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This easy-to-use format features the nationally-preferred Folio interface. Authoritative and time-saving, Ohio Jury Instructions - LexisNexis Folio is an excellent companion to Anderson's Ohio Law.

Product Includes:

Complete Ohio Jury Instructions
•  Standard, Approved, and New Instructions, with Jury Instructions Committee comments
•  Instructions applicable in any jury trial
•  Civil Instructions on specific topics
•  Criminal Instructions including instructions for specific crimes.

Full Text of Relevant Statutes
•  References to Ohio Revised Code sections are linked to the complete text of the statute

Full Text of Relevant Ohio Case Law
•  References to Ohio case law are linked to the complete text of the cases

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Table of contents

Volume One

Chapter 1: Law of the Instructions
- Civil Rules on Instructions
- Criminal Rules on Instructions
- Instructional Administration of Justice
- Selecting the Jury
- Preliminary Instructions
- Instructions During Trial
- Requests for Final Instructions
- Interrogatories to the Jury
- General Instructions
- Guides for General Instructions
- Instructions During Deliberations
- Verdict and Discharge Instructions
- Arrangement of OJI Civil Instruction

Chapter 2: Instructions During Trial
Chapter 3: Introduction; Burden and Preponderance
Chapter 5: Evidence and Credibility
Chapter 7: Negligence
Chapter 9: Comparative Negligence
Chapter 11: Proximate Cause
Chapter 13: Relationship of the Parties
Chapter 15: Agency and Similar Relations
Chapter 17: Presentation of Issues
Chapter 21: Conclusions
Chapter 23: Damages
Chapter 25: Closing Instructions
Chapter 27: Deliberations

General Index

Volumes Two and Three

Chapter 200: Abuse of Process
Chapter 201: Accord and Satisfaction
Chapter 203: Account
Chapter 217: Animals
Chapter 219: Assault (Civil), Battery, Infliction of Serious Emotional Distress
Chapter 225: Automobiles-Traffic Generally
Chapter 227: Automobiles-other than Traffic Laws
Chapter 229: Bailments
Chapter 239: Brokers (Real Estate)
Chapter 245: Children
Chapter 247: Civil Rights
Chapter 252: Standard Instruction Concealed or Embezzled Assets
Chapter 253: Contracts
Chapter 257: Conversion
Chapter 264: Defamation
Chapter 265: Druggist
Chapter 301: Eminent Domain
Chapter 302: Employment Relations
Chapter 305: Evidence
Chapter 307: Fraud
Chapter 309: False Arrest
Chapter 311: Gaming
Chapter 312: Governmental Liability
Chapter 313: Gifts
Chapter 315: Standard Instruction Guarand
Chapter 317: Husband and Wife
Chapter 319: Innkeepers
Chapter 323: Insurance
Chapter 325: Intoxicants
Chapter 327: Landlords, Tenants
Chapter 329: Lemon Law
Chapter 330: Malicious Prosecution
Chapter 331: Malpractice and Professional Negligence
Chapter 345: Nuisance
Chapter 348: Paternity
Chapter 349: Privacy
Chapter 351: Products Liability
Chapter 354: Real Estate
Chapter 356: RICO (Corrupt Activities)
Chapter 359: Sureties
Chapter 362: Uniform Commercial Code-Sale of Goods
Chapter 363: Wills
Chapter 365: Workers' Compensation R.C. 4123.01 Et Seq.
Chapter 369: Uniform Commercial Code-Secured Transactions

General Index

Volume Four

Chapter 401: Criminal Instructions
Chapter 402: Instructions During Trial
Chapter 403: General Instructions
Chapter 405: Evidence and Credibility
Chapter 407: Issues
Chapter 409: Definitions
Chapter 411: Defenses
Chapter 413: Verdicts
Chapter 415: Deliberations
Chapter 503: Homicide and Assault
Chapter 505: Kidnapping and Extortion
Chapter 507: Sex Offenses
Chapter 509: Arson and Related Offenses
Chapter 511: Robbery, Burglary and Trespass
Chapter 513: Theft and Fraud
Chapter 515: Gambling
Chapter 517: Offenses Against the Public Peace
Chapter 519: Offenses Against the Family
Chapter 521: Offenses Against Justice and Public Administration
Chapter 523: Conspiracy, Attempt, and Complicity; Weapons Control
Chapter 525: Drugs
Chapter 527: Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 533: Trade Practices
Chapter 545: Traffic Offenses
Chapter 549: Tampering with Identifying Numbers (VINS) R.C. 4549.61 et seq.
Chapter 551: Wildlife Violation

General Index