Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Volume 5: Land Use Planning

The focus in this volume is on the regulatory processes at the programmatic level—as well as considerations that apply to communities and regulatory agencies wrestling with what the rules ought to be.

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Volume 5 deals with the process of land use regulation—the development and administration of those rules that guide and control the decisions on where and how development may occur, what considerations are material, and by what processes those decisions should be made. For the most part Volume 5 looks at regulatory processes—such as those set out under the Growth Management Act (GMA), Shoreline Management Act (SMA), and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) at the programmatic level—as well as the considerations that apply to communities and regulatory agencies wrestling with what the rules ought to be.

Because jurisdictions are now facing 20- and 40-year updates in GMA regulations and shoreline master programs, respectively, and because climate change, Puget Sound recovery, and salmon recovery are now driving much of the environmental agenda, the challenges of the next 20 years will likely be equal to or greater than those dealt with in the past 20 years. Volume 5 attempts to outline how future growth problems may be addressed as well as regulation under current law.

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Table of contents

 Index to Forms and Appendices 
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the 2016 Supplement
Important Note About Local Hearings Board Decisions Cited in This Volume
About the Editors

Chapter 1.  Growth Management Act Keith W. Dearborn†   (Virginia R. Nicholson*)
Chapter 2.  Comprehensive Plans   (Darren E. Carnell†)
Chapter 3.  Population Identification and Allocation   (Leonard Bauer*)
Chapter 4.  Resource Lands—Designation and Conservation   (Alexander W. (Sandy)
  Mackie, Heather L. Burgess*)
Chapter 5.  Critical Areas   (John T. Cooke†)
Chapter 6.  Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act   (Jeffrey B. Litwak†, Merissa
  A. Moeller*)
Chapter 7.  Annexations, Incorporation, and Boundary Review Boards   (G. Richard Hill†,
  Brian L. Holtzclaw, Katie Kendall*)
Chapter 8.  Zoning   (Michael J. Sinsky†)
Chapter 9.  Transportation and Land Use   (Susan Elizabeth Drummond†)
Chapter 10.  Affordable Housing   (Jamila A. Johnson*, Keith W. Dearborn*)
Chapter 11.  Historic Preservation   (Clayton P. Graham*, Charles E. Maduell*)
Chapter 12.  Regulation of Adult Entertainment   (Jack R. Burns, Gilbert H. Levy)
Chapter 13.  Growth Management Hearings Board   (Jay Derr†, Tadas Kisielius†, Ray
  Liaw†, Duncan Greene*)
Chapter 14.  State Environmental Policy Act—Programmatic/Planned Actions/SEPA-
  GMA   (Ann M. Gygi, Tom Ehrlichman, Karen D. Breckenridge, Holly D. Golden*, Abigail
  Pearl DeWeese*)
Chapter 15.  Shoreline Planning and Regulation   (Julie Nichols*)
Chapter 16.  Coastal Zone Management and Watershed Planning   (Eric S. Laschever,
  Ash Miller*)
Chapter 17.  Puget Sound Partnership   (David Dicks*)
Chapter 18.  The Public Trust Doctrine in Washington   (Joseph V. Panesko†)
Chapter 19.  Regulatory Taking and Inverse Condemnation   (Richard E. Mitchell*)
Chapter 20.  Federal Public Lands   (Robert A. Maynard†, Kelly F. Moser†, Julie A.

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of References
Subject Index

* of 2016 Supplement / † of 2012 Deskbook and 2016 Supplement