Attorneys' Textbook of Medicine: Manual of Traumatic Injuries

Easily accessible, current, and containing cutting edge new medical developments, ...

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ISBN: 9780820510095
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Easily accessible, current, and containing cutting edge new medical developments, Attorneys' Textbook of Medicine: Manual of Traumatic Injuries helps you understand:

•  The mechanism of injury
•  Management considerations and treatment
•  Signs and symptoms
•  Diagnosis
•  Frequent complications
•  Prognosis

In addition to medical information, each chapter includes Scope Box introductions, bibliographies, a glossary of medical terms, and many medical illustrations that help clarify many diagnostic procedures and treatment methods

Some content adapted from Attorneys' Textbook of Medicine.

Various writers. Primary writers: David and Cecile Simerman; Barbara Robb

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Table of contents

Ch. 1 Abdominal Injuries

Ch. 1A Abrasions, Contusions and Lacerations

Ch. 2 Amputations and Replantations

Ch. 3 Ankle Injuries

Ch. 3A Anorectal Injuries and Disorders

Ch. 4 Arm Injuries

Ch. 4A Athletic Injuries

Ch. 5 Bladder Injuries

Ch. 6 Burns, Chemical

Ch. 7 Burns, Electrical

Ch. 8 Burns, Thermal

Ch. 9 Chest Injuries

Ch. 9A Dental Injuries

Ch. 10 Diaphragmatic Injuries

Ch. 11 Elbow Injuries

Ch. 12 Epilepsy, Post-Traumatic

Ch. 13 Esophageal and Pharyngeal Injuries

Ch. 14 Eye Injuries: Blunt and Penetrating Trauma

Ch. 14A Eye Injuries: Burns and Radiation

Ch. 15 Facial Injuries

Ch. 16 Foot Injuries

Ch. 17 Forearm Injuries

Ch. 18 Gallbladder and Bile Duct Injuries

Ch. 19 Genital and Reproductive Organ Injuries,Female

Ch. 20 Genital Injuries, Male

Ch. 21 Hand Injuries

Ch. 22 Head Injuries

Ch. 23 Hearing Loss

Ch. 24 Heart and Great Vessel Injuries

Ch. 25 Hernia

Ch. 26 Hip Fractures and Dislocations

Ch. 26A Infectious Complications of Trauma

Ch. 27 Intervertebral Disc Injuries

Ch. 28 Intestinal Injuries

Ch. 29 Kidney and Ureteral Injuries

Ch. 30 Knee Injuries: Fractures and Dislocations

Ch. 30A Knee Injuries: Soft-Tissue Injuries

Ch. 31 Laryngeal Injuries

Ch. 32 Leg Injuries

Ch. 33 Liver Injuries

Ch. 34 Low Back Injuries

Ch. 35 Lung Injuries

Ch. 36 Multiple Injuries

Ch. 36A Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ch. 37 Neck Injuries

Ch. 38 Nerve Injuries

Ch. 39 Pancreatic Injuries

Ch. 39A Pediatric Injuries

Ch. 40 Pelvic Fractures

Ch. 41 Pregnancy and Trauma

Ch. 42 Psychic Injuries

Ch. 43 Radiation Injuries

Ch. 43A Raynaud's Phenomenon

Ch. 43B Repetitive Motion Disorders

Ch. 44 Rib Fractures

Ch. 45 Scalp Injuries

Ch. 45A Shock

Ch. 45B Scars and Scar Repair

Ch. 46 Shoulder Injuries

Ch. 47 Skull Fractures

Ch. 48 Spinal Cord Injuries

Ch. 48A Spinal Trauma and Neurological Disease

Ch. 49 Splenic Injuries

Ch. 50 Stomach Injuries

Ch. 51 Thigh Injuries

Ch. 51A Total Joint Replacement

Ch. 52 Tracheal Injuries

Ch. 52A Trauma and Cancer

Ch. 52B Traumatic Brain Injuries

Ch. 53 Vascular Injuries

Ch. 54 Vertebral Fractures and Dislocations

Ch. 55 Wrist Injuries