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Virginia Domestic Relations Handbook

Publisher: Michie

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound
2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522141921
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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522141938
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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522141938
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Detailed in scope, Virginia Domestic Relations Handbook poses possible solutions to unresolved areas of law and discusses alternatives to litigation. It includes references to standard Virginia legal treatises and provides a number of helpful forms. The author organizes the text into three sections: creation of family relationships, legal consequences of the ongoing family, and dissolution of family relationships.

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Contracts Between Unmarried Cohabitants

Ch 2 Antenuptial Contracts

Ch 3 Unmarried Parents and Their Children

Ch 4 Marriages

Ch 5 Annulments

Ch 6 Adoption

Ch 7 Interspousal Torts

Ch 8 Interspousal Contracts

Ch 9 Property in the Marital Relationship

Ch 10 Crimes Involving Spouses and Family Members

Ch 11 Testimony by Spouses

Ch 12 Necessaries

Ch 13 Use of Maiden Name and Acquisition of Domicile

Ch 14 Torts Involving Parent and Child

Ch 15 Duties of Parent and Child

Ch 16 Separate Maintenance

Ch 17 Property Settlement or Separation Agreements

Ch 18 Divorce from Bed and Board

Ch 19 Absolute Divorce

Ch 20 Spousal Support and Maintenance

Ch 21 Property Distribution

Ch 22 Child Support

Ch 23 Child Custody

Appendix – Forms