Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore Volume 3 Carriers (2021 Reissue)

The commentary for [40] Carriers has been updated by Augustine Liew, Eric Wong, Ong Xinyi and Lance Tay. The volume is divided in three parts, namely Carriage by Air, Carriage of Goods by Road and Carriage of Goods by Sea, which have now been updated to include the provisions and cases relevant in the present legal landscape of Singapore.

Publication Date: November 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Nobody who wishes to understand the principles and practice of legal costs should be without a copy.

This well-established and practical title returns fully updated with legislative changes concerning every aspect of civil costs, providing concise and comprehensive commentary on costs developments as well as straightforward explanations of the remuneration of solicitors and barristers. Using a dual approach, the text both informs and guides you through all aspects of the costs of contentious and non-contentious legal business.

What's new for this year's edition?

The erosion of the 'Arkin cap' in non-party funding
The anticipated amendments to 'variation' and 'retrospection of budgets'
The recent decision in Rawbank that a claimant's Part 36 offering a discount of 0.3% constituted, in the circumstances, a genuine offer to settle
New cases on Damage Based Agreements and funding
Significant changes to the Detailed Assessment Procedure chapter including telephone, video and in person hearings and the use of electronic documents
New commentary on the revised cost management provisions that came into being at the start of October

· Chapter 1: Validity of Marriages · Chapter 2: Disputes over Property · Chapter 3: Family Violence · Chapter 4: Maintenance of Wife and Children During Marriage · Chapter 5: Guardianship and Custody · Chapter 6: Adoption · Chapter 7: Family Proceedings Involving Muslims Heard at The Family Court · Chapter 8: Relevant Provisions in Matrimonial Proceedings · Chapter 9: Matrimonial Proceedings: Practice and Procedure · Chapter 10: Divorce · Chapter 11: Ancillary Matters: Division of Matrimonial Assets · Chapter 12: Ancillary Matters: Maintenance · Chapter 13: Ancillary Matters: Custody, Care and Control of Children · Chapter 14: The Family Relations Chambers · Chapter 15: The Juvenile Court of Singapore

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