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Anderson's Ohio School Law Guide

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522148586
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Anderson's Ohio School Law Guide is a comprehensive, practical work that gives definitive answers to questions relating to public schools. School board members, administrators, teachers of school law, and attorneys engaged in the practice of school law will find this work indispensable.

Author Kimball H. Carey covers:

  • school districts
  • administration
  • school finance and management
  • buildings and property
  • teachers, pupils, and pupil services
  • liability of school districts and officers
  • federal issues.
  • Forms are available for procedures involving:

  • school districts
  • administrative personnel
  • state, county and regional entities
  • school buildings and property
  • fiscal matters
  • employees and pupils
  • Authors / Contributors

    Table of Contents

    Volume One

    Chapter 1: An Overview

    Chapter 2: School District Organization
    A. Types of School Districts
    B. School Territory
    C. Community Schools

    Chapter 3: Management and Control of School Districts
    A. The Nature and Operation of boards of Education
    B. Collective Bargaining
    C. Executive Officers and Employees
    D. Special Programs

    Chapter 4: The Role of the State, County, and Regional Entities
    A. State Regulation and Control
    B. Educational Service Centers
    C. Regional Councils of Governments
    D. County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
    E. Educational Regional Service System

    Chapter 5: School Finance
    A. The School District Budget
    B. School District Funds
    C. Sources of Revenue
    D. Reductions in Voted Tax Levies
    E. Borrowing
    F. State Funding Of Public Education
    G. State Loans
    H. Fiscal Caution/Fiscal Watch/Fiscal Emergency
    I. Deposits and Investments

    Chapter 6: School Buildings and Property
    A. Acquiring and Disposing of Property
    B. Construction, Renovation, and Repair of School Buildings
    C. Public Use of School Property

    Chapter 7: Teachers
    A. Qualification and Employment
    B. Compensation and Fringe Benefits
    C. Suspension, Termination, and Nonrenewal of Teaching Contracts

    Chapter 8: Nonteaching School Employees
    A. Qualification and Employment
    B. Compensation and Fringe Benefits
    C. Termination, Nonrenewal, and Suspension of Nonteaching Employees

    Chapter 9: Pupils
    A. Free Schooling
    B. Special Education
    C. Attendance
    D. Transportation
    E. Instructional Programs
    F. Health and Welfare of Pupils
    G. Pupil Regulation and Discipline

    Chapter 10: Liability of School Districts, Officers, and Employees

    Volume Two
    Ohio Revised Code, Title 33 Education

    Volume Three
    Ohio Revised Code, Misc.
    Constitution of the State of Ohio
    Constitution of the United States of America
    Selected Federal Statutes

    Volume Four
    Selected Ohio and Federal Rules and Regulations
    Part 1 General Forms
    Part 2 School Districts
    Part 3 Administrative Personnel and Procedures
    Part 4 State, County, and Regional Entities [Reserved]
    Part 5 Fiscal Procedures
    Part 6 School Buildings and Property
    Part 7 Teachers
    Part 8 Nonteaching Employees
    Part 9 Pupils