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California Causes of Action

Over 125 pre-researched causes of action written by specialists in 19 separate legal fields and designed to help you draft better and quicker complaints & cross-complaints and answers or demurrers with up-to-date coverage of areas such as employment, intellectual property, negligence, contracts, real estate and much more.
Publisher: James Publishing

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California Causes of Action

by Stanton T. Matthews and Kevin Lancaster

No longer will you have to sift through opinion after opinion to find one that recites all the elements of a cause of action. California Causes of Action delivers both the elements and the supporting decisions, plus affirmative defenses, related causes of action, remedies, and statutes of limitations.

This useful resource will help you draft pleadings, conduct discovery, marshal evidence, prepare jury instructions, make and respond to motions, and prepare appellate briefs for over 155 causes of action in 21 practice categories, including:

•   Negligence

•   Emotional Distress
•   Physical Torts
•   Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation
•   And more!

California Causes of Action helps you avoid the cost, hassle, and risk of a demurrer by providing clear explanations of each element and annotated case notes. Drafting an answer or a cross complaint is also a breeze. With the detailed affirmative defenses for each cause of action, you'll never second-guess the strength of your response again. Write with ease and confidence; write with California Causes of Action.

Table of Contents

Emotional Distress
Physical Torts
Procedural Torts
Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation
Products Liability and Commercial Sales
Debtor/Creditor: Fraudulent Transfers
Business Torts and Actions
Real Property Torts
Real Estate Broker, Escrow Agent and Notary Liability
Contract Actions
Defamation and Privacy
Intellectual Property
Animal Torts
Industrial Injury/Third Party Cases
Governmental Tort Liability
Wrongful Death/Survival Action
Family Law