New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition

New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition is the authoritative source on insurance law and practice, updated and modern with new features.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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Thoroughly updated and modern, the New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition is the authoritative source for understanding both the basics and the nuances of insurance law. This is the next generation of analysis from the name practitioners trust on insurance: Appleman. The New Library Edition includes the following contents:

•   Essentials of Insurance Law
•   Insurance Regulation
•   Commercial General Liability Insurance
•   Specific Types of Liability Insurance
•   Property Insurance
•   Motor Vehicle Insurance
•   Reinsurance
•   Life Insurance and Annuities
•   Insolvency and Bankruptcy
•   Fidelity Insurance
•   Suretyship
•   Litigation, Arbitration and Settlement
•   Insurance Subrogation and Contribution

The New Appleman Library Edition has valuable new features:

•   Saves you time because it is organized the way you practice and think about insurance law and practice. For example, the detailed tables of contents help you spot important issues at the beginning of your research.

•   Covers key insurance topics logically by line of insurance so you quickly get the information you need. For instance, the key case citations cut to the core of what you need, fast.

•   Written by the leading scholars and practitioners of insurance law, such as Jeffrey E. Thomas, Francis J. Mootz, III, Martin F. Grace, James Poolman, Robert H. Jerry, II, Brian Casey, Laura A. Foggan, Sherilyn Pastor, William T. Barker, Carrie E. Cope, J. Randolph Evans, Benedict Lenhart, Douglas R. Richmond, David P. Rossmiller, and Robert A. Stern.

•   Contains expert insights and extensive cross references to the Appleman suite of products, Matthew Bender insurance titles, ISO Forms, and more.

The New Appleman Library Edition cuts through the confusing tangle of cases and other sources on insurance law to give you a clear, concise, current and authoritative statement of the law. You find what you need, quickly and easily. And you can rely on it: It will continue in the authoritative tradition of past editions of Appleman on Insurance 2d and John Appleman, Insurance Law and Practice that have been cited by the courts with regularity.

The New Appleman set is recognized as the most authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date source for analysis of insurance law in the United States. It provides in-depth analysis and complete case law support for any insurance issue a practitioner may face including: contract formation; rights and duties under the insurance policy; contracts and policy issues; declaratory judgments; duties and liabilities of agents and brokers; liability insurance policies and exclusions; property, casualty, life, health and disability insurance; automobile insurance; professional liability insurance; excess insurance; reinsurance; and commercial insurance and bonds. Consult it to:

•   Untangle situations where insurance laws and regulations may be ambiguous, vague or unresolved;

•   Understand the full implications of new developments;

•   Get guidance when you cannot find case law on point with your facts--or when you want another expert opinion.

It includes more than a quarter-million citations, factual notes and quotations.

From analyzing insurance laws and coverages to researching liability issues in auto accidents, medical malpractice, products liability or any other kind of case where insurance is a factor--work faster, more authoritatively, and more confidently with Appleman on Insurance at your side.

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Table of contents

Volume 1: Essentials of Insurance Law 

Chapter 1: What Is Insurance?

Chapter 2: Agents and Brokers

Chapter 3: The Contractual Relationship

Chapter 4: Claims Processing

Chapter 6: Choice of Law

Chapter 7: Dispute Resolution

Volume 2: Insurance Regulation

Chapter 8: The Framework of Insurance Regulation

Chapter 9: Licensing of Insurers

Chapter 10: Regulation of Policy Forms

Chapter 11: Regulation of Rates and Risk Classification

Chapter 12: State Insurance Premium and Other Insurance Taxes

Chapter 13: Market Conduct Regulation

Chapter 14: Insurance Solvency Regulation

Chapter 15: Regulation of Insurance Intermediaries

Volume 3: Commercial General Liability Insurance

Chapter 16: Introduction to Liability Insurance

Chapter 17: Duty to Defend

Chapter 18: Duty to Indemnify—Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Chapter 19: Duty to Indemnify—Personal and Advertising Injury

