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Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated

Convenient to use and more affordable than ever to own, this is the affordable and official Indiana law.
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (5 issues)
Print Book :64 volumes, hardbound, plus two softbound index volumes and three softbound court rules volumes, supplemented annually
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ISBN: 9780327116905
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (5 issues)
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The Cornerstone of Indiana Legal Research Libraries For Over 100 Years

For over one hundred years, the Bench and Bar of Indiana have relied on Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated for fast, definitive and affordable access to official Indiana law. Providing far better value than any other Indiana code available, this leading research tool includes the text of, and comprehensive case note annotations to, the Indiana statutes, the U.S. and Indiana constitutions, and Indiana court rules.

The 53-volume set contains many features to facilitate your research, including:
• A comprehensive index, revised and replaced annually
• Detailed legislative history notes
• References to relevant law review articles, attorney general opinions, and ALR annotations
• Case citations Shepardized for accuracy
• Tables of contents and analyses of articles, chapters, and sections
• Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 90 days of receipt of all acts from the legislature
• Federal court rules in addition to the Indiana court rules

LexisNexis also publishes an Advance Code Service (ACS) and an Advance Legislative Service (ALS). The ACS is published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law. The ALS sets out the latest session laws as they are passed, along with handy tables showing the code sections affected by those laws.

Table of Contents


Art. 1. Laws Governing the State

Art. 2. State Emblems

Art. 3. State Boundaries


Art. 1. Legislative Apportionment

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. Legislative Sessions and Procedures

Art. 2.2. Legislative Ethics

Art. 3. Compensation and Rights of Legislators

Art. 3.5. Legislative Retirement Benefits

Art. 4. Legislative Investigations

Art. 5. Legislative Agencies and Study Committees

Art. 5.5. Legislative Study Committees

Art. 6. Legislative Printing

Art. 7. Lobbyists

Art. 8. Delegates to A Convention Called under Article V of The Constitution of The United States

Art. 8.2. Delegates to A Convention Called under Article V of The Constitution of The United States


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. Congressional Apportionment

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. General Provisions

Art. 6. Party and Election Officers

Art. 7. Voter Registration

Art. 8. Candidates

Art. 9. Political Campaigns

Art. 10. Provisions Governing Certain Types of Elections

Art. 11. Voting Methods, Supplies, and Equipment

Art. 11.5. Counting Absentee Ballots at a Central Location

Art. 11.7. Provisional Voting

Art. 12. Ascertaining Results of Elections

Art. 13. Vacancies

Art. 14. Offenses


Art. 1. State Affairs and Offices — General

Art. 1.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. State Officers — General

Art. 3. Governor

Art. 4. Lieutenant Governor


Art. 5. Secretary of State

Art. 6. Attorney General

Art. 7. State Funds — Auditor of State

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 8.1. The State Treasury

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 9.1. State Board of Finance

Art. 10. State Funds — General Provisions

Art. 11. State Funds — Loans of and Mortgages to State

Art. 12. Appropriations — Management of Expenditures of
Art. 13. Administrative Management of State Services, Employees, Purchases and Property

Art. 13.1. Office of Technology

Art. 13.4. [Repealed.]

Art. 13.5. State Office Buildings and Parking Facilities

Art. 13.6. State Public Works

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. State Employees

Art. 16. [Repealed.]

Art. 17. [Repealed.]

Art. 18. [Repealed.]

Art. 19. [Repealed.]

Art. 20. [Repealed.]

Art. 20.5. State Real Property

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 21.5. Administrative Orders and Procedures

Art. 22. Administrative Bodies — Procedure and Rules

Art. 23. Boards and Commissions

Art. 24. Institutions — General Provisions

Art. 25. [Repealed.]

Art. 26. [Repealed.]

Art. 27. [Repealed.]

Art. 28. [Repealed.]

Art. 29. Tribal Gaming

Art. 30. Indiana State Lottery

Art. 31. Pari-mutuel Wagering on Horse Races

Art. 32. [Repealed.]

