Aviation Accident Law

The nation's foremost aviation law expert provides complete exposition of the law, remedies, and trial techniques.

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Print Book:2 volumes, looseleaf, updated twice a year; plus paperbound primary source pamphlet issued annually
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The nation's foremost aviation law expert provides complete exposition of the law, remedies, and trial techniques.

•  Examination of discovery procedures, settlement techniques, and jurisdictional problems
•  Treatment of the liabilities of airlines, private aircraft owners and operators, lessors, aviation maintenance and repair companies, crashworthiness, and class actions in aviation disaster cases
•  Analysis of the legal effects of the Warsaw Convention, the Montreal Agreement, the Hague
•  Protocol, the Federal Aviation Act, and the Death on the High Seas Act
•  Also includes state products liability and wrongful death statutes

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Table of contents

Publication Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Special Considerations in Aviation Cases

Chapter 2 Liability of Airlines

Chapter 3 Liability of Owners and Operators of Private Aircraft

Chapter 4 Liability of the United States

Chapter 5 Liability of Aircraft Manufacturers

Chapter 6 Liability of Airport Owners and Operators

Chapter 7 Liability of Maintenance and Repair Companies

Chapter 8 Liability of Foreign Nations--Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Chapter 9 Federal Aviation Act and Regulations

Chapter 10 International Transportation

Chapter 11-12 [Reserved]


Chapter 13 Wrongful Death Law

Chapter 14 Maritime Aviation Accidents

Chapter 15 Punitive Damages in Aviation Cases

Chapter 16 Choice of Law

Chapter 17 Jurisdiction and Venue

Chapter 18 Consolidation, Multidistrict and Multiforum Litigation, Collateral Estoppel, and Class Actions

Chapter 19 National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Investigations and Use as Evidence

Chapter 20 Independent Private Investigations in Civil Airline Crashes

Chapter 21 Military Aircraft Accident Investigations and Litigation

Chapter 22 Commencing The Action: Venue, Court, Judge and Jury

Chapter 23 Drafting the Complaint

Chapter 24 Discovery in Civil Aviation Cases

Chapter 25 Experts

Chapter 26 Settlement

Chapter 27 Trial Considerations

Chapter 28 Demonstrative Evidence


Table of Cases

Table of Statutes


Warsaw Convention

The Hague Protocol

Montreal Agreement

Montreal Convention of 1999

General Aviation Revitalization Act

Airline Deregulation Act of 1978

Death on the High Seas Act

Federal Tort Claims Act

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Freedom of Information Act

Statutes and Regulations Concerning September 11, 2001

Wrongful Death Statutes by Jurisdiction

State Statutes Concerning Aviation

Products Liability Statutes