Arizona Pharmacy Laws and Regulations

The comprehensive legal reference no Arizona pharmacy, pharmacist, or technician should be without!
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2020 Edition
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A comprehensive guide to all the state laws that affect Arizona pharmacies on a daily basis, Arizona Pharmacy Laws and Regulations is a trusted and indispensable resource for Arizona pharmacy professionals. Compiled by our team of expert editors and staff attorneys at LexisNexis, this convenient and sturdy softbound volume contains all the information you need to remain compliant. This book is updated annually to ensure that your pharmacy is in compliance with legal requirements at all times. You’ll find coverage of all relevant sections from The Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Code of Regulations.

Whether you are a student studying for a pharmacy license, a pharmacy technician purchasing a single copy or the manager of a chain of pharmacies purchasing in bulk, Arizona Pharmacy Laws and Regulations is the resource you need at a price you can afford.

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Table of contents

Sections Affected by Legislation

Arizona Revised Statutes

Title 32

Professions and Occupations

Chapter 18. Pharmacy

Article 1. Board of Pharmacy, §§ 32-1901 to 32-1910

Article 2. Licensure and Permits, §§ 32-1921 to 32-1941

Article 3. Regulation, §§ 32-1961 to 32-1979.03

Article 3.1. Regulation of Full Service Wholesale Permittees, §§ 32-1981 to 32-1985

Article 4. Enforcement of
Chapter; Penalties, §§ 32-1991 to 32-1997

Title 13

Criminal Code

Chapter 34. Drug Offenses, §§ 13-3401 to 13-3412.01

Chapter 37. Miscellaneous Offenses, § 13-3713

Title 20


Chapter 25. Pharmacy Benefits

Article 1. Auditing, §§ 20-3321 to 20-3324

Title 36

Public Health and Safety

Chapter 21.1. Emergency Medical Services

Article 1. General Provisions, § 36-2229

Chapter 27. Uniform Controlled Substances Act

Article 3. Regulation of Manufacture, Distribution and Dispensing of Controlled Substances, §§ 36-
2521 to 36-2525

Article 4. Offenses and Penalties, § 36-2531

Article 5. Enforcement and Administration, § 36-2541

Chapter 28. Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program

Article 1. General Provisions, §§ 36-2601 to 36-2611

Chapter 28.1. Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, §§ 36-2801, 36-2804

Chapter 29. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Administration

Article 1. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, § 36-2905.07

Title 41

State Government

Chapter 27. Legislative Review of Agencies

Article 2. Termination of Agencies, § 41-3022.16

Title 44

Trade and Commerce

Chapter 11. Regulations Concerning Particular Businesses

Article 10.1. Pharmacy Benefit Managers, §§ 44-1751, 44-1752

Arizona Administrative Code

Title 4

Professions and Occupations

Chapter 23. Board of Pharmacy

Article 1. Administration, R4-23-101 to R4-23-129

Article 2. Pharmacist Licensure, R4-23-201 to R4-23-205

Article 3. Intern Training and Pharmacy Intern Preceptors, R4-23-301 to R4-23-305

Article 4. Professional Practices, R4-23-401 to R4-23-429

Article 5. Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program, R4-23-501 to R4-23-506

Article 6. Permits and Distribution of Drugs, R4-23-601 to R4-23-693

Article 7. Non-Pharmacy Licensed Outlets — General Provisions, R4-23-701 to R4-23-709

Article 8. Drug Classification, R4-23-801 to R4-23-804

Article 9. Penalties and Miscellaneous, R4-23-901

Article 10. Uniform Controlled Substances and Drug Offenses, R4-23-1001 to R4-23-1006

Article 11. Pharmacy Technicians, R4-23-1101 to R4-23-1106

Article 12. Prescription Medication Donation Program, R4-23-1201 to R4-23-1211