Art. 32.2. Charity Gaming

Art. 33. Riverboat Gambling

Art. 34. Indiana Technology Fund

Art. 35. Gambling Games at Racetracks

Art. 36. Type II Gaming in Establishments Licensed to Sell Alcoholic Beverages

Art. 37. State Museum and Historic Sites


Art. 1. Bond Issues

Art. 1.4. Local Public Improvement Bond Banks

Art. 1.5. Indiana Bond Bank


Art. 2. Law Enforcement Officers — Fire-Fighting Personnel

Art. 3. Publication of Notices

Art. 4. Officers' Bonds and Oaths

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. Officers' Deputies

Art. 7. Officers' Fees and Salary

Art. 8. Officers' Impeachment, Removal, Resignation and Disqualification

Art. 9. Officers' Vacancies, Leave of Absence, Preferences

Art. 10. Public Employees

Art. 10.1. Social Security Coverage for Public Employees

Art. 10.2. Public Retirement and Disability Benefits

Art. 10.3. The Public Employees' Retirement Fund

Art. 10.4. State Teachers' Retirement Fund

Art. 10.5. Indiana Public Pension Modernization Act

Art. 11. Public Funds — Accounting, State Board of Accounts

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. Public Funds — Investment

Art. 14. Public Proceedings

Art. 15. Public Records

Art. 16. Public Works

Art. 17. Public Purchases

Art. 18. [Repealed.]

Art. 19. United States Aid

Art. 20. Housing

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 22. Public Purchasing

Art. 23. Public-Private Agreements

Art. 24. Electronic Digital Signature Act

Art. 25. Interstate Jobs Protection Compact

Art. 26. Public Safety Communications

Art. 26.5. Address Confidentiality Program

Art. 27. Electronic Payments to Governmental Bodies

Art. 28. Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Art. 29. Office of Tourism Development

Art. 30. Design-Build Public Works Projects

Art. 31. [Repealed.]

Art. 32. Employment of Construction Managers as Constructors for Projects


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 1.1. Property Taxes

Art. 1.5. Indiana Board of Tax Review

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.3. Utility Receipts Tax

Art. 2.5. Sales and Use Taxes

Art. 3. Adjusted Gross Income Tax

TITLE 6. TAXATION (Continued)

Art. 3.1. State Tax Liability Credits

Art. 3.5. County Special Taxes

Art. 3.6. Local Income Taxes

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 4.1. Death Taxes

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.5. Taxation of Financial Institutions

Art. 6. Motor Fuel and Vehicle Taxes

Art. 7. Cigarette Tax

Art. 8. Miscellaneous

Art. 8.1. Department of Revenue, Tax Administration

Art. 9. Local Taxes

Art. 10. Taxation of Internet Access



Art. 1. General Provisions

Art. 2. Alcohol and Tobacco Commission and Administration

Art. 3. Permits

Art. 4. Revenue and Taxes

Art. 5. Crimes

Art. 6. Youth Tobacco Sales and Enforcement

Art. 7. Vapor Pens and E-Liquid


Art. 1. Public Utilities

Art. 1.5. Municipal Utilities

Art. 2. Common Carriers and Public Utilities

Art. 2.1. Motor Carrier Regulation

Art. 3. Railroads — General

Art. 4. Railroads — Organization and Operations

Art. 4.5. Transportation Corridor Planning

Art. 5. Railroads — Street and Interurban

Art. 6. Railroads — Crossings

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. Railroads — Equipment and Locomotives

Art. 9. Railroads — Labor

Art. 9.5. Transportation

Art. 10. Ports

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. Highway, Finances

Art. 14.5. Lease Financing for Transportation Systems

Art. 15. Toll Roads

Art. 15.5. Public-private Agreements for Toll Road Projects

Art. 15.7. Public-private Partnerships


Art. 16. Bridges and Tunnels

Art. 17. County Roads — Administration and Maintenance

Art. 18. County Roads — Financing and Bonding

Art. 19. County Road Petitions and Assessments

Art. 20. County Roads — Location, Vacation and Eminent Domain

Art. 21. Aeronautics

Art. 22. Airports

Art. 23. Indiana Department of Transportation

Art. 24. Northern Indiana Regional Transportation District

Art. 25. Central Indiana Public Transportation Projects


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 1.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. General Provisions and Definitions

Art. 14. Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Art. 15. Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commission

Art. 16. License Branches

Art. 17. Certificates of Title

Art. 18. Motor Vehicle Registration and License Plates

Art. 19. Motor Vehicle Equipment

Art. 20. Size and Weight Regulation

Art. 21. Traffic Regulation

Art. 22. Abandoned, Salvaged, and Scrap Vehicles

Art. 23. Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers

Art. 24. Drivers Licenses

Art. 25. Financial Responsibility

Art. 26. Accidents and Accident Reports

Art. 27. Traffic Safety and Driver Education Programs

Art. 28. Interstate Compacts and Agreements

Art. 29. Fees

Art. 30. General Penalty Provisions

Art. 31. Watercraft Titling and Registration

Art. 32. Dealer Services

Art. 33. Administrative Procedures


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. Effect of Recodification of Title 10

