Labor and Employment Law

Provides comprehensive coverage of Labor and Employment law, both federal and state, from A to Z, in one 11-volume set.

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Labor and Employment Law is the definitive and complete guide to Labor and Employment law - it is the only work of its kind, providing comprehensive coverage, both federal and state, from A to Z, in one 11-volume set. It includes quality analysis on all aspects of labor and employment law, from well-known topics such as union elections and sexual harassment, to lesser understood subjects like employment arbitration, wage and hour law, and employee privacy.

Written by authorities in the field of Labor and Employment, such as Lex Larson, Peter Lareau, and Jonathan Mook, Labor and Employment Law is an indispensable practice guide for anyone needing concise and authoritative analysis in one easy-to-navigate publication.

Subjects covered include:
• Volumes 1 & 2: Labor Law
• Volumes 3 & 4: Employment Discrimination
• Volume 5: Americans with Disabilities Act
• Volume 6: Pensions and Benefits
• Volume 7: Family and Medical Leave; Wages and Hours
• Volume 8: Occupational Safety and Health
• Volume 9: Labor and Employment Arbitration
• Volume 10: Employment At-Will, Privacy, Employment Contracts, and other issues

Every subscription to Labor and Employment Law includes a complimentary subscription to Bender's Labor and Employment Bulletin. The Bulletin is a monthly newsletter covering the full spectrum of information important to Labor and Employment practitioners. Each issue of the Bulletin contains incisive articles written by leading Employment and Labor Law authorities, as well as analysis of recent developments in the law, such as new case law, legislation and regulations. The Bulletin will no longer be shipped in print. Subscribers to Labor and Employment Law will continue to get the Bulletin, as an eBook.

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Table of contents

The National Labor Relations Act
Chapter 1 The National Labor Relations Act: An Overview
Chapter 2 NLRB Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Reserved
Chapter 4 Employees’ Rights—Section 7
Chapter 5 Interference with, Restraint or Coercion of Employee Rights
Chapter 6 Employer Domination of or Interference with Labor Organizations (Section 8(a)(2) of the NLRA)
Chapter 7 Union Restraint or Coercion in Selection of Employer Representatives (Section 8(b)(1)(B))
Chapter 8 Employer and Union Discrimination Affecting Terms and Conditions of Employment (Sections 8(a)(3), 8(a)(4) and 8(b)(2))
Chapters 9–11 Reserved
Chapter 12 Duty to Bargain
Chapter 13 Subjects of Bargaining
Chapter 14 Successor Employers and Unions
Chapter 15 Procedure in Unfair Labor Practice Cases
Chapters 16–18 Reserved
Chapter 19 Strikes
Chapter 20 Lockouts

The National Labor Relations Act (cont.)
Chapter 21 Secondary Activity: Strikes, Boycotts, Picketing and Hot Cargo Contracts
Chapter 22 Organizational and Recognitional Picketing
Chapter 23 Consumer Picketing
Chapter 24 Jurisdictional Disputes and Featherbedding
Chapter 25 Union Security
Chapter 26 Dues Checkoffs
Chapter 27 Duty of Fair Representation
Chapters 28–31 Reserved
Chapter 32 Union Elections and Representation Procedures
Chapter 33 Union Recognition and Withdrawal of Recognition Without an Election
Chapter 34 Conduct Interfering With a Representation Election
Chapter 35 Appropriate Bargaining Units
Chapter 36 Preemption
Chapters 37–39 Reserved
Chapter 40 NLRB Deferral to Arbitration NLRA: Law & Practice
Chapter 41 Judicial Enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements Under Section 301
Chapter 42 The NLRA and the Bankruptcy Laws
Chapter 43 The NLRA and the Antitrust Laws
Chapter 44 Restrictions on Employer Payments to Labor Organizations and Representatives and Employer Disclosure Requirements
Chapter 45 Reserved
Chapter 46 The NLRA and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapters 47–50 Reserved

