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Florida Real Property Complex Transactions

A practical guide to Florida real estate transactions, this book explains steps to take in commercial developments, subdivisions, and mobile home parks.

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Print Book:1 Volume, Hardbound, 1234 pages
10th Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781663311757
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10th Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781663311764
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10th Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781663311764
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From sales and leases of commercial property to subdivision development to mobile home park conversions, Florida Real Property Complex Transactions provides practical, step-by-step guidance for negotiating and drafting the necessary documents to complete these multifaceted transactions. A discussion of federal and state laws governing these complex transactions includes the impact of sales taxes, intangible taxes, and documentary stamp taxes. The manual contains countless sample provisions and forms, along with checklists and practice pointers to ensure that all significant issues have been considered in these complex transactions. The 2020 edition of this manual is an invaluable asset for all real estate transaction lawyers.

Highlights of the Tenth Edition include:

  • Substantially revised Chapter 1 (Drafting and Negotiating Purchase and Sale Contracts), providing updated form language and discussion of drafting and negotiating purchase and sale contracts.
  • Updated discussion of the sustainability of brick-and-mortar shopping centers.
  • New Chapter 3 (Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and Marinas), including new sample Hotel Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Discussion of the 2019 Amendments to the Community Planning Act, expanding the ability of local governments to adopt small-scale comprehensive plan amendments by eliminating the annual restriction on such amendments to those affecting an aggregate of 120 acres of land or less, and prohibiting local governments from adopting comprehensive plans and land development regulations that impair the rights of developers pursuant to orders already in place.
  • Discussion of new requirement that an instrument being signed in the presence of two subscribing witnesses may be satisfied by witnesses being present and electronically signing by means of audio-video communication technology.
  • New Option to Extend provision for a lease.
  • Substantially revised Ground Lease, Office Lease, and Retail Lease.
  • New Chapter 12 (Environmental Issues)
  • Issuance of the Treasury Department's and IRS's Notice 2020-23, providing real estate investors with some relief from the threat that the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has presented for real estate investors seeking to complete 1031 exchange transactions within the deadlines provide in IRC § 1031(a)(3).

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The 9th Edition ISBN was 9781522159452

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1 Drafting And Negotiating Purchase And Sale Contracts For Commercial 
 Real Estate Transactions

Llyod Granet and Robert Lee Shapiro

Chapter 2 Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, And Mixed-Use Properties
Michael D. Katz and Erica L. English

Chapter 3 Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, And Marinas
Manuel A. Fernandez

Chapter 4 Subdivisions
Jana L. Armstrong

Chapter 5 Financing Of Commercial Real Estate
Jana L. Armstrong

Chapter 6 Acreage And Timberlands
6-A Acreage
Guy W. Norris
6-B Timberlands
Guy W. Norris

Chapter 7 Oil, Gas, And Minerals
John N. Redding

Chapter 8 Waterfront Property
Amelia A. Savage

Chapter 9 Mixed-Use Communities And Mixed-Use Buildings
Richard C. Grant and Cheryl L. Hastings

Chapter 10 Leases
Arthur J. Menor

Chapter 11 Mobile Home Parks
Richard S. Webb IV, Scott E. Gordon, and David D.Eastman

Chapter 12 Environmental Issues In Real Estate Transactions
Jeffrey A. Collier, Jacob T. Cremer, and F. Joseph Ullo, Jr.

Chapter 13 Florida Documentary Stamp Taxes
Burt Bruton

Chapter 14 Florida Intangible Tax
Russell B. Hale

Chapter 15 Overview Of Like-Kind Exchanges And Tenancy In Common Transactions
Manuel A. Fernandez and James Barrett