Art. 11. State Police Department

Art. 12. State Police Pensions and Benefits

Art. 13. State Police Data and Information Programs

Art. 14. Emergency Management

Art. 15. Emergency Management, Fire and Building Services,

and Public Safety Training Foundation

Art. 16. Indiana Military Code

Art. 17. Veterans' Affairs

Art. 18. War Memorials

Art. 19. Department of Homeland Security

Art. 20. State Department of Toxicology

Art. 20.1. Toxicology Department Advisory Board

Art. 21. School Safety


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. General Provisions — Department of Correction

Art. 9. Parole Board

Art. 10. Correctional Services and Programs

Art. 11. Correctional Standards and Procedures

Art. 12. Community Corrections

Art. 13. Probation and Parole

Art. 14. Boot Camp for Youthful Offenders


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. General Provisions and Definitions

Art. 8. Administering Family and Social Services


Art. 9. Division of Disability, Aging and Rehabilitative Services

Art. 9.1. Division of Aging

Art. 10. Aging Services

Art. 10.5. Respite Care Services

Art. 11. Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Art. 12. Rehabilitation Services

Art. 12.5. Quality Improvement Services

Art. 12.7. Child Development Services

Art. 13. Division of Family Resources

Art. 14. Family Assistance Services

Art. 15. Medicaid

Art. 16. Payment for Health Services Other Than Medicaid

Art. 16.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 16.5. The Health Care Compact

Art. 17. Children’s Services

Art. 17.2. Day Care Regulation

Art. 17.4. [Repealed.]

Art. 17.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 17.6. Children’s Health Insurance Program

Art. 17.7. [Repealed.]

Art. 17.8. [Repealed.]

Art. 18. Family Protection Services

Art. 19. County Welfare Administration and Financing

Art. 20. Poor Relief

Art. 21. Division of Mental Health and Addiction

Art. 22. Services for Persons with Mental Illness

Art. 23. Addiction Services

Art. 24. State Institutions

Art. 25. Licensure of Private Mental Health Institutions

Art. 26. Voluntary and Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Individuals

Art. 27. Rights of Individuals Being Treated for Mental Illness or Developmental Disabilities

Art. 28. Miscellaneous Provisions Concerning Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities

Art. 29. Financing Local Programs

Art. 30. County Homes and Other County Facilities

Art. 31. [Repealed.]

Art. 32. Restrictions on Public Benefits


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 4.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]


Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 9.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. Definitions

Art. 12. General Provisions

Art. 13. Department of Environmental Management

Art. 14. Powers and Duties of Department of Environmental Management and Boards

Art. 15. Permits Generally

Art. 16. Fees Generally

Art. 17. Air Pollution Control

Art. 18. Water Pollution Control

Art. 19. Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management Generally

Art. 20. Solid Waste Management

Art. 20.5. Electronic Waste

Art. 21. Solid Waste Management Districts

Art. 22. Hazardous Waste Management

Art. 23. Underground Storage Tanks

Art. 24. Petroleum

Art. 25. Hazardous Substances

Art. 26. Regional Water, Sewage, and Solid Waste Districts

Art. 27. Industrial Pollution Prevention and Safe Materials

Art. 27.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 28. Technical Assistance and Voluntary Compliance

Art. 29. Interstate Compacts

Art. 30. Enforcement and Legal Actions


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. General Provisions and Definitions

Art. 9. Department of Natural Resources

Art. 10. Natural Resources Commission

Art. 11. Powers and Duties of Department

Art. 12. State Resource Development

Art. 13. Local Resource Development

Art. 14. Recreational Development

Art. 15. Regulation of Water Recreation

Art. 16. Regulation of Land Recreation

Art. 17. Property Acquisition

Art. 18. State Land

Art. 19. State Parks and Recreation Areas


Art. 20. State Museums and Historic Sites

Art. 21. Historic Preservation and Archeology

Art. 22. Fish and Wildlife

Art. 23. Forestry

Art. 24. Entomology and Plant Pathology

Art. 25. Water Rights and Resources

Art. 25.5. Enforcement Actions by the Division of Water

Art. 26. Lakes and Reservoirs

Art. 27. Levees, Dams, and Drainage

Art. 28. Flood Control

Art. 29. Rivers, Streams, and Waterways

Art. 30. River Basin Commissions

Art. 31. Nature Preserves

Art. 32. Soil and Water Conservation

Art. 33. Conservancy Districts

Art. 34. Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation

Art. 35. Mining

Art. 36. Reclamation

Art. 37. Oil and Gas

Art. 38. Other Petroleum Regulation

Art. 39. Carbon Dioxide


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 1.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. Effect of Recodification of Title 15

Art. 11. Department of Agriculture

Art. 12. Agricultural Assistance Organizations and Programs

Art. 13. State Fair

Art. 14. Agricultural Fairs, Associations, and Societies

Art. 15. Horticulture Products

Art. 16. Horticulture Control

Art. 17. Animal Health and Animal Products

Art. 18. Dairy Products

Art. 19. Livestock

Art. 20. Animal Control

Art. 21. Commercial Dog Breeder Regulation


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

TITLE 16. HEALTH (Continued)

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 6.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 9.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 12.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 12.2. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. [Repealed.]

