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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522158851
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522158868
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2018 Edition
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Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio is a complete step-by-step guide to handling an appeal and provides information on how to correctly file, prosecute, and defend appeals. It is divided into two parts: appellate practice and administrative appeals. This practice manual also includes:

•  Chapter sections and sub-sections, to assist in finding the information you need more quickly and effortlessly.
•  'Practice highlight' charts outlining practice tips for appeals to the Ohio Courts of Appeals
•  Table of appealable or nonappealable orders
•  Table of appeal requirements
•  Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure and Local Rules of the Court of Appeals

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part One: Appellate Practice

Chapter 1: Nature and Function of Appellate Courts in Ohio

Chapter 2: Preserving Issues for Appeal in the Trial Court and the Court of Appeals

Chapter 3: Appealability

Chapter 4: Relief Pending Appeal

Chapter 5: Initiating and Perfecting the Appeal; The Appellate Record

Chapter 6: The Appellate Argument: Written and Oral

Chapter 7: Criminal Appeals

Chapter 8: Appeals in the Ohio Supreme Court

Chapter 9: The Extraordinary Writs: Original Jurisdiction

Chapter 10: Motion Practice

Part Two: Administrative Appeals

Chapter 11: Source of Authority

Chapter 12: Concept of Appeal

Chapter 13: Judicial Review of Administrative Actions

Chapter 14: Procedure under the Administrative Procedure Act

Chapter 15: Procedure under Chapter 2506

Chapter 16: Procedure in Workers’ Compensation Appeals

Chapter 17: Appeals from the Board of Tax Appeals