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Basic Practice Series: ESA (Endangered Species Act)

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A practice-focused resource, Basic Practice Series: ESA explains the fundamentals of the federal Endangered Species Act and its implementing regulations.

The ESA, its implementing regulations, court decisions, and agency guidance create an important and legally enforceable determination to protect, conserve and recover endangered and threatened fish, wildlife, and plants. Covering the major elements of the statute, this updated edition of Basic Practice Series: ESA is a useful, quick reference and serves as a valuable starting point for further research.

The authors cover these critical aspects of this complex statute:

•  Listing and critical habitat designation
•  Conservation: Section 7(a)(1) and recovery planning
•  Prohibited acts and penalties
•  The role of consultation: Section 7(a)(2)
•  Incidental take permits and other allowable take
•  The Section 7 exemption process
•  Federal interaction with states and tribes
•  International applications
•  Experimental populations
•  Citizen suits, standing, and procedure

As with other books in the popular Basic Practice Series, the authors provide FAQs about the statute, a list of key cases with short summary of each, an invaluable glossary and bibliography, as well as a Table of Cases and index.