Art. 16. [Repealed.]

Art. 17. [Repealed.]

Art. 18. General Provisions and Definitions

Art. 19. State Department of Health

Art. 20. Local Health Departments

Art. 21. Hospitals

Art. 22. County Hospitals

Art. 23. Municipal and Other Types of Hospitals

Art. 23.5. Medical Centers; Indiana University Hospitals

Art. 24. Tuberculosis Hospitals

Art. 25. Hospice Programs

Art. 26. Maternity Homes

Art. 27. Home Health Agencies

Art. 28. Health Facilities

Art. 29. Certificates of Need

Art. 30. Health Planning

Art. 31. Emergency Medical Services

Art. 32. Persons With Disabilities

Art. 33. Special Institutions

Art. 34. Abortion

Art. 34.5. Cloning

Art. 35. Children's Health

Art. 36. Medical Consent

Art. 37. Vital Statistics

Art. 38. Health Registries

Art. 39. Health Records

Art. 40. Other Reporting Requirements

Art. 41. Public Health Measures for the Prevention and Control of Disease

Art. 42. Regulation of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics

TITLE 16. HEALTH (Continued)

Art. 43. [Repealed.]

Art. 44. Product Labeling and Inspection

Art. 45. Federal Aid for Health Programs

Art. 46. State Health Grants and Programs

Art. 47. Aggregate Purchasing of Prescription Drugs

Art. 48. Other Health Care Providers and Services

Art. 49. Child Fatality Reviews





Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 3.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 6.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 7.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 8.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 9.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 10.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 10.2. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. [Repealed.]

Art. 16. [Repealed.]

Art. 17. Effect of Recodification of Title 20

Art. 18. General Provisions

Art. 19. State Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education

Art. 20. Programs Administered by the State

Art. 21. Indiana School for the Blind

Art. 22. Indiana School for the Deaf

Art. 23. Organization of School Corporations

Art. 24. Charter Schools

Art. 24.2. Performance Qualified School Districts

TITLE 20. EDUCATION (Continued)

Art. 24.5. University Administered Schools

Art. 25. Indianapolis Public Schools

Art. 25.5. Innovation Network Schools

Art. 25.7. Innovation Network Schools

Art. 26. School Corporations: General Administrative Provisions

Art. 27. School Transportation

Art. 28. School Teachers

Art. 29. Collective bargaining for teachers

Art. 30. Curriculum

Art. 31. Accountability for Performance and Improvement

Art. 32. Student Standards, Assessments, and Performance

Art. 33. Students: General Provisions

Art. 34. Student Health and Safety Measures

Art. 35. Special Education

Art. 36. High Ability Students

Art. 37. Vocational and Workforce Education

Art. 38. Educational Compacts

Art. 39. Accounting and Financial Reporting Procedures

Art. 40. Government Funds and Accounts

Art. 41. Extracurricular Funds and Accounts

Art. 42. Fiduciary Funds and Accounts

Art. 42.5. Allocation of Expenditures to Student Instruction

Art. 43. State Tuition Support

Art. 44. Property Tax Levies; General Provisions

Art. 45. General Fund Levies

Art. 46. Levies Other Than General Fund Levies

Art. 47. Related Entities; Holding Companies; Lease Agreements

Art. 48. Borrowing and Bonds

Art. 49. State Management of Common School Funds; State Advances and Loans

Art. 50. Homeless Children and Foster Care Children

Art. 51. School Scholarships


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 6.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. University and Occupational Schools

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. Education Savings Programs

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. General Scholarships and Grants

Art. 13. Occupational Scholarships and Grants


Art. 14. State Educational Institutions: Tuition and Fees; Other Charges; Establishment, Exemptions, and Reductions

Art. 15. State Educational Institutions: Scholarships and Grants

Art. 16. Work Study Programs; Student Loans; Legal Capacity To Contract for Student Loans

Art. 17. Postsecondary Proprietary Educational Institutions and Other Private Educational Institutions

