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Bloom on New York Wills Law

A concise guide to the substantive law of decedent's estates in New York.
Publisher: Gould

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Print Book :Looseleaf, 250 pages
ISBN: 9781630443597
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ISBN: 9781630444303
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ISBN: 9781630444303
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A review of the New York law relating to decedents' estates and wills, covering such topics as Will Construction; Trusts; Fiduciaries; Right of Election; and Probate Procedures.

With up-to-date case citations and statutory references.

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 New York Laws Governing Wills

CHAPTER 2 The Will

CHAPTER 3 Formal Testation

CHAPTER 4 Informal Testation Nuncupative and Holographic

CHAPTER 5 Testamentary Gifts

CHAPTER 6 Ademption and Abatement

CHAPTER 7 Executors: Appointment, Eligibility, Powers

CHAPTER 8 Lifetime and Testamentary Trusts

CHAPTER 9 Revocation of a Will in Whole or in Part

CHAPTER 10 Construction of Wills

CHAPTER 11 Surviving Spouse's Right of Election

CHAPTER 12 Distribution in Intestacy

CHAPTER 13 Acceptance and Renunciation of Intestate Shares and Dispositions Under Wills or Trusts

Appendix A