Anderson's Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual

Anderson's Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual provides information relating to every aspect of the residential real estate transaction in Ohio. In addition to guidance from an experienced practitioner, it also provides attorney-drafted forms and official forms. Strategic Points highlight key issues that may arise.

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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663370464
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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663370471
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Anderson's Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual discusses all the steps in a residential real estate transaction and alerts the user to issues that may interrupt the smooth flow of a purchase or sale. Covering topics such as brokers, contracts of sale, financing, title and title insurance, land registration, actions to quiet title, foreclosure, deeds, closings, condominiums, taxes, and liens and replete with frequently used forms – both official and attorney drafted – it collects in one place a wealth of guidance at every step of the process. Checklists and strategic points help ensure that no detail is overlooked.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663340016.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Brokers
 1.01 Overview of brokers
 1.02 Checklist for drafting or negotiating purposes
 1.03 Compensation for brokers
 1.04 The deal falls through
 1.05 Other limits on rights to commission
 1.06 Conflicts of interest: the Ohio statute Forms

Chapter 2 Contract of Sale
 2.01 Overview of contract of sale
 2.02 Checklist for contract of sale
 2.03 Conflicts of interest
 2.04 Formalities
 2.05 “Earnest money”
 2.06 Equitable conversion; risk of loss
 2.07 Quality of title
 2.08 Conditions
 2.09 Merger of contract into deed
 2.10 Condition of premises; disclosures and warranties
 2.11 Fixtures; included personal property
 2.12 Time of Possession
 2.13 Time of performance
 2.14 Remedies; specific performance
 2.15 Land installment contracts
 2.16 Electronic Transmission of Contracts
 2.17 Auctions
 2.18 Short Sale
 2.19 Lease with Option to Purchase Forms

Chapter 3 Financing
 3.01 Overview of financing
 3.02 Checklist for financing
 3.03 Financing basics
 3.04 Original financing
 3.05 Documentation
 3.06 The secondary market
 3.07 Assuming or taking subject to
 3.08 Prepayment penalties
 3.09 Escrows for taxes and insurance
 3.10 Rescission in Refinancing Loans
 3.11 Land installment contracts
 3.12 Usury
 3.13 Predatory Loans
 3.14 Federal Financing Assistance
 3.15 Ohio Financing Assistance
 3.16 Home Equity Loans
 3.17 Lease with Option to Purchase Forms
 3.18 Mortgage Flipping
 3.19 Oral Modification of Mortgage

Chapter 4 Titles
 4.01 Overview of titles
 4.02 Checklist for titles
 4.03 Common Law
 4.04 Ohio recording statutes—Deeds
 4.05 Ohio Recording Statutes—Mortgages
 4.06 Indexing of deeds and mortgages
 4.07 Other records—Plats and Liens
 4.08 Bar title standards
 4.09 Curing title defects
 4.10 “Chain of title”
 4.11 Adverse possession
 4.12 Land use restrictions
 4.13 Easements
 4.14 UCC fixtures
 4.15 Assessments and other liens
 4.16 Water Rights
 4.17 Gas and oil liens
 4.18 Fence Lines
 4.19 Low Cost Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program Lien
 4.20 Manufactured Home/Mobile Home/Trailer

Chapter 5 Marketable Title Act
 5.01 Overview of marketable title act
 5.02 Checklist for marketable title act
 5.03 Operation of the act
 5.04 Preserving pre-root interests
 5.05 Exceptions
 5.06 Possession, adverse and otherwise
 5.07 “Wild deeds”
 5.08 “Void deeds”

Chapter 6 Land Registration and Actions to Quiet Title
 6.01 Overview of land registration and actions to quiet title
 6.02 Land registration
 6.03 Actions to quiet title

Chapter 7 Litigation
 7.01 Overview of litigation
 7.02 Checklist for litigation
 7.03 Lis pendens
 7.04 Judicial proceedings
 7.05 Personal jurisdiction
 7.06 Probate
 7.07 Foreclosure and related procedures
 7.08 Domestic relations
 7.09 Bankruptcy
 7.10 Reformation and Recission
 7.11 Military
 7.12 Special Rights of Redemption
 7.13 Fraudulent Conveyances
 7.14 Constructive Trust
 7.15 Partition
 7.16 Slander of Title Forms
 7.17 Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act
 7.18 Arbitration
 7.19 Public Nuisances-Abandoned Property

Chapter 8 Title Insurance, Survey and Appraisal
 8.01 Overview of insurance, survey and appraisal
 8.02 Checklist for insurance, survey and appraisal
 8.03 Is any title coverage necessary?
 8.04 Attorney opinion versus title insurance
 8.05 The title company
 8.06 Survey
 8.07 Ohio Predatory Lending Law
 8.08 Liability of Title Company
 8.09 Appraisal Forms

Chapter 9 Deeds
 9.01 Overview of deeds
 9.02 Checklist for deeds
 9.03 Descriptions
 9.04 Title warranties
 9.05 Special grantors
 9.06 Delivery; Acceptance; Recording
 9.07 Formalities
 9.08 Interest conveyed
 9.09 “Void” or “Voidable”
 9.10 Transfer on death deed/Affidavit
 9.11 Legacy Trusts
 9.12 Domestic Relations Forms

Chapter 10 Closings
 10.01 Overview of closings
 10.02 Checklist for closings
 10.03 Truth In Lending (Regulation Z)
 10.04 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
 10.05 New Rules and Forms from CFPB
 10.06 Escrow closings
 10.07 Internal Revenue Service requirements
 10.08 Other Laws
 10.09 Power of attorney
 10.10 Rental Property
 10.11 Prior Loan Pay-Off and Mortgage Release
 10.12 Transfer and recording fees
 10.13 Private Transfer Fees
 10.14 Lender’s Charges
 10.15 ERecording
 10.16 Good Funds

Chapter 11 Housing Discrimination
 11.01 Overview of housing discrimination
 11.02 Coverage
 11.03 Discrimination in financing
 11.04 Burial lots
 11.05 Same Sex Discrimination—The Obergefell Case
 11.06 Ohio Penalties

Chapter 12 Condominiums; Planned Community Owner’s Associations
 12.01 Overview of condominiums; planned community owners’ associations
 12.02 The condominium concept
 12.03 Condition of the premises
 12.04 Other problems for purchaser
 12.05 Insurance
 12.06 Conversion of rental property
 12.07 Cost of ownership
 12.08 Liens
 12.09 Problems with condominium ownership
 12.10 Cooperatives
 12.11 Planned Community
 12.12 Air rights
 12.13 Landominiums Forms

Chapter 13 Taxes
 13.01 Overview of taxes
 13.02 Deductions
 13.03 Gain or loss on sale
 13.04 Installment sales
 13.05 “Vacation” homes
 13.06 State and local property taxes
 13.07 Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 Forms

Chapter 14 Construction Contracts/Mechanics’ Liens
 14.01 Overview of construction contracts/mechanics’ liens
 14.02 Checklist of construction contracts/mechanics’ liens
 14.03 Location of home
 14.04 Building plans and specifications
 14.05 Availability of utilities
 14.06 Variance
 14.07 Payment of the builder
 14.08 Closing
 14.09 Owner’s claims against contractor
 14.10 Owner’s claims against governmental agency
 14.11 Failure to Build
 14.12 Damages
 14.13 Disputes between general contractor and subcontractors Forms