Art. 18. Commission for Higher Education

Art. 18.5. Administration of Higher Education Financial Aid and Postsecondary Credit Bearing Proprietary Educational Institution Accreditation

Art. 19. Ball State University

Art. 20. Indiana University

Art. 21. Indiana State University

Art. 22. Ivy Tech. Community College Indiana

Art. 23. Purdue University

Art. 24. University of Southern Indiana

Art. 25. Vincennes University

Art. 26. Regional Campuses

Art. 27. State Educational Institutions: General Powers

Art. 28. State Educational Institutions: Cooperative Arrangements, Interstate Compacts; Educational Support Entities

Art. 29. State Educational Institutions: Investments

Art. 30. State Educational Institutions: Donations; Gifts, Bequests, and Devises

Art. 31. State Educational Institutions: Acquisition and Use of Property; Leases

Art. 32. State Educational Institutions: Bonds and Borrowing

Art. 33. State Educational Institutions: Approval of Projects; Funding

Art. 34. State Educational Institutions: Acquisition and Improvement of Building Facilities and Equipment; Bonds

Art. 35. State Educational Institutions: Revenue Bonds and Other Financing Arrangements

Art. 36. State Educational Institutions: Disposition of Property

Art. 37. State Educational Institutions: Contracts; Procurement

Art. 38. State Educational Institution: Personnel; Compensation; Benefits

Art. 39. State Educational Institutions: Regulation of Conduct

Art. 40. State Educational Institutions: Admission Standards

Art. 41. State Educational Institutions: Curricula; Courses of Study; Programs

Art. 42. State Educational Institutions: Transfer of Academic Credits

Art. 43. Dual Enrollment; College Credit Earned by High School Students; Technical Certificates of Achievement

Art. 44. Medical Education System

Art. 44.5. Epinephrine Administration Program


Art. 45. Life Sciences Research and Education Centers

Art. 46. Agricultural Research and Education Centers

Art. 47. Geological Survey; Energy Research and Education Centers


Art. 1. Department of Labor

Art. 2. Wages and Hours

Art. 3. Worker's Compensation

Art. 4. Employment and Training Services

Art. 4.1. Department of Workforce Development

Art. 4.5. The Workforce Investment System

Art. 5. Unlawful Labor Practices

Art. 6. Labor Relations

Art. 7. Labor Organizations

Art. 8. Occupational Health and Safety Laws

Art. 9. Civil Rights

Art. 9.5. Indiana Fair Housing

Art. 10. Mines and Mining Safety

Art. 11. Safety Regulations and Inspections

Art. 12. Fire Safety, Building, and Equipment Laws; General Administration

Art. 13. Fire Safety, Building, and Equipment Laws: Rules

Art. 14. Fire Safety Laws: Enforcement

Art. 15. Building and Equipment Laws: Enforcement


Art. 1. Business Corporations — Types

Art. 1.3. Benefit Corporations

Art. 1.5. Professional Corporations

Art. 2. Business Corporations — Securities

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. Partnership

Art. 5. Other Business Associations

Art. 6. Public Corporations and Associations

Art. 7. General Civil or Charitable Corporations

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. Fraternal and Other Similar Associations — Transactions

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. Educational Institutions

Art. 14. Cemetery Associations

Art. 15. Miscellaneous Provisions

Art. 16. Limited Partnerships

Art. 17. Nonprofit Corporations

Art. 18. Limited Liability Companies

Art. 19. Indiana Uniform Securities Act


Art. 20. Victims of Securities Violations


Art. 1. Combinations in Restraint of Trade

Art. 2. Trademarks

Art. 3. Fair Trade

Art. 4. Regulated Businesses

Art. 4.4. First Lien Mortgage Lending

Art. 4.5. Uniform Consumer Credit Code

Art. 4.6. Special Provisions Concerning Certain Transactions

Art. 4.7. Telephone Solicitation of Consumers

Art. 4.8. Prohibited Spyware

Art. 4.9. Disclosure of Security Breach

Art. 5. Consumer Sales

Art. 5.5. Mortgage Rescue Protection Fraud

Art. 6. Weights, Measures and Labeling

Art. 7. Rental Purchase Agreements

Art. 8. Promotional Gifts and Contests

Art. 9. Home Loan Practices

Art. 10. Consumer Protection Assistance Fund

Art. 11. Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement


Art. 0.5. Applicability of Certain Provisions IN IC 25-1

Art. 1. General

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. Accountants

Art. 2.5. Acupuncturists

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 3.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 3.7. Anesthesiologist Assistants

Art. 4. Architects and Landscape Architects

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.1. Athletic Trainers

Art. 5.2. Athlete Agents

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 6.1. Auctioneers and Auctions

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. Beauty Culture

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. Chiropractors

Art. 11. Collection Agencies

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. Dental Hygienists

Art. 14. Dentists

Art. 14.3. Diabetes Educators

Art. 14.5. Dietitians

Art. 15. Embalmers and Funeral Directors

Art. 16. Employment Services


Art. 17. [Repealed.]

