Policies and Procedures for Credit Unions

Policies and Procedures for Credit Unions is a comprehensive manual with sample credit union policies and procedures for all credit union functional areas.

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Policies and Procedures for Credit Unions is a comprehensive credit union policies and procedures manual that covers all the functional areas of credit unions—operations, lending, finance/treasury, and administration. You get specific, sample credit union policies and procedures for every appropriate area, like fair lending, A/L management, and personnel to satisfy the examiners and help management achieve its goals. You can use them to develop policies and procedures tailored to fit your credit union.

Use this manual to help you organize your approach to developing credit union policies and procedures and to ensure that specific areas are covered and analyzed during the policy development process.

You also can use the manual to review the effectiveness and adequacy of your existing policies and procedures—whether you are testing to see if a particular area is covered, determining whether policies or procedures contain the information required, assessing the scope of a policy, or ensuring that a policy meets the requirements of regulatory agency examiners.

There are even explanations, where appropriate, of the differences between policies and procedures, an important distinction for your directors and staff. And the detailed sample policies and procedures actually give you succinct statements outlining clear parameters for management to follow.

Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms.

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No.          Title
    1.1           Sample Field of Membership Policy
1.2           Records Retention Schedule
1.4           Nonmember Deposit Policy and Procedures
2.1           Sample Conflict of Interest/Code of Ethics Policy
2.2           Sample Board of Directors Organization Policy
2.3           Sample Board of Directors Nominations Policy
2.4           Sample Volunteer Training Policy
2.5           Code of Conduct Affirmation
2.6           Sample Duties and Responsibilities of Directors Policy
3.1           Sample Strategic and Tactical Planning Policy
4.1           Sample Audit Policy
4.2           Sample Internal Audit Plan For Fiscal Year 20XX
5.3           Sample Marketing Policy
5.4           Sample Marketing Share Accounts Procedures
5.5           Sample Marketing Share Draft Accounts Procedures
5.6           Sample Marketing Share Certificate Accounts Procedures
5.7           Sample Marketing Overdraft Lines of Credit Procedures
5.8           Sample Marketing Credit Cards Procedures
5.9           Sample Marketing Home Equity Lines of Credit Procedures
5.10         Sample Marketing Closed-End Consumer Loans Procedures
5.11         Sample Marketing Closed-End Real Estate Loans Procedures
6.1           Sample Personnel Policy
6.2           Sample Suggestion and Complaint Procedures
6.3           Guidelines for Developing a Sexual Harassment Policy
6.4           Sample Policy Against Sexual Harassment
7.1           Sample Training Policy
7.2           Sample Training Procedures
8.1           Sample Asset/Liability Management Policy
9.1           Sample Investment Policy
10.1         Sample Reserve Requirements Policy
11.1         Sample Fidelity Bond and Insurance Coverage Policy Statement
11.2         Sample Share Insurance Policy
12.1         Sample Regulatory Reporting Policy
12.2         Sample Internal Revenue Service Reporting Procedures
12.3         Sample NCUA Reporting Requirements (Call Report) Procedures
12.4         Sample Federal Reserve Regulatory Reporting Procedures
13.1         Sample Expense Reimbursement Policy
13.2         Hometown Federal Credit Union Spouse Travel Expense Authorization
14.1         Sample Lending Policy
14.2         Sample Consumer and Member Business Loan Procedures
14.3         Sample Loan Participation Agreement
14.4         Model Closed-End or Net Vehicle Lease Disclosures
14.5         Form C-1 — Sample Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons
14.6         Sample Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons
14.7         Sample Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons (Credit Scoring)
14.8         Sample Notice of Action Taken, Statement of Reasons and Counteroffer
14.9         Sample Disclosure of Right to Request Specific Reasons for Credit Denial
14.9.a      Sample Notice of Incomplete Application and Request for Additional Information
14.9.b      Sample Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons (Business Credit)
14.9.c      Sample Disclosure of Right to Request Specific Reasons for Credit Denial Given at Time of Application (Business Credit)
14.9.d      Sample Disclosure of Right to Receive a Copy of an Appraisal
14.14       Secure and Fair Enforcement For Mortgage Licensing Act (Safe Act) Policies and Procedures
14.15       Sample Flood Insurance Policy and Procedures for Member Business Loans Secured by Commercial Real Estate
14.16       Sample Private Education Loan Policy and Procedures
14.18       Sample Department of Defense Loan Disclosure Rules Policy and Procedures
15.1         Sample Real Estate Lending Policy
15.2         Sample Ability to Repay Real Estate Loans Policy and Procedures
15.3         Flood Insurance Policy and Procedures for Residential Real Estate Loans
15.4         Sample Real Estate Lending Origination Procedures
15.5         Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Checklist
15.6         Sample Disclosure for Voluntary Escrow Account Payments
15.7         Sample Residential Mortgage Loan Servicing Compliance Policy and Procedures
15.8         Sample Home Equity Line of Credit Policy and Procedures
15.9         Sample High-Cost Mortgage Loan/Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan Policy and Procedures
15.10       Sample Loan Originator Compensation/Anti-Steering Policy and Procedures
16.1         Sample Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Policy
17.1         Sample Fair Lending Policy
17.2         Sample Fair Lending Procedures
18.1         Sample Collection Policy
18.2         Sample Collection Procedures
18.3         Sample Foreclosed Properties And Repossessed Assets Policy
18.4         Sample Loan Workout And Non-Accrual Policy
19.1         Sample Bank Secrecy Act Policy
19.2         Sample Bank Secrecy Act Reporting Procedures
19.3         Sample Customer (Member) Identification Policy and Procedures
19.4         Sample OFAC Related Policy and Procedures
19.5         Sample Section 314(a) Policy and Procedures
19.8         Hometown Federal Credit Union Wire Transfer Payment Order
19.9         Sample OFAC Submission Form
19.11       Sample Anti-Money Laundering Policy and Procedures
21.1         Sample Truth-in-Savings Policy
22.1         XYZ Federal Credit Union Security Procedures
22.2         Sample Safe Deposit Box Contract
23.1         Contingency Planning Checklist
23.2         Records Retention Schedule
25.1         Sample Individual Retirement Account Policy
26.1         IAT Readiness Checklist
27.1         Sample Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosures
28.1         Sample Terms and Conditions Agreement for Electronic Bill Payer Services
28.1A      E-Commerce Policy and Procedures
28.2         Sample Information Security Policy and Procedures
28.3         Sample Information Classification and Handling Policy and Procedures
28.4         Sample Network Security Policy and Procedures
28.5         Sample Information Technology Request Form
28.6         Sample Mainframe and Minicomputer Security Policy
28.7         Sample Personal Computer (PC)/Workstation Security Policy
28.8         Sample Electronic Mail Security Policy
28.9         Sample Internet Security Policy
28.10       Sample Employee Social Media Policy and Procedures
28.12       Sample Incident Response Policy and Procedure
30.1         Sample Policy for Automated Response System Controls
30.2         Sample Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Policy and Procedures
31.2         Sample Identity Theft Policy
31.3         Procedures Relating to Identity Theft Prevention
31.4         Sample

