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Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421495
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Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures is a comprehensive guide to the entire bankruptcy process, including involuntary, creditor and adversary proceedings. The book also lists fees, filing requirements, names, addresses and telephone numbers for every bankruptcy court in the nation.

Written by Pamela Everett Nollkamper, a professional paralegal with decades of experience, Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures provides the tools necessary to guide you through your case whether you're new to the field or an experienced bankruptcy professional.

Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures provides information necessary to file in every bankruptcy court nationwide, with filing requirements for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Table of Contents

Bankruptcy Overview
Role of the Trustee
The Debtor's Estate
Needs-Based Bankruptcy
Straight Bankruptcy
Family Farmer and Fisherman Bankruptcy
Wage Earner's Adjustment of Debts
Cross-Border Insolvency
Involuntary Proceedings
Creditors' Proceedings
Conversion and Dismissal
Adversary Proceedings
U.S. Bankruptcy Courts