Art. 17.3. Genetic Counselors

Art. 17.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 17.6. Professional Geologists

Art. 18. Going Out of Business, Removal and Fire Sales

Art. 19. Health Facility Administrators

Art. 20. Hearing Aid Dealers

Art. 20.2. Home Inspections

Art. 20.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 20.7. Interior Designers

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 21.5. Land Surveyors

Art. 21.8. Massage Therapists

Art. 22. [Repealed.]

Art. 22.5. Physicians

Art. 23. Nurses

Art. 23.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 23.2. [Repealed.]

Art. 23.3. [Expired.]

Art. 23.4. Certified Direct Entry Midwives

Art. 23.5. Occupational Therapists

Art. 23.6. Marriage and Family Therapists

Art. 23.7. Manufactured Home Installers

Art. 24. Optometrists

Art. 25. Peddlers, Vendors and Hawkers

Art. 26. Pharmacists and Pharmacies or Drugstores

Art. 27. Physical Therapists

Art. 27.5. Physician Assistants

Art. 28. Pilots of Boats

Art. 28.5. Plumbers

Art. 29. Podiatrists

Art. 30. Private Detectives

Art. 31. Professional Engineers

Art. 31.5. Professional Soil Scientists

Art. 32. [Repealed.]

Art. 33. Psychologists

Art. 34. [Repealed.]

Art. 34.1. Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Art. 34.5. Respiratory Care Practitioners

Art. 35. [Repealed.]

Art. 35.6. Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Art. 36. [Repealed.]

Art. 36.1. Certified Surgical Technologists

Art. 36.5. Timber Buyers

Art. 37. Transient Merchants

Art. 37.5. Valuable Metal Dealer Regulation

Art. 38. [Repealed.]

Art. 38.1. Veterinarians

Art. 39. Water Well Drillers and Water Well Pump Installers


Art. 40. Employee Assistance Professionals

Art. 41. Behavior Analysts


Art. 1. Uniform Commercial Code

Art. 2. Commercial Transactions

Art. 3. Warehouses

Art. 4. Grain Indemnity Program


Art. 1. Department of Insurance

Art. 2. Powers and Duties of Insurers

Art. 3. Consolidations and Reorganization

Art. 4. Unfair Competition, Unauthorized, and Foreign Insurers

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.1. Farm Mutual Insurance Companies

Art. 6. Reinsurance, Interinsurance and Reciprocal Insurance

Art. 7. Special Types of Insurance

Art. 8. Life, Accident and Health

Art. 9. Supervision; Rehabilitation; and Liquidation

Art. 10. Indiana Bail Law

Art. 11. Fraternal Benefit Societies

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. Health Maintenance Organizations

Art. 14. Mutual Insurance Holding Company Law

Art. 15. Demutualization of Mutual Insurance Companies

Art. 16. Professional Employer Organizations

Art. 17. Discount Medical Card Program Organizations

Art. 18. Surplus Lines Insurance Compact

Art. 19. Health Benefit Exchange


Art. 1. Financial Institutions Act

Art. 2. Banks

Art. 3. Liquidation, Reorganization and Merger

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. Industrial Loan and Investment Companies

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 6.1. Savings Banks

Art. 6.2. Mutual Savings Bank Holding Companies

Art. 7. Specialized Financial Institutions

Art. 8. Financial Services

Art. 9. Depository Financial Institutions Adverse Claims Act

Art. 10. General Provisions and Definitions

Art. 11. Department of Financial Institutions

Art. 12. Formation of Banks, Trust Companies, and Savings Associations

Art. 13. Corporate Governance


Art. 14. Corporate Fiduciaries

Art. 15. Savings Associations


Art. 1. Probate Code

Art. 2. Other Provisions Relating to Testamentary Transfers of Property

Art. 3. Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Other Protective Proceedings

Art. 3.5. Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act


Art. 1. Sales, Investments and Other Transactions by Fiduciaries

Art. 2. General Provisions Relating to the Administration of Trusts and Other Fiduciary Relationships

