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Adoption Law and Practice

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ISBN: 9780820513751
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Adoption Law and Practice, by the most respected title in adoption law, places local issues in broader context, provides information about interstate, state-federal, and international aspects of adoption, and is the acknowledged authority for dealing with the increased "constitutionalizing" of adoption law and practice. Turn to this nationally recognized work for insightful analysis of contemporary adoption issues, including:

• Who may adopt and be adopted
• Consent and relinquishment by birth parents
• Placement: religious, racial, ethnic factors; single and gay or lesbian adoptive parents
• Independent, stepparent, and agency adoptions - by consent or contested
• Interstate Jurisdictional Rules and Conflicts of Law
• Adopting children with special needs
• Federal Laws: ASFA, MEPA, CAPTA
• Adopting children from other countries
• Adopting Native American children
• Impact of new reproductive technology - including surrogate parenting
• Economic, legal, and psychological consequences of adoption

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Ch. 1 Introduction to Adoption Law and Practice
App. 1-A State Statutory Provisions Relating to Adoption
Ch. 2 Consent to Adoption
Ch. 3 Placing Children for Adoption
App. 3-A Interstate Adoptions: The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
App. 3-B Federal Legislation Re: Interethnic and Transracial Adoption
Ch. 4 Adoption Procedure
App. 4-A Uniform Adoption Act

Volume 2
Ch. 5 Independent Adoptions in California; Dual Representation Allowed
Ch. 6 Private Placement Adoptions in New York
Ch. 7 Attorney's Role in Private Agency Adoption
Ch. 8 Contested Adoptions: Strategy of the Case
Ch. 9 Adoption Assistance for Children with Special Needs
App.9-A State and Federal Materials Relating to Adoption of Children with Special Needs
Ch. 10 International Adoption: Overview
Ch. 11 Intercountry Adoption: Legal Requirements and Practical Considerations
App. 11-A International Adoption: Forms and Directories

Volume 3
Ch. 12 The Aftermath of Adoption: The Economic ConsequencesSupport, Inheritances and Taxes
App. 12-A State Table of Intestate Inheritance Rights
App. 12-B State Table of Intestate Inheritance Rights
Ch. 13 Aftermath of Adoption: Legal and Social Consequences
App. 13-A State Procedures for Obtaining Identifying Information From Sealed Adoption Records
App. 13-B Agreements and Court Orders for Post Adoption Contact between Adoptive Families and Birth Parents or Other Birth Relatives
Ch. 14 Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Collaborative Reproduction, and Adoption
Ch. 15 Adoption of Native American Children
App. 15-A Bureau of Indian Affairs: Guidelines For State Courts; Indian Child Custody Proceedings
Ch. 16 Liability of Adoption Agencies and Attorneys for Misconduct in the Disclosure of Health Related Information
Ch. 17 Federal Impact on Adoptions
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes