Business Law Monographs, Volume C4--Corporate Political Activity

Thoroughly revised in 2004 to cover the provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign ...
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Thoroughly revised in 2004 to cover the provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and related implementing regulations promulgated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), this monograph provides a practical guide to corporate involvement in federally-related political activities:

  • Summarizes the law governing the funding and activities of corporate political action committees (PACs) and explains how a corporation can lawfully establish, register and operate a PAC.
  • Describes the limitations that federal law imposes on the federal election contributions of individuals, including corporate officers and employees.
  • Describes the kinds of politically-related corporate expenditures that are not considered ¿contributions¿ and that are therefore deemed to be legal.
  • Explains the rules governing corporate political communications, describing the sorts of partisan and nonpartisan communications allowed under federal law.
  • Covers other topics including election law enforcement, how to obtain advisory opinions from the FEC, corporate lobbying activities, and tax issues and requirements associated with lobbying and PAC operations.
  • Includes sample copies of required federal election forms, samples of other documents frequently used by corporations in their political activities, and other relevant source materials.
  • Provides a special ¿Editor¿s Overview¿ summarizing the contents of each chapter.
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