Art. 3. Miscellaneous Provisions

Art. 4. Trust Code

Art. 5. Powers of Attorney


Arts. 1-8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. Definitions

Art. 10. General Provisions

Art. 11. Family Law: Marriage

Art. 12. Family Law: Domestic Relations Courts

Art. 13. Family Law: Parent-Child Relationship

Art. 14. Family Law: Establishment of Paternity

Art. 15. Family Law: Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation

Art. 16. Family Law: Support of Children and Other Dependents

Art. 17. Family Law: Custody and Parenting Time Rights

Art. 18. Family Law: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Art. 18.5. Family Law: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Art. 19. Family Law: Adoption

Art. 20. Family Law: Human Reproduction

Art. 21. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

Art. 25. Child Services: Administration

Art. 26. Child Services: Programs

Art. 27. Child Services: Regulation of Residential Child Care Establishments

Art. 28. Child Services: Foster Care and Placement of Children

Art. 30. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

Art. 30.5. Juvenile Law: Preliminary Proceedings

Art. 31. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Administration

Art. 32. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Procedures

Art. 33. Juvenile Law: Reporting and Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect


Art. 34. Juvenile Law: Children in Need of Services

Art. 35. Juvenile Law: Termination of Parent-Child Relationship

Art. 36. Juvenile Law: Missing Children

Art. 37. Juvenile Law: Delinquency

Art. 38. [Repealed.]

Art. 39. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Records

Art. 40. Juvenile Law: Funding

Art. 41. Dual Status


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. [Repealed.]

Art. 16. Effect of Recodification of Title 32

Art. 17. Interests in Property

Art. 17.5. Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act

Art. 18. Interests of Creditors in Property

Art. 19. Describing Real Property; Indiana Coordinate System

Art. 20. Marketable Title for Real Property

Art. 21. Conveyance Procedures for Real Property

Art. 22. Conveyance Limitations of Real Property

Art. 23. Conveyance of Property Interests Less Than Fee Simple

Art. 24. Eminent Domain

Art. 25. Condominiums

Art. 25.5. Homeowners Associations

Art. 26. Fences

Art. 27. Construction Warranties on Real Property

Art. 28. Liens on Real Property

Art. 29. Mortgages

Art. 30. Causes of Action Concerning Real Property

Art. 31. Landlord-Tenant Relations

Art. 32. Time Shares and Camping Clubs

Art. 33. Liens on [Personal] Property

Art. 34. Lost or Unclaimed Personal Property

Art. 35. Causes of Action Concerning Personal Property

Art. 36. Publicity

Art. 37. Copyright

TITLE 32. PROPERTY (Continued)

Art. 38. Title Insurance and Transfers to Certain Trusts


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 5.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 10.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 10.5. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 11.6. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. [Repealed.]

Art. 16. [Repealed.]

Art. 17. [Repealed.]

Art. 18. [Repealed.]

Art. 19. [Repealed.]

Art. 20. [Repealed.]

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 22. Effect of Recodification of Title 33

Art. 23. General Provisions

Art. 24. Supreme Court

Art. 25. Court of Appeals

Art. 26. Tax Court

Art. 27. Judicial Nominating Commission

Art. 28. Circuit Courts

Art. 29. Superior Courts

Art. 30. [Repealed.]

Art. 31. Probate Courts

Art. 32. Circuit Court Clerks

Art. 33. Court System Organization in Each County

Art. 34. Marion County Small Claims Courts

Art. 35. City and Town Courts

Art. 36. Ordinance Violations Bureaus

Art. 37. Court Fees

Art. 38. Judges

Art. 39. Prosecuting Attorneys

Art. 40. Public Defenders


Art. 41. Court Reporters

Art. 42. Notaries Public

Art. 43. Practice of Law

Art. 44. Interest Bearing Attorney Trust Accounts


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. Definitions

Art. 7. General Provisions

Art. 8. Rules of Procedure

Art. 9. Parties

Art. 10. Access to Courts by Indigent Persons

Art. 11. Limitation of Actions

Art. 12. Prohibited Causes of Action

Art. 13. Causes of Action: Claims Against the Government

Art. 14. Causes of Action: Declaratory Judgment

Art. 15. Causes of Action: Defamation, Libel, and Slander

Art. 16. Causes of Action: Gambling Debts and Losses

Art. 17. Causes of Action: Informations

Art. 18. Medical Malpractice

Art. 19. [Repealed.]