Employment Discrimination
Chapter 51 Introduction and Summary; General Concepts
Chapter 52 Title VII Summarized
Chapter 53 Title VII Coverage
Chapter 54 Proving Disparate Treatment
Chapter 55 Use of Statistics In Disparate Treatment Litigation
Chapter 56 Professional and Academic Employment
Chapter 57 Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 58 Particular Employment Actions
Chapter 59 Terms and Conditions of Employment
Chapter 60 Disparate Impact: Proof
Chapter 61 Testing Requirements in Particular
Chapter 62 Other Particular Neutral Factors
Chapter 63 Nonobjective Selection Devices
Chapter 64 Miscellaneous Disparate Impact Defenses
Chapter 65 Relief in Disparate Impact Cases
Chapter 66 Retaliation
Chapter 67 Employment Agencies
Chapter 68 Labor Organizations
Chapter 69 Introduction to Sex Discrimination; Sex Differentiation
Chapter 70 Neutral Factors Peculiar To Sex Discrimination
Chapter 71 Bona Fide Occupational Qualification
Chapter 72 Personal Appearance
Chapter 73 Sexual Harassment
Chapter 74 Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Rights
Chapter 75 Race Discrimination Topics
Chapter 76 Discrimination Based on Religion
Chapter 77 National Origin Topics
Chapter 78 Voluntary Affirmative Action; Reverse Discrimination
Chapter 79 Federal Employment
Chapter 80 Title VII Procedures: Introduction; Filing of Charge
Chapter 81 Timely Filing of Charge
Chapter 82 EEOC Procedures Following the Filing of a Charge
Chapter 83 Proceeding to Court
Chapter 84 Federal Government Enforcement Actions
Chapters 85–88 Reserved

Employment Discrimination (cont.)
Chapter 89 Introduction to Court Procedures; The Complaint
Chapter 90 Exhaustion or Election of Remedies; Issue Preclusion
Chapter 91 Other Preliminary Matters
Chapter 92 Pre-Trial Procedures
Chapter 93 Court Procedures: The Trial
Chapter 94 Class Actions
Chapter 95 Appellate Review
Chapter 96 Title VII Remedies: Injunctions
Chapter 97 Affirmative Relief: Reinstatement, Hiring, Etc.
Chapter 98 Back Pay; Front Pay
Chapter 99 Compensatory, Punitive and Other Damages
Chapter 100 Court-Ordered Affirmative Action
Chapter 101 Consent Decrees and Settlements
Chapter 102 Attorney’s Fees and Costs
Chapter 103 Reserved
Chapter 104 Reconstruction Statutes: Introduction and Summary
Chapter 105 Section 1981
Chapter 106 Section 1983
Chapter 107 Section 1985(3)
Chapter 108 Reconstruction Statutes: Procedures
Chapter 109 Reconstruction Statutes: Remedies
Chapter 110 The Federal Equal Pay Act
Chapter 111 Equal Pay Act Administration and Procedures
Chapter 112 Equal Pay Act Remedies
Chapter 113 Equal Pay Under Title VII and Other Federal Laws
Chapter 114 Race, Sex, Religion, National Origin: Other Laws
Chapter 115 Government Contracts
Chapter 116 Recipients of Governmental Financial Assistance
Chapter 117 Reserved
Chapter 118 Summary and Coverage of the ADEA
Chapter 119 ADEA: Prohibited Practices
Chapter 120 Permitted ADEA Practices; Defenses
Chapter 121 Proof in ADEA Suits
Chapter 122 ADEA Administrative Procedure and Enforcement
Chapter 123 ADEA Court Procedures
Chapter 124 Waivers Under the ADEA
Chapter 125 ADEA Remedies
Chapter 126 Other Age Discrimination Laws
Chapter 127 Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity
Chapter 128 Reserved
Chapter 128A Genetic Discrimination
Chapter 129 Political Discrimination
Chapter 130 Employment Discrimination—Relation to Other Laws
Chapters 131–135 Reserved

Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 136 An Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 137 What is a Disability?
Chapter 138 Who is a “Qualified Individual with a Disability”?
Chapter 139 Prohibition of Discrimination Against a Qualified Individual with a Disability
Chapter 140 What is a “Reasonable Accommodation”?
Chapter 141 What Constitutes “Undue Hardship”?
Chapter 142 Enforcement of the ADA and Establishing Discrimination Under the Act
Chapter 143 Title III of the ADA: Public Accommodations and Facilities Operated by Private Entities
Chapter 144 State Statutes Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Employment
Chapter 145 Checklists
Chapter 146 Reserved

ERISA, COBRA, Other Laws
Chapter 147 ERISA Overview
Chapter 148 ERISA Plans
Chapter 149 Qualified Pension Plan Requirements [Part 1]
Chapter 150 Qualified Pension Plan Requirements [Part 2]
Chapter 151 Reserved
Chapter 152 Protecting Pension Plan Benefits
Chapter 153 Fiduciary Responsibility Under ERISA Appendix 153A 29 C.F.R. § 2510.3-21 Definition of “Fiduciary” Appendix 153B 29 C.F.R. § 2510.3-101 Definition of “Plan Assets”—Plan Investments Appendix 153C 29 C.F.R. § 2550.404a-1 Investment Duties Appendix 153D 29 C.F.R. § 2560.503-1 Claims Procedure Appendix 153E 29 C.F.R. PART 2570 Procedural Regulations Under The Employee Retirement Income Security Act Appendix 153F Final Rule and Class Exemption, Investment Advice, 29 C.F.R. § 2550.408g-1
Chapter 153A Prohibited Transactions Under ERISA
Chapter 154 ERISA’s Administration and Enforcement Provisions
Chapter 155 Continuation Coverage Under Group Health Plans (COBRA) Appendix 155A 26 CFR PART 54—Pension Excise Taxes Appendix 155B House Ways and Means Committee Report Explaining Continuation of Coverage for Retirees in Cases of Bankruptcies Appendix 155C Appendix to § 2590.606-1; Model General Notice of Cobra Continuation Coverage Rights (For Use by Single-Employer Group Health Plans) Appendix 155D Appendix to § 2590.606-4; Model Cobra Continuation Coverage Election Notice (For Use by Single- Employer Group Health Plans)
Chapter 156 Other Federal Laws Affecting Employee Welfare Benefit Plans
Chapter 157 Alternative Health Care Delivery Systems
Chapter 158 Purchasing Insurance Products
Chapter 159 Cafeteria Plans
Chapter 160 Reserved

Family & Medical Leave Act; Wages and Hours
Chapter 161 Introduction
Chapter 162 Legislative and Regulatory History
Chapter 163 Coverage Under Title I
Chapter 164 Covered Employers
Chapter 165 Eligible Employees
Chapter 166 Serious Health Conditions
Chapter 167 Employee Leave Requirements
Chapter 168 Medical Certification
Chapter 169 Benefit Protection and Job Restoration
Chapter 170 Employer Notice and Record Keeping Requirements
Chapter 171 Special Rules for Teachers and Local Educational Agencies
Chapter 171A Servicemember Leave
Chapter 172 Coverage Under Titles II–V
Chapter 173 Interaction with Other Laws
Chapter 174 Litigation
Chapter 175 State Leave Laws
Chapter 176 Overview of Wage-Hour Regulation
Chapter 177 Coverage and Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 178 Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements; Hours Worked
Chapter 179 Child Labor Requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 180 Recordkeeping Requirements; Administration and Enforcement Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 181 Wage and Hour Standards for Federal Contractors
Chapter 182 Checklists, Forms, Opinion Letters and Regulations
Chapter 183 Wage and Hour Opinion Letters
Chapter 184 DOL Wage & Hour Division Administrator Interpretations
Chapters 185 Reserved

