American Law of Mining

This in-depth treatment of all aspects of mining law, including federal lands and mineral leases, mining claims, ancillary use and water rights, and more.

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2nd Edition
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In-depth treatment of all aspects of mining law, including:

•  Federal lands and mineral leases
•  Mining claims
•  State and Indian mineral interests, including Alaskan mineral interests
•  Creation and transfer of mineral interests and title examination
•  Access, ancillary use and water rights
•  Organization of mining operations
•  Private leases and acquisitions
•  Joint exploration and development
•  Income and production taxation
•  Environmental regulation
•  Administrative practice
•  Mining and milling operations
•  Canadian mining law

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Table of contents


TITLE I Overview of a Mining Project

Chapter 1 Basic Mining Technology

Chapter 2 Legal and Other Planning Considerations

TITLE II Federal Lands and Minerals

Chapter 3 Scope of Title; Definitions; Administration of Public Lands and Minerals

Chapter 4 Historical Background of Federal Lands and Minerals

Chapter 5 Location and Extent of Public Domain

Chapter 6 Locatable Public Domain

Chapter 7 Public Domain Lands Available for Leasing

Chapter 8 Locatable, Leasable, and Salable Minerals

Chapter 9 Federal Reserved Minerals

Chapter 10 Acquired Lands

Chapter 11 Exchange Lands

Chapter 12 Agricultural and Other Nonmineral Entries

Chapter 13 Land Grants

Chapter 14 Reservations and Withdrawals

Chapter 15 Wilderness

Chapter 16 [Reserved]

Chapter 17 Areas Subject to Special Mineral Laws

Chapter 18-19 [Reserved]

TITLE III Federal Mineral Leases

Chapter 20 Non-Coal Federal Mineral Leasing

Chapter 21 Disposal of Mineral Materials Chapter 22 Federal Coal Acquisition Before the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920

Chapter 23 Mineral Leasing Act of 1920

Chapter 24 Additional Statutes Related to Federal Coal Acquisition

Chapter 25 Federal Coal Leasing Moratoria of the 1970's

Chapter 26 Leasing (Acquisition) of Federal Coal

Chapter 27 Management of Federal Coal Leases

Chapter 28-29 [Reserved]

TITLE IV Mining Claims

Chapter 30 Introduction to Federal Mining Law

Chapter 31 Locators

Chapter 32 Types and Characteristics of Locations


Chapter 33 Location Procedures

Chapter 34 Prediscovery Rights Under the Doctrine of Pedis Possessio

Chapter 35 Discovery

Chapter 36 Ownership Interests in Valid Unpatented Mining Claims

Chapter 37 Extralateral Rights

Chapter 38 Relocation and Amendment of Unpatented Mining Claims

Chapter 39-43 [Reserved]

Chapter 44 Annual Rental or Maintenance Fees Required to Hold Unpatented Mining Claims

Chapter 45 Assessment Work Requirement

Chapter 46 Abandonment, Laches, Estoppel, and Forfeiture

Chapter 47-49 [Reserved]

Chapter 50 Contests Against Unpatented Mining Claims

Chapter 51 Mineral Patent Proceedings

Chapter 52 Adverse Proceedings

Chapter 53 Protests

Chapter 54 Mineral Patents

Chapter 55-59 [Reserved]


TITLE V State and Indian Mineral Interests

Chapter 60 State Lands

Chapter 61 State Mineral Lands

Chapter 62 Mineral Management Agencies

Chapter 63 Mineral Management Systems

Chapter 64 Surface and Mineral Management: Conflicting Uses of State Resources

Chapter 65-66 [Reserved]

Chapter 67 Indian Mineral Interests

Chapter 68-69 [Reserved]

TITLE VI Alaska Lands and Mineral Interests

Chapter 70 Introduction

Chapter 71 Lands in Alaska

Chapter 72 Acquisition of Mineral Rights in Alaska

Chapter 73 Access and Land Exchanges

Chapter 74-79 [Reserved]