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Table of contents

Summary TOC


Chapter 1  Developing Policy and Procedures

Chapter 2  Board Governance Policy and Procedures

Chapter 3  Strategic and Tactical Planning Policy and Procedures

Chapter 4  Audit Policy and Procedures

Chapter 5  Marketing Policy and Procedure

Chapter 6  Personnel Policy and Procedures

Chapter 7  Training Policy and Procedures


Chapter 8  Asset/Liability Management Policy and Procedures

Chapter 9  Investment Policy and Procedures

Chapter 10  Reserve Requirements Policy and Procedures

Chapter 11  Fidelity Bond and Share Insurance Policy

Chapter 12  Regulatory Reporting Policy and Procedures

Chapter 13  Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedures


Chapter 14  General Lending Policy and Procedures

Chapter 15  Real Estate Lending Policy and Procedures

Chapter 16  Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Policy and Procedures

Chapter 17  Fair Lending Policy and Procedures

Chapter 18  Collection and Charge-Off Policy and Procedures


Chapter 19  Bank Secrecy Act Policy and Procedures

Chapter 20  Funds Availability and Check Collection Policy and Procedures

Chapter 21  Truth-in-Savings Policy and Procedures

Chapter 22  Security Policy and Procedures

Chapter 23  Contingency Planning and Records Retention and Preservation Policy and Procedures

Chapter 24  Privacy of Consumer Financial Information

Chapter 25  Policy and Procedures for Individual Retirement Accounts

Chapter 26  Electronic Payments Through the Automated Clearinghouse Systems

Chapter 27  Electronic Fund Transfer Policy and Procedures

Chapter 28  Developing Policies and Procedures for Electronic Financial Services

Chapter 29  Outsourced Technology Services

Chapter 30  Automated Response System Controls

Chapter 31  Identity Theft Prevention Program and Procedures