Antieau on Local Government Law

The only work which clearly states the principles of law for all types of local government entities.

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780820510200
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781579115715
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781579115715
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Antieau on Local Government Law, Second Edition continues the comprehensive treatment of local government law begun when this publication was first written more than 40 years ago by Chester James Antieau, one of the nation's leading experts on local government law and civil rights. Newly revised and completely updated, the treatise provides a current and complete perspective on municipal corporations, as well as independent local government entities, and counties, adding emerging topics such as telecommunications, while still covering the same broad subject areas with which users have become accustomed:

•   Authorities & Districts
•   Contracts
•   Education
•   Elections and Referendums
•   Exercise of Powers
•   Finances
•   General Powers
•   Judicial Actions and Local Courts
•   Land Use Regulation
•   Officers and Employees
•   Organization
•   Relationship With Other Governments
•   Services and Assistance
•   Torts

Topics such as franchising, ordinances, police powers, home rule, public housing, public assistance, charters, intergovernmental relations, and education continue as the touchstones of the publication. Centralized and intense general discussions facilitate research. Precise jurisdiction headings for each authority in the footnotes are now provided. Year-of-decision dates for each authority have been continued. The treatise highlights the foremost authorities in each topic area.

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Table of contents

New Developments
I. Organization Of Local Governments

– Chapter 1 Creation Of Local Government Entities
– Chapter 2 Dissolution Of Local Government Entities
– Chapter 3 Annexation Of Local Government Entities
– Chapter 4 Detachment And Secession Of Local Government Entities
– Chapter 5 Reclassification, Merger & Consolidation, And Division Of Local Government Entities
– Chapters 6 Through 10 Reserved
– Chapter 11 Organization Of Local Governments: State Modules

II Relationship With Federal, State, And Other Local Governments
– Chapter 12 Federal And Local Government Relations
– Chapter 13 State And Local Government Relations
– Chapter 14 Interlocal Relations
– Chapters 15 Through 20 Reserved

III General Local Powers
– Chapter 21 Home Rule Powers For Local Governments
– Chapter 22 Home Rule: Interaction Between State And Local Authority
– Chapter 23 Local Government Charters
– Chapter 24 Extent And Interpretation Of Local Government Authority

IV Exercise Of General Local Powers
– Chapter 25 Exercise Of Authority By Local Legislative Body
– Chapter 26 Exercise Of Authority By Local Administrative Agency
– Chapter 27 Local Permits, Licenses And Certificates
– Chapter 28 Local Regulation Of Franchisers And Public Utilities
– Chapter 29 Police Power Regulation
– Chapter 30 Local Streets
– Chapter 31 [Reserved]

V Contracts
– Chapter 32 Local Contractual Authority And Liability
– Chapters 33 Through 34 Reserved

VI Tort Liability
– Chapter 35 General Considerations In Local Tort Liability Chapter 36 Licenses, Permits, Inspections And Planning
– Chapter 37 Property And Environmental Torts Of Local Governments
– Chapter 38 Fire, Police, And Animal Protection
– Chapter 39 Health, Welfare, And Education
– Chapter 40 Special Purpose Services And Public Utilities
– Chapter 41 Legislative Definition, Expansion And Contraction Of Tort Liability
– Chapter 42 Shared Liability, Settlement, Procedure And Injunctive Remedies For Tort Liability
– Chapters 43 Through 45 Reserved

VII Education
– Chapter 46 Establishment And Operation Of Schools
– Chapter 47 School Personnel
– Chapter 48 School Students
– Chapter 49 School Property And Transportation
– Chapter 50 School Finances
– Chapter 51 School Contracts, Torts, And Actions
– Chapters 52 through 54 Reserved

VIII Land Use Regulation
– Chapter 55 Local Planning Body And Master Plans
– Chapter 56 Exercise Of Zoning Authority
– Chapter 57 Exclusions And Exceptions From Zoning Requirements
– Chapter 58 Application, Enforcement, And Review Of Zoning Requirements
– Chapter 59 Subdivision And Site Plan Controls
– Chapter 60 Urban Redevelopment
– Chapters 61 through 63 Reserved

IX Local Finances
– Chapter 64 Local Government Taxation
– Chapter 65 Special Assessments
– Chapter 66 Local Government Borrowing
– Chapter 67 Local Government Expenditures
– Chapters 68 Through 70 Reserved

X Judicial Actions And Local Courts
– Chapter 71 General Considerations In Actions Involving Local Governments
– Chapter 72 Remedies Against Local Governments
– Chapter 73 Taxpayer Actions, Interventions And Appeals
– Chapter 74 Responsibility And Liability Of Local Governments Under Federal Constitution, Statutes And Civil Rights Laws
– Chapter 75 Local Courts

XI Officers And Employees
– Chapter 76 Local Government Offices, Officers, And Employees
– Chapter 77 Liability And Local Officers & Employees
– Chapter 78 Compensation, Pensions, Retirement And Death Benefit Programs
– Chapter 79 Changes In Local Government Positions And Personnel
– Chapters 80 Through 81 Reserved

XII Local Authorities, Districts And Other Public Corporations
– Chapter 82 Local Authorities, Districts And Public Corporations
– Chapter 83 Environmental Entities
– Chapter 84 Local Utilities
– Chapter 85 [Reserved]

XIII Local Elections And Referendums
– Chapter 86 Local Government Elections
– Chapter 87 Initiative And Referendum
– Chapters 88 Through 89 Reserved

XIV Local Services And Assistance
– Chapter 90 Public Assistance
– Chapter 91 Public Housing
– Chapters 92 Through 93 Reserved