Business Organizations with Tax Planning

This 16-volume treatise covers the formation and operation of the various types of business entities.

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Loose-Leaf:16 loose-leaf volumes
ISBN: 9780820511658
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ISBN: 9781579110864
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This 16-volume treatise covers the formation and operation of the various types of business entities. The emphasis is on partnerships and especially corporations, but all other entities are also examined. The corporate material includes extended discussion of corporate purposes and powers, distribution of corporate control, dividends, corporate finance, corporate creditors, close corporations, issues affecting shareholders, the rights and duties of corporate officers and directors, corporate redemptions and spin-offs, securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate dissolution and liquidation.

In addition, the treatise's tax analysis encompasses corporate taxation, state taxation, and taxation of partnerships, executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and dissolution and liquidation. Also addressed are tax accounting and corporate financial accounting.

A number of other business-related subjects are given introductory treatment, ideal for corporate counsel and the non-specialist: antitrust, employment discrimination, business torts, products liability, copyright, franchising, environmental law, and federal contracting. These chapters provide the reader with a basic familiarity with these topics; if they want their research to go further, Business Organizations with Tax Planning can introduce them to our single-subject publications dealing with these areas.

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Table of contents

Part 1 Choice of Business Entity 
Part 2 Taxation of Partnerships
Part 3 Partnerships: Formation, Operation, Dissolution
Part 4 Limited Partnerships
Part 5 Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships
Part 6 Professional Corporations
Part 7 Business Organizations Other Than Partnerships and Corporations
Part 8 Corporations: Purposes And Powers, Ultra Vires, Liabilities
Part 9 Corporations: Incorporation
Part 10 Tax Accounting
Part 11 Corporate Taxation
Part 12 State Taxation
Part 13 Corporate Financial Accounting
Part 14 Corporate Finance
Part 15 Securities Regulation
Part 16 Employment Discrimination
Part 17 Antitrust
Part 18 Corporations: Distribution of Control
Part 19 Shareholders
Part 20 Directors and Officers
Part 21 Taxation of Executive Compensation
Part 22 Dividends
Part 23 Redemptions, Spin-Offs, and Other Corporate Divisions
Part 24 Corporate Creditors
Part 25 Mergers and Acquisitions
Part 26 Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions
Part 27 Corporate Dissolution and Liquidation
Part 28 Taxation of Dissolution and Liquidation
Part 29 International Law
Part 30 Business Torts
Part 31 Copyright
Part 32 Trade Secrets
Part 33 Environmental Law