California Dental Practice Act

A compilation of the Dental Practice Act plus related statutes and regulations, published in cooperation with the California Dental Board.
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2024 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663380814
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This latest edition of California Dental Practice Act with Related Statutes and Regulations is an annually updated softcover reference published in cooperation with the California Dental Board. Dentists, attorneys and other professionals who need ready access to the primary law on dental practice in California will find this an indispensable resource. The full text of the law is fully annotated by our expert editorial team with case law, references to other treatises and more to help you expand your research easily on a given topic. A Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation, a comprehensive Table of Contents and an extensive Index help you find what you need quickly. Keep this handy single volume on your desktop or bookshelf, or take it with you in your briefcase for quick access to the California Dental Practice Act wherever you go.

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