The Compliance Handbook: A Guide to Operationalizing Your Compliance Program

The Compliance Handbook provides one-stop, step-by-step advice for anyone involved in designing, creating, implementing and maintaining an anti-bribery, anti-corruption corporate compliance program.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Thomas Fox, the Compliance Evangelist®, is one of the leading writers, thinkers and commentators on anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance. In this latest edition of The Compliance Handbook he continues to arm seasoned compliance professionals, and those new to the realm, with the practical, actionable guidance and tools needed to design, create, implement and continually enhance a best practices compliance program.

The "Nuts and Bolts" for Creating a Comprehensive Compliance Plan
The first chapter of this unique work lays out a succinct yet thorough 31-day approach to operationalizing a company’s compliance regimen. The chapter begins with a summary of what 2023 brought to compliance and methodically outlines best practices for everything from establishing policies, procedures and internal controls, to assessing risk, training, handling investigations and more. Each day ends with three key takeaways you can implement at little or no cost.

Understanding Compliance Responsibility Across the Organization
The Compliance Handbook also takes a close look at the role of all professionals with compliance responsibility, from Compliance Officers and Boards of Directors, to Human Resources, to Internal Audit and Internal Controls and Communications and Training professionals.

In-Depth Treatment of Hot Topics and Trends
The Fifth Edition of the Handbook provides an in-depth look at the latest thinking and trends for the full range of critical compliance topics, including:
● The top three significant actions under the FCPA during 2023 – Albemarle, Honeywell and Phillips
● DOJ pilot program on clawbacks and holdbacks to deter criminal misconduct
● The Board’s role in compliance
● Podcasting for compliance learning and education
● A completely revised chapter on Continuous Improvement
● Two brand new chapters on the role of AI in compliance and data driven compliance
● A look at 2030 and Beyond
● And much more

Incorporating Current Government Pronouncements
The Fifth Edition incorporates the most current government pronouncements governing best practices compliance programs including: the 2023 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs released by the Fraud Section of the Department of Justice; the updated FCPA Resource Guide 2nd edition; the Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments; DOJ pronouncements on the use of data analytics in a best practices compliance program; the DOJ 2023 Safe Harbor for Mergers and Acquisitions and the DOJ 2023 Pilot Program on Clawback and Incentives.

The 4th edition ISBN is 9781663362643.

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Chapter One: 31 Days to a Better Compliance Program

Chapter Two: The Role of Human Resources in Operationalizing Compliance

Chapter Three: Boards and Compliance

Chapter Four: Communications and Training

Chapter Five: Written Standards

Chapter Six: Better Third-Party Risk Management

Chapter Seven: More Effective Compliance for Business Ventures

Chapter Eight: Continuous Improvement

Chapter Nine: Innovation in Compliance

Chapter Ten: Internal Controls

Chapter Eleven: Investigations and Reporting

Chapter Twelve: Into the 2025 and Beyond

Chapter Thirteen: Culture