California Family Law Litigation Guide

This set is specifically designed to help the attorney gather the correct evidence and make a logical, highly effective presentation to the court, whether the issue is support, custody, fees or property.

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ISBN: 9780820512235
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California Family Law Litigation Guide is a comprehensive practice tool with the wealth of practical insight and information necessary to help attorneys move step-by-step through all pretrial and trial phases of complex marital dissolution proceedings, including:

•   Exparte relief
•   Requests for Order
•   Pretrial motions
•   Modification of orders
•   Evidence issues

Specifically designed to help the attorney gather the correct evidence and make a logical, highly effective presentation to the court, whether the issue is support, custody, fees or property. Formerly known as the California Family Law Trial Guide, the California Family law Litigation Guide now offers more legal strategies, more techniques and practice tips, more law and motion guidance and more deposition and trial questions.

Practice-oriented features include:
•   Master procedural checklist for entire dissolution proceeding
•   Legal background summarizing substantive law
•   Supporting and opposing procedural guides for use in trial preparation
•   Selected family law evidence objections
•   Scripts of oral presentations (opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, objections and closing arguments)
•   Quotes of selected statutes and cases for points and authorities and ready courtroom reference
•   Practice points and commentary by family law practice consultants
•   Selected sample and illustrative forms

Also available on Authority California Law and Practice Library CD-ROM.

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Table of contents

Part I. Master Procedural Checklist and Orders Before Trial

Ch. 1 Master Procedural Checklist
Ch. 2 Drafting the Initial Pleadings
Ch. 3 Pendente Lite Orders
Ch. 4 Selected Pretrial Motions
Ch. 6  Identifying and Enforcing Fiduciary Duties

Part II. Modification
Ch. 10. Modification of Orders and Judgments

Part III. Evidence Issues
Ch. 20 Selected Evidence Issues in Marital Dissolution Proceedings

Part IV. Trial of Support, Custody and Attorney’s Fees
Ch. 30 Proving Grounds for Dissolution, Legal Separation or Nullity
Ch. 31 Trial of Child Custody and Visitation
Ch. 32 Trail of Child Support and Deferred Sale of Home Orders
Ch. 33 Trial of Permanent Spousal Support
Ch. 34 Trial of Attorney’s Fees and Costs

Part V. Trial of Property Issues [General}
Ch. 40 Trial of Issues Related to Equal Division Requirement and Exceptions
Ch. 41 Trial of Time-of-Acquisition Issues
Ch. 42 Trial of Issues Arising From Form of Title
Ch. 43 Trial of Issues Relating to Reimbursement for Separate Contributions to Community Property
Ch. 44 Litigation of Tracing Issues
Ch. 45 Litigation of Transmutation Issues
Ch. 46 Trial of Issues Regarding Credit Acquisitions
Ch. 47 Trial of Issues Pertaining to Interspousal Property Agreements
Ch. 48 Trial of Issues Regarding Division or Assignment of Debt

Part VI. Trial of Property Issues [Specific]
Ch. 60 Litigation of Issues Arising From Apportioning Interests in the Family Home
Ch. 61 Trial of Division of Small Businesses and Professional Practices
Ch. 62 Trial of Issues Regarding Community Interest in Separate Business (Pereira/Van Camp)
Ch. 63 Trial of Division of Pension, Retirement and Disability Benefits