The Law of Contract Sixth edition (Part of Butterworths Common Law Series)

The Law of Contract Sixth edition provides a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of all aspects of the law of contract.

Publication Date: November 2019

Publisher: LNUK

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he Law of Contract provides a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of all aspects of the law of contract. It is both accessible and detailed, designed specifically to meet the needs of practitioners in the field. The latest key decisions are covered and accompanied by incisive analysis, including Patel v Mirza which deals with the interaction of contract and unjust enrichment in relation to illegal contracts. This title also contains significant statutory and common law changes since the last edition: The new Consumer Rights Act 2015, with an easy-to-follow flowchart on applying the Act to "unfair terms" Major rewrites in key chapters in relation to liquidated damages, entire agreement clauses, non-reliance clauses, construction of contracts, implied terms and "subject to contract" stipulations Important Supreme Court cases including Arnold v Britton and Others, Marks & Spencer Plc v BNP Paribas, Wood v Capita Insurance Services Ltd and Impact Funding Solutions Ltd v Barrington Support Services Changes to the law in respect of non-consumer contracts arising from the Insurance Act 2015 Developments in relation to the intention to create legal relations and on notices making time of the essence

Part One: Introduction, Background and General Principles

1. Child Protection in England and Wales

2. The Origins of the Present System

3. Fundamentals of the Children Act 1989

4. Other Orders

5. Jurisdiction

6. Human Rights Considerations

Part Two: Child Protection Measures Short of Care Proceedings

7. Local Authority Investigation, Support and Intervention

8. The Pre-Proceedings Process

9. The Decision to Commence Proceedings

Part Three: Emergency Intervention

10. Police Protection Orders

11. Emergency Protection Orders

Part Four: Care Proceedings: From Issue to Final Hearing

12. The Procedural Stages of an Application for a Care Order: An Overview

13. The Process of Issuing an Application and the Formal Requirements when doing so

14. Initial Case Management

15. Interim Care Orders: Interim Care Orders Part 1 - Interim Threshold

16. Interim Care Orders Part 2 - Welfare Decisions at the Interim Stage

17. Interim Care Orders Part 3 - Case Management of Interim Care Order Applications

18. Interim Care Orders Part 4 - The Interim Care Order

19. Appealing the Decision on an Interim Care Order Application

Part Five: Care Proceedings: Final Hearings and Final Orders

20. Preparation for the Final Hearing

21. The Final Hearing: Practical Considerations

22. Final Threshold

23. The Welfare Test for making a Final Care Order

24. Final Care Plans

25. The Effect of Making a Final Care Order

26. Appeals against Final Care Orders

Part Six: Alternatives to the making of a Final Care Order

27. Supervision Orders

28. Placement under a Child Arrangements Order

29. Special Guardianship Orders

Part Six: Adoption

30. The Nature of Adoption

31. Adoption: General Considerations

32. Adoption: Parental Consent and Placement Orders

33. Adoption: Appeals


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