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Unparalleled coverage of the trial of toxic torts cases with complete guidance on obtaining compensation for individuals injured by toxic substances and defending such actions. The liability of the government, manufacturers, vendors, and employers for personal injuries or wrongful death resulting from the improper testing, manufacture, sale, distribution or unsafe use of undertested drugs, toxic substances, and hazardous waste.

Part I covers major aspects of a toxic tort case: role of plaintiffs' and defendants' expert witnesses, insurance coverage, impeaching scientific studies, proof of causation, central nervous system damage, and closing arguments.

Part II offers guidance in the handling of cases relating to specific toxins, such as asbestos, lead, mold, benzene, and pesticides.

Includes sample forms, practical advice, table of cases, appendix of statutes, and illustrative awards.

First published in 1987.

5 looseleaf volumes; updated with revisions twice a year.

Also available on our Environmental Law Library CD-ROM.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1 Toxic Tort Litigation--An Overview

Chapter 2 Case Evaluation and Intake

Chapter 3 Theories of Liability

Chapter 4 Recovering Damages in Toxic Tort Actions

Chapter 5 Insurance Coverage in a Toxic Tort Case

Chapter 6 Expert Witnesses

Chapter 7 Discovery Techniques

Chapter 8 Impeaching Scientific Studies

Volume 2

Chapter 9 Defenses and Offset

Chapter 10 Proof of Causation

Chapter 11 Reserved

Chapter 12 Closing Arguments

Chapter 13 Effective Case Management

Chapters 14 through 16 Reserved

Chapter 17 Hazardous Waste Legislation

Chapter 18 Reserved

Volume 3

Chapter 19 Reserved

Chapter 20 How to Handle a Mold Case

Chapter 21 How to Handle an Asbestos Case

Chapter 22 How to Handle a Chlordane/Heptachlor

Case Chapter 23 How To Handle a Pesticide Case

Chapter 24 How to Handle a DES Case

Chapter 25 How to Handle a Formaldehyde Case

Chapter 26 How to Handle a Drain Cleaner Case

Chapter 27 How to Handle a Leaking Underground Storage Tank Case

Volume 4

Chapter 28 How to Handle a CCA Lumber Case

Chapter 29 How to Handle a DPT Immunization Case

Chapter 30 How to Handle a Lead Poisoning Case

Chapter 31 How to Handle A Toxic Cloud Case

Chapter 32 How to Handle a Dioxin Case

Chapter 33 How to Handle a PCB Case

Volume 5

Chapter 34 How to Handle a Benzene Case

Chapter 35 How to Handle an Indoor Air Pollution Case

Chapter 36 How to Handle an Ionizing Radiation Case

Appendix A Information Sources in Toxic Torts Cases

Appendix B Pertinent Federal Statutes and Regulations

Appendix C Pertinent State Statutes and Regulations

Appendix D Illustrative Awards and Settlements