Many professionals today rely on LexisNexis® eBooks. They provide convenient, portable access to authoritative content—deskbooks, practice guides, treatises and more.  With LexisNexis eBooks, your legal library is portable and accessible 24/7!

When you purchase an eBook on the LexisNexis Store or from your sales representative, you can begin reading your eBook instantly after ordering from the Download Center and clicking “Read Now.”  All you need is any modern web browser and your preferred device.

Be sure to check out these browser reading tools available on the Read Now navigation bar.

  • Table of contents—is dynamic and links directly to a specific section/chapter.
  • Find—locates specific terms within the title to pinpoint a specific section.
  • Highlight and annotations—offers many color options and is used to add or review personal notes/highlights for easy future reference.
  • Settings—provides font options, lighting modes, reflowable text capabilities and other features to meet your reading needs.

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