Intellectual Property Protection in Asia

This 2023 Release of Intellectual Property Protection in Asia provides the latest patent, copyright, and trademark laws and developments within the following units: The People's Republic of China, Intellectual Property Regime of Korea, Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Indonesia, Intellectual Property Regimes of Vietnam and India.
Publisher: Michie

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In today's global business environment, knowledge of the intellectual property laws of the Asian countries and the manner in which they are administered is essential. This work will help you determine where, when, and how to establish and exercise rights to intellectual property in eight of the most important Asian countries.

This 2023 Release of Intellectual Property Protection in Asia provides the latest developments within patent, copyright, and trademark laws in these chapters:

Chapter 3: The People’s Republic of China
by Catherine Sun, General Editor
•  This chapter Contains the latest updates issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), including its amendment of the Temporary Measures for Handling Relevant Examination Matters On Implementing the Amended Patent Law that took effect on January 11th, 2023. These amended measures mainly dealt with how to examine and file partial design application and domestic priority for design application.

Chapter 6: Intellectual Property Regime of Korea
by Ms. Alexandra Bélec, Mr. Hyung Geun Ji, Ms. Angela Kim, Ms. Sung-Nam Kim, Mr. Inchan Andrew Kwon, and Mr. Seoung Soo Lee, Contributors—Kim & Chang
•  Special Measures for Strengthening the Competitiveness of National High-Tech Strategic Industries Act (“NHSIA”), which protects “strategic technology” has been added as a major statute in Korea that address the illegal use or disclosure of the proprietary information of a company. The establishment of the NHSIA is also discussed in this unit.

Chapter 12: Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Indonesia
by Ms. Gladys Mirandah and Ms. Denise Mirandah, Contributors—Mirandah Asia (Indonesia) PT
•  In June 2023, the Directorate General further developed its online filing system, which aims to simplify the process of filing new patent applications. This system also streamlines various post-filing tasks, including filing oppositions, responding to office actions, and making annuity payments. The system even has the ability to automatically generate official fees for both new filings and annuity payments.

Chapter 13: Intellectual Property Regime of Vietnam
by Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac, Nguyen Nguyet Dzung, Do Quang Hung, Nguyen Huong Giang—Vision & Associates
•  This unit has been fully revised. Among many of its updates are Vietnam joining as the 111th member of the 1996 WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) on 17 November 2021. WCT has been effective in Vietnam since 22 February 2022.

Chapter 14: Intellectual Property Regime of India
by Ms. Gladys Mirandah and Mr. Premsai Chandrasekaran, Contributors—Mirandah Asia (India)
•  This unit has also been fully revised and discusses where biological material is mentioned in the specification, its mandatory to deposit the biological material mentioned in the specification with a depository notified in the Gazette of India until 3 August 2023. The source and geographical origin of the biological material must also be disclosed in the specification. But as included in § 14.03[A.][3.] Specification and Claims, the Biological Diversity (Amendment) Act, 2023, is exempted the Indian Applicant from taking prior approval from the NBA to seek IPR/patent protection

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Protecting Intellectual Property - A Capital Asset
Chapter 2 The Intellectual Property Regimes of Asia-An Overview
Chapter 3 Intellectual Property Regime of People's Republic of China
Chapter 4 Intellectual Property Regime of Hong Kong
Chapter 5 Intellectual Property Regime of Japan
Chapter 6 Intellectual Property Regime of Korea
Chapter 7 Intellectual Property Regime of Malaysia
Chapter 8 Intellectual Property Regime of Singapore
Chapter 9 Seeking Patent Protection and Enforcing Patent Rights In The Republic Of China (Taiwan)
Chapter 10 Intellectual Property Regime of Thailand
Chapter 11 Intellectual Property Regime of Philippines
Chapter 12 Intellectual Property Regime of Indonesia
Chapter 13 Intellectual Property Protection in Vietnam
Chapter 14 Intellectual Property Regime of India