TITLE VII Conveyance and Other Transfers of Mineral Interests

Chapter 80 Option Arrangements

Chapter 81 Sale Contracts

Chapter 82 Deeds and Assignments of Mineral Interests

Chapter 83 Transfer of Limited Mineral Interests

Chapter 84 The Meaning of "Minerals" in Conveyances

Chapter 85 Solid Mineral Royalties

Chapter 86 Involuntary Transfer of Mineral Interests

Chapter 87 Issues Related to Conveyance of Mineral Interests

Chapter 88-89 [Reserved]

TITLE VIII Mineral Title Examination

Chapter 90-99 [Reserved]



Chapter 100 Access Across Private Lands

Chapter 101 Access Across Federal Lands

Chapter 102 Access Over State and Indian Lands

Chapter 103-109 [Reserved]

TITLE X Ancillary Use Rights and Water Rights

Chapter 110 Ancillary Use Rights on Mining Claims and Federal Mineral Leases

Chapter 111 Acquisition of Independent Ancillary Use Rights on Federal Lands

Chapter 112 Acquisition of Ancillary Use Rights on Private Lands

Chapter 113 Acquisition of Water Rights

Chapter 114-119 [Reserved]

TITLE XI Organizational Considerations

Chapter 120 Exploration and Development Planning Considerations

Chapter 121 Comparative Analysis of Organizational Structures

Chapter 122-129 [Reserved]

TITLE XII Private Leases and Other Mineral Acquisition Arrangements

Chapter 130 Available Acquisition Alternatives

Chapter 131 Private Mineral Leases

Chapter 132 Private Coal Leases

Chapter 133 Private Geothermal Leases

Chapter 134-139 [Reserved]

TITLE XIII Joint Exploration and Operating Agreements

Chapter 140 General Negotiating and Drafting Considerations

Chapter 141 Standard Operating Agreement Provisions

Chapter 142 Joint Exploration Agreements and Special Operations

Chapter 143-149 [Reserved]


TITLE XIV Income Taxation

Chapter 150-164 [Reserved]

TITLE XV Environmental Regulation of the Mining Industry

Chapter 165 Introduction and Overview of Title

Chapter 166 The Permitting Process

Chapter 167 National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA)

Chapter 168 Air Quality Control

Chapter 169 Water Quality

Chapter 170 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Chapter 171 The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund)

Chapter 172 Surface Management and Reclamation: Coal Mining

Chapter 173 Surface Management and Reclamation: Hardrock and Other Non-Coal Mining

Chapter 174 Local Land Use Controls

Chapter 175 Wildlife and Vegetation Protection

Chapter 176 Cultural Resources Protection

Chapter 177 Uranium Mining and Milling

Chapter 178 Toxic Substances Control Act

Chapter 179 Toxic Torts

Chapter 180-184 [Reserved]

TITLE XVI Administrative Practice

Chapter 185 Overview of Administrative Agencies

Chapter 186 Selected Administrative Procedures and Practice Topics

Chapter 187-189 [Reserved]

TITLE XVII State and Local Property and Production Taxation of Minerals

Chapter 190 Introduction and Historical Overview

Chapter 191 Property Taxation of Mineral Resources

Chapter 192 Production Taxation of Mineral Resources

Chapter 193 State Law Issues Raised by Property and Production Taxes

Chapter 194 Federal Constitutional and Statutory Restraints on State and Local Taxation of Minerals

Chapter 195-199 [Reserved]


TITLE XVIII Mining and Milling Operations

Chapter 200 Conflicts in Mineral Exploration, Development, and Operations

Chapter 201 Mining Safety and Health

Chapter 202 [Reserved]

Chapter 203 Liabilities Incident to Mining and Milling Operations

Chapter 204 Liens

Chapter 205 Closing a Mine

Chapter 206-209 [Reserved]

TITLE XIX Canadian Mining Law

Chapter 210 Introduction and Scope of Title

Chapter 211 Foreign Ownership Restrictions and Policies

Chapter 212 Mineral Land Interests

Chapter 213 Crown Lands

Chapter 214 Aboriginal Issues

Chapter 215 Financing and Other Exploration, Development, and Production Considerations

Chapter 216 Environmental and Permitting Considerations

Chapter 217 Taxation