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An outstanding guide that offers thorough coverage of all aspectsof government contract accounting with particular emphasis onthe Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Written by a distinguished group of accountants and attorneys, the volume covers:

•  The applicability of the FAR and the relationship between theFAR and Cost Accounting Standards

•  FAR cost principles, along with dozens of examples, flowcharts, tables, and illustrations

•  Terminations, changes and delays, and government contract taxation and financial reporting

First published in 1985.

1 Volume; Looseleaf; updated annually.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Government Procurement Contracts

Chapter 2: Contract Administration and Appeals

Chapter 3: Applicability of Cost Principles and Procedures

Chapter 4: Overview of FAR Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

Chapter 5: Allowability

Chapter 6: Reasonableness

Chapter 7: Allocability

Chapter 8: Indirect Costs

Chapter 9: Material and Associated Costs

Chapter 10: Labor Costs

Chapter 11: Employee Compensation and Related Costs

Chapter 12: Facilities and Related Costs

Chapter 13: Selling and Marketing Costs

Chapter 14: Research and Development Costs and Bid and Proposal Costs

Chapter 15: Contingent and Related Costs

Chapter 16: Miscellaneous Contract Costs

Chapter 17: Changes and Delays

Chapter 18: Terminations

Chapter 19: Financial Reporting Requirements

Chapter 20: Tax Considerations for Government Contractors

Chapter 21: Facilities Contracts