West Virginia Workers' Compensation Laws Annotated

Includes Sections Affected by 2017 Legislation.

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West Virginia Workers' Compensation Laws Annotated contains all of the newly revised statutes and rules pertaining to the Workers' Compensation Commission and Insurance Industry. The statutes are fully updated and extracted directly from Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated and the West Virginia Code of State Rules. Ideal for employers, affected employees, and attorneys, this publication is an affordable and convenient reference on this important subject. Keep this convenient eBook available for quick reference at all times.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 12

Public Moneys and Securities

4. Accounts, Reports and General Provisions, § 12-4-14a

Chapter 22

Environmental Resources

3. Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act, § 22-3-8

Chapter 23

Workers’ Compensation

1. General Administrative Provisions, §§ 23-1-1 to 23-1-20
2. Employers and Employees Subject to Chapter; Extraterritorial Coverage, §§ 23-2-1 to 23-2-18
2A. Subrogation, §§ 23-2A-1, 23-2A-2
2B. Occupational Safety and Health Programs, §§ 23-2B-1 to 23-2B-3
2C. Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, §§ 23-2C-1 to 23-2C-24
2D. Workers’ Compensation Debt Reduction Bonds, §§ 23-2D-1 to 23-2D-10
3. Workers’ Compensation Fund, §§ 23-3-1 to 23-3-6
4. Disability and Death Benefits, §§ 23-4-1 to 23-4-25
4A. Disabled Workers’ Relief Fund, §§ 23-4A-1 to 23-4A-9
4B. Coal-Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Fund, §§ 23-4B-1 to 23-4B-9
4C. Employers’ Excess Liability Fund, §§ 23-4C-1 to 23-4C-6
5. Review, §§ 23-5-1 to 23-5-18
5A. Discriminatory Practices, §§ 23-5A-1 to 23-5A-4
6. Severability; Legislative Intent; Operative Date, §§ 23-6-1 to 23-6-3

Chapter 33


1. Definitions, § 33-1-10
2. Insurance Commissioner, §§ 33-2-10, 33-2-21 to 33-2-22
3. Licensing, Fees and Taxation of Insurers, § 33-3-33b
26. West Virginia Guaranty Association Act, §§ 33-26-3, 33-26-5, 33-26-6, 33-26-8, 33-26-12
46A. Professional Employer Organizations, §§ 33-46A-1 to 33-46A-10

Chapter 61

Crimes and Their Punishment

3. Crimes Against Property, §§ 61-3-24e to 61-3-24h


Title 85

Workers’ Compensation Rules of the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner

Series 1. Claims Management and Administration, 85-1-1 to 85-1-20
Series 8. Workers’ Compensation Policies, Coverage Issues and Related Topics, 85-8-1 to 85-8-11
Series 18. Self Insurance, Self Administration and Third Party Administrators, 85-18-1 to 85-18-18

Title 93

Procedural Rule Workers’ Compensation Office of Judges

Series 1. Litigation of Protests, 93-1-1 to 93-1-21
Series 2. Rules on Time Standards for the Workers’ Compensation Office of Judges, 93-2-1 to 93-2-8

Title 102

Procedural Rule Workers’ Compensation Board of Review

Series 1. Rules of Practice and Procedure, 102-1-1 to 102-1-10