Occupational Safety and Health
Chapter 186 Introduction to OSHA
Chapter 187 OSHA Inspections
Chapter 188 OSHA Violations and Penalties
Chapter 189 The OSHA Citation Process and Employer Response
Chapter 190 The General Duty Clause
Chapter 191 OSHA Hearings and Related Procedures
Chapter 192 Record-Keeping Requirements
Chapter 193 Freedom of Information Disclosure and Access to Medical Records
Chapter 194 OSHA’s Role in Discrimination and Retaliation Whistleblower Complaints—under the OSH Act and Other Federal Statutes
Chapter 195 State Consultative Programs/OSHA Cooperative Programs
Chapter 196 Employer Self-Inspections
Chapter 197 Recent Citations, Settlements and Court Proceedings
Chapter 198 OSHA Initiatives, Programs, Publications; NIOSH Reports and Guidance
Chapter 199 OSHA Updates to Standards/Rules; Safety Reminders, Public Health Issues, Guidance; Announcements
Chapter 200 Hazard Communication
Chapter 201 Electrical Hazards
Chapter 202 Ergonomics
Chapter 203 Bloodborne Pathogens
Chapter 204 Confined Spaces
Chapter 205 Lockout/Tagout
Chapter 206 Tools
Chapter 207 Personal Protective Equipment
Chapter 208 Process Safety Management
Chapter 209 Housekeeping and Facility Management
Chapter 210 Walking and Working Surfaces
Chapter 211 Fire Protection and Emergency Plans
Chapter 212 Machinery and Guarding Plans
Chapter 213 Emergency Medical Care and First Aid
Chapter 214 Materials Handling and Storage
Chapter 215 Workplace Violence
Chapter 216 Tuberculosis
Chapter 217 Indoor Air Quality
Chapter 218 HAZWOPER
Chapters 219–220 Reserved

Labor and Employment Arbitration
Chapter 221 The Arbitration Hearing: Administration, Conduct and Procedures
Chapter 221A Conducting Video Hearings
Chapter 222 Discovery and the Duty to Disclose
Chapter 223 Evidence in Arbitration
Chapter 224 Reserved
Chapter 225 Challenges to Arbitrability
Chapter 226 Contract Interpretation and Respect for Prior Proceedings
Chapter 227 Past Practice, Maintenance of Benefits, and Zipper Clauses
Chapter 228 Management Rights: Overview and Case Review
Chapter 229 Reserved
Chapter 230 An Introduction to Just Cause and Progressive Discipline
Chapter 231 Due Process in Arbitration
Chapter 232 Common Causes of Discipline
Chapter 233 Absenteeism and Tardiness
Chapter 234 Drug and Alcohol Issues
Chapter 235 Violence
Chapter 236 Theft
Chapter 237 Sexual Harassment
Chapter 238 Arbitration in Cyberspace: Issues Involving New Technologies
Chapter 239 Non-Disciplinary Termination
Chapter 240 Disabled Workers
Chapter 241 Reserved
Chapter 242 Subcontracting
Chapter 243 Reserved
Chapter 244 Job Bids, Promotions and Transfers
Chapter 245 Layoffs, Bumping, and Recall
Chapter 246 Work Schedules and Compensation for Work-Related Time
Chapter 247 Leaves of Absence
Chapter 248 Vacations and Vacation Pay
Chapter 249 Holidays and Holiday Pay
Chapter 250 Overtime
Chapter 251 Sickness, Accident, and Health Benefits
Chapter 252 Remedies
Chapters 253–255 Reserved

General Employment Issues
Chapter 256 Recruiting, Hiring and Training
Chapter 257 Applicant Screening
Chapter 258 Employment Handbooks and Employment Contracts
Chapter 259 Employment At Will
Chapter 260 Promotions and Performance Evaluations
Chapter 261 Terms, Conditions, Privileges of Employment, and Independent Contractor Status
Chapter 262 Discipline and Discharge, Independent Investigations
Chapter 263 Termination and Severance Agreements
Chapter 264 Layoffs, Reductions in Force and Plant Closings
Chapter 265 Restrictive Covenants and Related Issues
Chapter 266 Unemployment Compensation
Chapter 267 Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 268 Employment Practice Liability Insurance
Chapter 269 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 270 Employer Liability for Acts of Employees
Chapter 271 Record Keeping and Agency Notice Posting
Chapter 272 Privacy in the Workplace
Chapter 273 Business and Employment Immigration
Chapter 274 State Labor and Employment Law Summary
Chapters 275–280 Reserved

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