Chapter 20: Conditions and Insured's Duties

Chapter 21: Endorsements and Supplemental Coverages

Chapter 22: Allocation of Coverage

Chapter 23: Bad Faith in Liability Coverage

Volume 4: Specific Types of Liability Insurance

Chapter 24: Excess Insurance and Umbrella Coverage

Chapter 25: Errors and Omissions Insurance

Chapter 26: Directors and Officers Insurance

Chapter 27: Environmental Insurance

Chapter 28: Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Chapter 29: Cyber-Risk Insurance

Chapter 30: Intellectual Property Insurance

Chapter 31: Media Liability Insurance

Chapter 32: Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance

Chapter 33: Law Enforcement Liability Insurance

Volume 5: Property Insurance

Chapter 41: Introductory Matters in Property Insurance   

Chapter 42: Determining Coverage in Property Insurance Policies

Chapter 43: Exclusions in Property Insurance Policies

Chapter 44: The Causation Question in Property Insurance

Chapter 45: Additional and Supplemental Property Insurance

Chapter 46: Time Element (Business Interruption) Insurance

Chapter 47: Calculating the Amount of Property Insurance Coverage

Chapter 48: Property Insurance Dispute Resolution

Chapter 49: The Right of Subrogation

Chapter 50: Builders Risk Insurance

Chapter 51: Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Chapter 52: Inland Marine Insurance

Chapter 53: Homeowner's Insurance  

Chapter 54: Title Insurance

Chapter 55: Bad Faith In The Context Of First-Party Insurance

Chapter 56: Crop Insurance

Chapters 57 through 60 [Reserved]

Volume 6: Motor Vehicle Insurance

Chapter 61: General Principles and Introductory Matters in Motor Vehicle Insurance Law

Chapter 62: Physical Damage Coverage for Motor Vehicles (Collision, Comprehensive and Named-Perils Coverages)

Chapter 63: Automobile Liability Insurance

Chapter 64: Medical Payments Coverage

Chapter 65: Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist Insurance

Chapter 66: No-Fault Insurance

Chapter 67 Business-Owned Vehicles Insurance  

Chapter 68 Garage Owners' Insurance

Chapter 69 Truckers' and Motor Carriers' Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Chapter 70 [Reserved]

Volume 7: Reinsurance

Chapter 71: Introduction and General Principles of Reinsurance Law

Chapter 72: The Reinsurance Contract

Chapter 73: Duties of the Cedent

Chapter 74: Duties of the Reinsurers

Chapter 75: Reinsurance Intermediaries

Chapter 76: Utmost Good Faith

Chapter 77: Reinsurance Dispute Resolution

Chapter 78: Regulation of Reinsurance

Chapter 79: Lloyd's and the London Market

Chapter 80: [Reserved]

Volume 8: Life Insurance and Annuities

Chapter 81: Introductory Matters of Life Insurance Law

Chapter 82: State or Federal Regulation--ERISA and Premption

Chapter 83: Obtaining Life Insurance Coverage: Application, Representations and Warranties

Chapter 84: Commencement of Life Insurance Policy and Duration of Risk

Chapter 85: Causes of Loss

Chapter 86: Life Insurance Claims Adjusting and Fraud

Chapter 87: Group Insurance

Chapter 88: Benefits From Life Insurance Prior to Death

Chapter 89: Choice of Law Affecting Life Insurance Policies

Chapter 90: Bad Faith in the Context of Life Insurance

Chapter 91: Annuities

Chapter 92: Credit Life Insurance

Chapter 93: Service Life Insurance

Chapter 94: Disability Insurance

Chapter 95: Insurable Interest

Volume 9: Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Chapter 96: General Principles and Introductory Matters Concerning Insurer Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Chapter 97: Insurer Insolvency

Chapter 98: Regulation of Insolvency

Chapter 99: Receivership

Chapter 100: Rehabilitation of Insurers

Chapter 101: Liquidation

Chapter 102: Consequences of Insurer Insolvency

Chapter 103: U.S. Regulation of the Solvency and Insolvency of Alien Multi-National Insurers

