Business Litigation in Florida

This "must-have" manual for business practitioners and litigators in Florida discusses complex commercial issues and provides trial advice and forms.

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Print Book:1 Volume, Hardbound, 1368 pages
12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663386359
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663386366
Published: July 02, 2024
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663386366
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With current authorities, succinct discussions of complex issues, and the forms vital to handling a commercial case, the Eleventh Edition of Business Litigation in Florida is a must-have for business practitioners and trial attorneys alike. The completely updated manual covers the full range of concerns to business litigators, from initial considerations of jurisdiction and venue, through myriad discovery and other pretrial and trial issues, to recovery of attorneys' fees.

Highlights of the new edition include:

  • Updated cases and statutes.
  • Updated filings fees.
  • Updated forms.
  • Jurisdictional limit updated to $50,000.
  • Update on states that have adopted the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery act.
  • New discussion of Daubert.
  • Discussion of AI and its potential impact.

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The ISBN for the 11th Edition was 9781663338365.

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1  State Jurisdiction
Aleksas A. Barauskas

Chapter 2  Federal Jurisdiction
Joseph A. Apatov

Chapter 3  Venue
Donald E. Christopher

Chapter 4  Commercial Arbitration
Jon Polenberg

Chapter 5  Injunctive Relief
Peter F. Valori

Chapter 6  Discovery In Other States And Countries
Joseph A. Apatov

Chapter 7  Securing, Resisting, And Limiting Discovery Of Trade Secrets And Other Confidential Business Information
Donald E. Christopher

Chapter 8  Discovery Of Experts
W. Edwards Muñiz and Ashley P. Hayes

Chapter 9  Proposals For Settlement
Roy E. Fitzgerald and Jennifer Perrone

Chapter 10  Case Management Conferences And Pretrial Hearings, Pretrial Stipulations, And Pretrial Orders
Donald E. Christopher

Chapter 11  Pretrial Preparation And Trial Procedures; Direct Examination, Cross-Examination, Redirect, And Rebuttal
Allen S. Katz

Chapter 12  Selected Problems In Evidence
Roy E. Fitzgerald and Jennifer Perrone

Chapter 13  Daubert And Commercial Litigation Expert Testimony
Jon Polenberg and Darren Goldman

Chapter 14  Summary Judgment In Business Litigation
John Farina

Chapter 15  Jury Instructions For Business Litigation
Manuel Farach

Chapter 16  Recovery Of Attorneys' Fees
David P. Ackerman and Jessica Bober Rosenthal

Chapter 17  Punitive And Lost Profit Damages In Commercial Tort Cases
Michael W. Marcil

Chapter 18  Business Litigation Involving Florida Business Organizations
Chantel C. Wonder

Chapter 19  Litigating Commercial Cases In Bankruptcy Court
Kenneth Dante Murena and Casandra Perez Murena

Chapter 20  Litigation Under Florida's Deceptive And Unfair Trade Practices Act and The Florida Antitrust Act
Michael W. Marcil and Lauren Marcil

Chapter 21  Fundamentals Of Patent Litigation
Eleanor M. Yost, William (Ty) Giltinan, J. Coy Stull, and Jayashree Mitra

Chapter 22  "White-Collar" Crimes
Joseph C. Bodiford

Chapter 23  The Economic Loss Rule
Michael W. Marcil

Chapter 24  Electronic Discovery
Steven W. Teppler and Ralph Artigliere