Art. 20. Causes of Action: Products Liability

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 22. Causes of Action: Sureties' Remedies Against Principals

Art. 23. Causes of Action: Wrongful Death

Art. 24. Civil Proceedings Related to Criminal Activities

Art. 25. Special Proceedings: Attachment and Garnishment

Art. 25.5. Special Proceedings: Habeas Corpus

Art. 26. Special Proceedings: Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Art. 27. Special Proceedings: Mandate and Prohibition

Art. 28. Special Proceedings: Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings and Remedies

Art. 29. Immunity from Civil Arrest

Art. 30. Immunity from Civil Liability

Art. 31. Limited Liability

Art. 32. Commencement of Action: Notice and Publication

Art. 33. Commencement of Action: Service of Process

Art. 33.1. Authority of The Attorney General

Art. 34. [Repealed.]

Art. 35. Change of Venue

Art. 36. Juries

Art. 37. Evidence: Documentary and Other Written Evidence in General

Art. 38. Evidence: Statutes and Laws


Art. 39. Evidence: Court Decisions and Records of Other Legal Proceedings

Art. 40. Evidence: Records of Public Agencies

Art. 41. Evidence: Real Estate Records

Art. 42. Evidence: Business Records

Art. 43. Evidence: Medical Records

Art. 43.5. Evidence: Specific Communications

Art. 44. Evidence: Damages

Art. 44.5. Evidence: Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act

Art. 45. Witnesses

Art. 46. Privileged Communications

Art. 47. Contempt of Court

Art. 48. [Repealed.]

Art. 49. Bonds

Art. 50. Settlement of Claims

Art. 51. Damages

Art. 52. Costs

Art. 53. Subrogation

Art. 54. Judgments

Art. 55. Execution of Judgments

Art. 56. Appeals

Art. 57. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Art. 58. Screening of Offender Litigation

Art. 59. Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act

Art. 60. Victim Advocates


Art. 1. [Repealed.]

Art. 1.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 2. [Repealed.]

Art. 2.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 3. [Repealed.]

Art. 3.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 4. [Repealed.]

Art. 4.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 5. [Repealed.]

Art. 6. [Repealed.]

Art. 7. [Repealed.]

Art. 8. [Repealed.]

Art. 9. [Repealed.]

Art. 10. [Repealed.]

Art. 11. [Repealed.]

Art. 12. [Repealed.]

Art. 13. [Repealed.]

Art. 14. [Repealed.]

Art. 15. [Repealed.]

Art. 16. [Repealed.]

Art. 17. [Repealed.]


Art. 18. [Repealed.]

Art. 19. [Repealed.]

Art. 20. [Repealed.]

Art. 21. [Repealed.]

Art. 22. [Repealed.]

Art. 23. [Repealed.]

Art. 24. [Repealed.]

Art. 24.1. [Repealed.]

Art. 25. [Repealed.]

Art. 26. [Repealed.]

Art. 27. [Repealed.]

Art. 28. [Repealed.]

Art. 29. [Repealed.]

Art. 30. [Repealed.]

Art. 31. [Repealed.]

Art. 31.5. Definitions

Art. 32. General Provisions

Art. 33. Preliminary Proceedings

Art. 33.5. Interception of Telephonic or Telegraphic Communications

Art. 34. Indictment and Information; Grand Jury

Art. 35. Pleadings and Procedure

Art. 36. Pretrial Notices, Motions, and Procedures

Art. 37. Trial Procedure

Art. 38. Proceedings Following Dismissal, Verdict, or Finding

Art. 39. [Reserved.]

Art. 40. Victim Rights

Art. 41. Crimes — General Substantive Provisions

Art. 42. Offenses Against the Person

Art. 43. Offenses Against Property

Art. 44. Offenses Against Public Administration

Art. 44.1. Offenses against general public administration

Art. 44.2. Offenses against state public administration

Art. 45. Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency

Art. 46. Miscellaneous Offenses

Art. 47. Regulation of Weapons and Instruments of Violence

Art. 47.5. Controlled Explosives

Art. 48. Controlled Substances

Art. 49. Obscenity and Pornography

Art. 50. Sentences

Art. 51. [Repealed.]

Art. 52. Criminal Statutes Codified Outside IC 35


Art. 1. General Provisions

Art. 1.5. Government Modernization

Art. 2. Counties

Art. 3. Government of Consolidated Cities and Counties (UNIGOV)


Art. 4. Cities and Towns Generally

Art. 5. Towns

Art. 6. Townships

Art. 7. Planning and Development

Art. 7.5. Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority

Art. 7.6. Regional Development Authorities

Art. 8. Public Safety

Art. 9. Transportation and Public Works

Art. 10. Recreation, Culture, and Community Facilities

Art. 11. County Onsite Waste Management Districts

Art. 12. Libraries