders
Chapter 42 Modification of Child Support Orders
Chapters 43-49 [Reserved]
Chapter 50 Duty to Support Spouse
Chapter 51 Spousal Support Orders
Chapter 52 Modification and Termination of Spousal Support Orders
Chapters 53-59 [Reserved]
Chapter 60 Professional Responsibility of Family Law Attorneys
Chapter 61 Attorney Fee Agreements
Chapter 62 Awards of Attorney's Fees in Family Law Proceedings
Chapter 63 Terminating the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapters 64-89 [Reserved]
Chapter 90 Grounds for Dissolution and Legal Separation, and Jurisdictional Issues
Chapter 91 Initial Client Contact
Chapter 92 Petitioning for Dissolution or Legal Separation
Chapter 93 Responding to the Petition
Chapter 94 Joinder of Parties
Chapter 95 Procedures for Temporary Orders and Relief
Chapter 96 Injunctive Relief Against Domestic Violence
Chapter 97NS Uncontested Proceedings and Summary Dissolution
Chapter 97 Uncontested Proceedings and Summary Dissolution
Chapter 98 Private Mediation and Reconciliation Proceedings
Chapters 99-109 [Reserved]
Chapter 110 Trial Preparation and Discovery
Chapter 111 Pretrial Procedures
Chapters 112-119 [Reserved]
Chapter 120 Dismissal of Proceedings
Chapter 121 Statement of Decision
Chapter 122 Judgment of Dissolution or Legal Separation
Chapters 123-129 [Reserved]
Chapter 130 Procedures for Modification of Judgments and Orders
Chapter 131NS Relief From Judgments and Orders at Trial-Court Level
Chapter 131 Relief From Judgments and Orders at Trial-Court Level
Chapter 132 Appeals and Extraordinary Writs
Chapters 133-139 [Reserved]
Chapter 140 General Enforcement Principles and Remedies
Chapter 141 Special Remedies for Enforcement of Support
Chapter 142 Special Remedies for Enforcement of Custody and Visitation Orders
Chapters 143-149 [Reserved]
Chapter 150 Recognition and Validity of Foreign Judgments
Chapter 151 Establishment, Enforcement, and Modification of Foreign Judgments
Chapters 152-159 [Reserved]
Chapter 160 Tax Effects of Dissolution
Chapters 161-169 [Reserved]
Chapter 170 Nature and Effect of Adoption
Chapter 171 Termination of Parental Rights
Chapter 172 Adoption of Unmarried Minors
Chapter 173 Adoption of Adults and Married Minors
Chapter 174 Amendment and Inspection of Adoption Records
Chapter 175 Attacking Adoption Decrees
Chapter 176 Indian Child Welfare Act
Chapters 177-199 [Reserved]
Chapter 200 Nonmarital Cohabitation Agreements
Chapter 201 Premarital Agreements
Chapters 202-209 [Reserved]
Chapter 210 Postnuptial Agreements
Chapter 211 Complete Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 212 General Property Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 213 Employee Benefits Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 214 Spousal and Child Support Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 215 Custody and Visitation Provisions for Marital Settlement Agreements
Chapter 216 Income Tax, Attorney's Fees, and Related Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements