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Arkansas Model Jury Instructions - Criminal

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781422479865
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2nd Edition
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Arkansas Model Jury Instructions - Criminal, Second Edition is your up-to-date source for sample instructions for criminal cases. Prepared by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions, Arkansas Model Jury Instructions - Criminal gives you jury instructions that a jury can understand. They include commentary prepared by the Committee that cite supporting authority and indicate when inclusion or absence of an instruction would be an error.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Ch. 1 Introductory Instructions

Ch. 2 Evidentiary Instructions

Ch. 3 Lesser Included Offenses

Ch. 4 Accomplices

Ch. 5 Criminal Attempt, Solicitation, Conspiracy

Ch. 6 Defenses

Ch. 7 Justification

Chs. 8-9 Reserved

Ch. 10 Homicide

Ch. 11 Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

Ch. 12 Robbery

Ch. 13 Battery and Assault

Ch. 14 Sexual Offenses

Chs. 15-25 Reserved

Ch. 26 Family Offenses

Ch. 27 Offenses Against Children

Chs. 28-35 Reserved

Volume 2

Ch. 36 Theft

Ch. 37 Fraud

Ch. 38 Arson and Related Offenses

Ch. 39 Burglary and Related Offenses

Ch. 40 Obtaining Property With Check Drawn on Insufficient Funds (Hot Check Offenses)

Ch. 41 Computer Crimes

Ch. 42-51 Reserved

Ch. 52 Public Servant Bribery

Ch. 53 Offenses Related to Judicial Proceedings

Ch. 54 Obstructing Governmental Operations

Ch. 55 Terrorism

Chs. 56-63 Reserved

Ch. 64 Controlled Substances

Ch. 65 Driving While Intoxicated

Ch. 66 Gambling

Chs. 67-70 Reserved

Ch. 71 Riot, Disorderly Conduct, Etc.

Ch. 72 Reserved

Ch. 73 Firearms and Other Weapons

Ch. 74 Criminal Gang, Organization, or Enterprise

Chs. 75-79 Reserved

Ch. 80 Sentencing Introduction

Ch. 81 Stage One: Concluding Instructions

Ch. 82 Stage One: Enhancement Instructions

Ch. 83 Stage One: Verdict Forms

Chs. 84-89 Reserved

Ch. 90 Stage Two: Evidence Relevant to Sentencing

Ch. 91 Stage Two: Standard Punishment Instructions

Ch. 92 Stage Two: Habitual Offender and Firearm Enhancement Punishment Instructions

Ch. 93 Stage Two: Verdict Forms - Standard and Enhanced

Ch. 94 Transfer and Parole Eligibility

Ch. 95 Illustrative Instructions