Chapter 104: Case Studies of Insurer Insolvencies

Chapter 105: Property/Casualty Guaranty Associations

Chapter 106: Anatomy of a Claim Filed With a Guaranty Association

Chapter 107: Bankruptcy and Insurance

Chapter 108: Insurance as an Asset in the Estate

Chapter 109: Impact of Bankruptcy on Insurance Matters

Chapter 110: Bankruptcy Issues Arising for Specific Kinds of Insurance

Volume 10: Fidelity Insurance

Chapter 111: An Introduction to Fidelity Insurance: Essential Terms, Background, and History

Chapter 112: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (A) - Employee Dishonesty

Chapter 113: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (B) - On Premises

Chapter 114: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (C) - In Transit

Chapter 115: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (D) - Forgery or Alteration

Chapter 116: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (E) - Securities

Chapter 117: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (F) - Counterfeit Currency

Chapter 118: Financial Institution Bond Insuring Agreement (G) - Fradulent Mortgages Rider

Chapter 119: Financial Institution Bond Computer Systems Fraud Rider Coverage

Chapter 120: Commercial Crime Policy Insuring Agreement 1- Employee Dishonesty and Employee Theft Coverage

Chapter 121: Commercial Crime Policy Insurance Agreement 2- Forgery or Alteration

Chapter 122: Commercial Crime Policy Insurance Agreement 3- Inside the Premises- Theft of Money/Securities

Chapter 123:Commercial Crime Policy Insurance Agreement 4- Inside the Premises- Robbery or Safe Burglary

Chapter 124: Commercial Crime Policy Insurance Agreement 5- Outside the Premises Property in Care or Custody Of ...

Chapter 125: Commercial Crime Policy Computer Fraud Coverage

Chapter 126: Commercial Crime Policy Funds Transfer Fraud Coverage

Chapter 127: Commercial Crime Policy Money Orders and Counterfeit Money Orders and Counterfeit Money

Chapter 128: Discovery of Loss: The Contractual Gateway to the Fidelity Claim

Chapter 129: Notice, Proof of Loss, and Limitations

Chapter 130: Loss and Causation

Chapter 131: General Agreements

Chapter 132: Important Definitions

Chapter 133: Key Exclusions

Chapter 134: Limit of Liability

Chapter 135: Termination and Cancellation

Chapter 136: The Cooperation Provision

Chapter 137: Assignment, Subrogation and Recovery

Volume 11: Suretyship

Chapter 138: Introduction to Suretyship

Chapter 139: Performance Bonds

Chapter 140: Payment Bonds

Chapter 141: Miscellaneous Bonds Relating to Improvement of Real Property: Lien Release Bonds and Subdivision Bonds

Chapter 142: Reclamation and Environmental Bonds

Chapter 143: Public Official and Fiduciary Bonds

Chapter 144: Other Miscellaneous Surety Bonds

Chapter 145: [Reserved]

Chapter 146: Surety Salvage:Indemnity and Subrogation

Chapter 147: Financial Guaranty Insurance

Volume 12: Litigation, Arbitration and Settlement

Chapter 148: Introductory Matters in Litigation, Arbitration and Settlement

Chapter 149: Pre-Litigation Issues

Chapter 150: Initiation of Litigation

Chapter 151: Responding to Litigation

Chapter 152: Discovery

Chapter 153: Expert Witnesses

Chapter 154: Summary Judgment

Chapter 155: Trial Proceedings

Chapter 156: Post-Trial Issues

Chapter 157: Insurance Settlement

Volume 13: Insurance Subrogation and Contribution

Chapter 158: Introduction to Insurance Subrogation  

Chapter 159: Limitations on the Right of Subrogation

Chapter 160: Bringing Subrogation Claims

Chapter 161: Limitations on Bringing Subrogation Claims

Chapter 162: Amount Recoverable in Subrogation

Chapter 163: Property Insurance Subrogation

Chapter 164: Automobile Insurance Subrogation

Chapter 165: Workers' Compensation Insurance Subrogation

Chapter 166: Contribution Between Insurers

Chapter 167: Recovery of Insurance Payments